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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
Leather and Shoe Making
"The Pocklington Shoe" was made famous when David Garrick (the eighteenth century theatre actor, playwright & theatre manager 1717-1779), wrote in a letter to Lady Burlington, the phrase "Not worth half so much as a Pocklington Shoe". Pocklington was the centre of a leather industry with a large tannery and smaller tan pits to be found all over the town. Because Pocklington was a market town where beasts were brought for slaughter to market, and because of the many leather fairs held in the town, a leather industry developed, and the fairs and markets were full of traders selling shoes and boots.
Pocklington Tannery sale
A poster of sale of the Pocklington Tannery
1758 Fair
From Owens book of fairs 1758
Ben Jarvis

Ben Jarvis was one of Pocklington's last leather boot maker and repairers
Ben Jarvis,  a local boot repairer and maker says there is still nothing like hand sewn work. Ben's view is that good workmanship means everything. His grouse is that the leather is not like it used to be - A clipping from c1950.

One resident who knew Ben Jarvis said "Ben Jarvis was the last cobbler in Pock to make boots and shoes we used to go on cold nights and sit and listen to him. What a story teller! He also played the violin to us and he was a good artist. He once he went into mushroom growing in the cellars under what is now Cooplands I could go on and on about him".

1823 Baines Directory entries for leather/animal product related occupations

Boot and Shoe Makers.
Ponn Robert, Smithy hill
Easton John, (and inspector of raw hides) Market place
Lund Wm. May, Swine market
Marshall Thos. (cfe tea dlr.) Union st.
Pexton Geo. Market place
Richardson Wm. Market place
Richardson Robert, Smithy hill
Rispin William, Market place
Todd Robert, Chapmangate
Wright William, (and patten maker) Chapmangate

Brown Henry, Marketplace
Catton Thomas, New pavement
Cook Thomas, West green
Harlund Thomas, Chapmangate
Silborn James, Swine market
Staveley Thomas, George street
Terry Thomas, Market place
Thomas John, Market place
Todd John, Hungate
Wilson James, Chapmangate

Currier and Leather Seller

Rispin George, Union street
Kirtland Wm. whip maker, Union st.

Blanchard John, Chapmangate
Blanchard George, Union street

Blanchard John, Chapmangate
Blanchard George, Union street
Hall William, Market place
Hall John, Marketplace

Gilbertson Thomas, Market place
Linwood John, Market place

Tallow Chandlers.

Jackson Matthew, New pavement
Jackson John, Hungate

Wilson Thos. Knowlson, Union st.

Leather Curriers

Presentation by the Leather Curriers to John Hudson at Mr Dennison's Tannery in Pocklington (The Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser
Aug 17 1839

Yorkshire Evening Post - Friday 25 March 1927
Image © Johnston Press plc.
Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.
Image reproduced with kind permission of http://www.thebritishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/