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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
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Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
Aircraft Crashes and Incidents
Below is a list of Aircraft Crashes and incidents which were either in the locality, or were involving crew flying from Pocklington Airfield, or, were involving Pocklington people. Some of the links below are to the excellent Aircraft Accidents in Yorkshire website.
Date Location Description
09/11/1940 Garths End, Pocklington During the Second World War, Pocklington’s only two civilian fatalities were suffered in November 1940 when a German bomb fell on 27 Garths End. Mr A E Young died in hospital on 11th November 1940. His widow, Mabel Young, died on 5th November 1959 aged about 83. They had two children, one of which, Joan Lesley Young was killed by the bomb.
24/07/1942 New Street, Pocklington A Halifax aircraft crashed into a house and then the school on New Street in Pocklington and all eight on the aircraft were killed
29/03/1943 West Green, Pocklington Bill Comrie and Douglas Harper, who bravely steered his stricken Halifax aircraft away from the town to sacrifice his life and those of his 7 crew and whose names today are remembered in the street names of the West Green housing estate.
19/06/1943 France Halifax bombers from Pocklington took part in the raid on the Schneider armaments factory and the Breuil steelworks at Le Creusot in France
10/08/1943 Pocklington On 10th August 1943 this aircraft took off from Pocklington at 21.26hrs for Ops to Nuremberg but outbound the aircraft developed a problem with the port outer engine so the crew opted to return to base and left the main bomber stream. On approach to land at Pocklington at 23.35hrs the aircraft struck a house and crashed and sadly two were killed in the crash with one other later dying of his injuries in Fulford Military Hospital, York.
26/11/1943 Canal Head, Pocklington A Lancaster Bomber crashed at Canal Head Pocklington
07/02/1944 Garrowby A Halifax bomber crashed into the top of Garrowby Hill. Sadly the crew died as a result of the crash. An unfortunate milk lorry happened to be travelling up the road at the time and the aircraft struck this lorry, the driver of which was also killed.
Melbourne Airfield Halifax HX332 crashed at Spellow Hill, between Staveley and Boroughbridge whilst trying to return to Melbourne Airfield.
01/06/1945 Denmark Flt. Sgt. George Boulton of Kirkland Street, Pocklington was flying with Bomber Command when shot down over Denmark, he lost 3 of his fellow crew and his leg had to be amuptated.
31/07/1945 Red House, Yapham Road, Pocklington A Halifax bomber crashed into the Red House on Yapham Road.
05/11/1949 Meltonby, near Pocklington A Wellington bomber crashed at Grange Farm, Meltonby
26/02/1953 Fangfoss Station Crash A Meteor crashed into a goods train near Fangfoss Railway station in 1952