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Pocklington School War Memorial
This extract was taken from the Pocklington Weekly News dated Saturday July 30th 1921.  Kindly provided by Martin Cooper.



This important event took place on Tuesday in glorious weather, and before a large and fashionable assembly. The report read by the headmaster (Mr P C Sands) was highly satisfactory.

The Rev G F Hutton, in unveiling the memorial said, he felt highly the honour of being asked to unveil it, though it was at the same time a somewhat trying ordeal, for many of those who fell were his own boys, whose names would never be forgotten. It was not for nothing that these men had died, for they had given their lives for manhood and truth, and he hoped the boys of the school would always remember that, and make it their motto.

He was sure Mr Allan Foxley, the Old Boy artist, had put his soul into the work, the result of which was they had a glorious record of what he hoped would be the last war. It was a great pleasure for him to unveil the memorial to their glorious dead. (Applause)

The Roll of Honour

The memorial is of dark oak and of artistic Doric character. Above the names which are inscribed in letters of gold, are parts of the school and St John’s College arms, whilst in the panels at the side are carved figures of soldiers, and at the corners the white rose of York. It is a beautiful addition to the school dining hall.

The names on the memorial are:

H H Anson
W T D I’Anson
S G Badcock
C E De La Bere
S F Beckworth
J B Bailey
J B Boulton
J C Brown
J Corbett Brown
J R Crawford
A Currie
S J Gownie
A H Darnell
F H Dowker
C G Duffy
R J Faulkner
E Greene
G E Grundy
N J Harper
G T Hebden
W A Holland
C W Holme
A Hepton
G W Holdridge
T Jennings
G Kirk
S Kettlewood
A T Laing
G Lane
J Mortimer
H B Murray
J Lee
J Lenton
H Lockerbie
N J Malton
D W Moore
H N Nugent
H R Power
F W Robson
E M Robson
N Russell
G J Scott
J P Strong
G Thomas
E Y Yadeson
L P Walsh
A K Watson
E T Welbourne


This extract was taken from the Pocklington Weekly News dated Saturday July 30th 1921.