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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
The Old Brewery, Chapmangate

Chapmangate has had breweries since early times. The O.S. maps of Chapmangate show the site of two breweries with the one illustrated below called 'The Old Brewery'. Cattle Brewery ceased operation in 1921.

1813 Brewry
The York Herald - Feb 20th 1813
Early Brewery Advert
This advertisement appeared in The Pocklington Weekly News
for January 14 1882
Cattle BreweyCattle Brewery Flaggon
A flagon of Cattle Brewery - Thanks to Steve Elliot
1927 Cattle Map
OS Map of 1927 showing two breweries in Chapmangate.
The old Cattle Brewery is highlighted
Brewery fire
The York Herald - April 25th, 1877
Robert Cattle Death
The York Herald - Oct 16th 1877
Cattle advert

The York Herald - Jan 28th 1882

1921 Brewery Sale

Hull Daily Mail - Friday 28 October 1921

Image © Northcliffe Media Limited. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.

Cattle Brewery Sale
Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer - Saturday 07 October 1922
Image reproduced with kind permission of http://www.thebritishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/
Brewers Dray in Chapmangate

The white house on the left is the brewery house where Robert Cattle lived. The entrance to the brewery was between the house and chapel. This is the house labelled '17 Chapmangate', in later directories, that Herbert Meynell (grocer) was living in by 1929. He used the old brewery buildings for his grocery provisions warehousing and delivery service to the local villages. A brewers dray can be seen delivering a barrel of beer to one of the inns in the area.


Owners and Tenants of the Brewery
1756 QSF/193/C/16 Richard Cross brewer and Charles Cross shopkeeper both of Pocklington for Assault
1782 DDGD/878 Sale of Brewhouse in Chapmangate by creditors of Charles Cross
1791 Universal Bowser William, Brewer
1797 Baines Thomas Staveley, Brewer
1808 Beverley Archives DDPY/75/4 Title Probate of will of Thomas Staveley of Pocklington common brewer
Date 1 Oct 1808
Description Executrix and sole beneficiary: wife Ann Staveley
Property: lands at Pocklington and Melbourne
Witnesses: James Powell senior, John Powell junior, William Sympson
Will dated 4 Mar 1791
Probate 1 Oct 1808
1810 Beverley Archives DDPY/19/218
Reference to John Robson common brewer
1813 York Herald John Robson (See above ad)
1823 Baines Staveley Mrs. Ann, Chapmangate
1824 Survey Ann Staveley, House, Brewery, Malt-Kiln and Yard
1829 Will of Anne Staveley Left estate to sons William & Thomas but with annunity to son Steven.Also to daughter Mary wife of James Rispin and daughter Elizabeth wife of James Askham. Also mentions Christopher Scaife.
1831 William Whites None
1834 Pigots Walker Hubert, Chapman gate
1838 Survey Thomas Wright (Owner), Robert Walker (occupier), House, Brewhouse, Maltkiln, barn, stables, warehouses, garden and yard.
1840 William White Walker Rt. (and porter merchant) Chapgt
1844 Williams

Walker, Rt. (and porter merchant), Chapmangate

1845 Eastons Directory Robert Walker Brewer (Owner Thomas Wright)
1851 William Whites Cattle and Moore, Cgt.
1851 Census Robert Moore, Maltster & Brewer, Age 44 and Ruth Cattle (b.1785). Robert was farming at Huggate.
1858 Kellys Directory Cattle and Moore, Cgt
1879 PO Directory Cattle Robert & Co. brewers, maltsters, hop & spirit merchants, Chapmangate
1889 Kellys Directory Cattle & Co. brewers, Chapmangate
1892 Bulmers Directory
Cattle R. & Co., Chapmangate
1897 Kellys Directory Cattle & Co. brewers & spirit merchants, Chapmangate
1905 Kellys Directory Cattle R. & Co. brewers & spirit mers. Chapmangate
1909 Kellys Directory Cattle R. & Co. brewers & spirit rners. Chapmangate
1913 Kellys Directory Cattle R. & Co. brewers & spirit mers. Chapmangate
1921 Kellys Directory Cattle R. & Co. maltsters, barley factors, brewers & spirit merchants, Old Brewery, Chapmangate
1921 Hull Daily Mail 28 Oct - Pocklington Brewery Sold - Messrs Edward Walker and Pulleyn, of York, on Thursday offered the freehold "three quarter plant" brewery, known as the Old Brewery, Pocklington, occupied by Mssrs R. Cattle & son, The buildings cover an area of 1,047 square yards. With the brewery are offered some fully licensed public houses :- The Horse Shoes, tied rent £24; Royal Oak, tied rent, £24; Cross Keys, tied rent, £16; Oddfellows Arms, tied rent, £24; Crown Shiptonthorpe, tied rent, £13, Black Horse beerhouse, Seaton Ross and three acres of land, tied rent, £22 and two cottages let at £9 10s; Plough Inn, Allerthorpe, and small paddock, tied rent £12; Fleece, Bishop Wilton, copyhold, tied rent £21 10s. The plant, machinery, fixtures, loose utensils, and rolling stock of the brewery, are to be taken over at a valuation. The property was offered in one lot, and bidding started at £7,000 and was sold for £14,000 to the Tadcaster Tower Brewery, co., Ltd., York.The vendor was Mr. R.M. Cattle, of Pocklington, acting as executor under the will of the late Henry Ward Cattle. Mr. H.S.Powell, Pocklington, was solicitor to the vendor.
circa 1922 Ref. Norman Foster* Norman Foster told one Pocklington resident that the Cattle brewery went out of business after the war
1929 Kellys Directory Meynell Herbert, Wells house, Chapmangate
1933 Kellys Directory Meynell Herbert, 17 Chapmangate
1937 Kellys Directory Meynell Herbert, 17 Chaprnangate
* Norman Foster was a descendant of the Cattle family.
If you wish to add to the story of the brewery, or correct any of the above information, then please contact me.