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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
1921 Kelly's Directory
NB: This information is sourced from an actual directory.



POCKLINGTON is a market and union town, and the head of a county court district, with a station on the York and Market Weighton branch of the North Eastern railway, 198 miles from London, 16 by rail east from York, 6¼ north-west from Market Weighton, 27 north­west from Hull, 30 south-west from Bridlington and 32 south-west (54 by rail) from Scarborough, in the How-denshire division of the Hiding, Wilton Beacon division of the Wapentake of Harthill, Wilton Beacon petty sessional division, rural deanery of Pocklington, arch­deaconry of the East Biding and diocese of York.
Under the provision of the "Local Government Act, 1894 " (56 and 57 Vict. c. 73), the town is governed by an Urban District Council of 9 members, in place of the former Local Board constituted under the " Public Health Act, 1875," by Local Government Board Order No. 29,872, dated July ist, 1893.
On Oct. 1st, 1901, by Local Government Board Order No. 42,567, part of Barmby-on-the-Moor was added to Pocklington township and Urban District.
The town is lighted with gas from works near the West Green, built in 1886, at a cost of £8,000, and the property of the Pocklington New Gas Co. Limited, and is supplied with water from works 1 mile east of the town, erected in 1890 by the Pocklington Water Works Co. Limited, but the main water supply is obtained from springs at Givendale, 3 miles distant; a considerable stream rises near Millington and Great Givendale, and in its course through the parish works several mills and empties itself into the river Derwent.
The church of All Saints is a cruciform building of stone, in the Perpendicular style, consisting of chancel, with north chapel, clerestoried nave, aisles, transepts and a lofty embattled western tower (restored in 1910), with pinnacles, containing a clock and 6 bells, but traces of the Norman church still exist: there are eleven stained windows : the east window was erected by the late Admiral the Hon. Arthur Dnncombe, of Kilnwick Percy; and there are memorial windows to members of the Loftus1 and Powell families : the font consists of a square basin of fossilized marble on a circular pedestal: there are several memorials to the Dolman and other families, including an elegant mural monument to Thomas Dolman esq. ob. 1589 ; another to Robert Southeby, ob. 1594; and a third to Robert Denison esq. d. 1829, and his wife, d. 1837: at the, west end of the church is a beautifully carved cross, c. 1360, discovered in the churchyard : on the pedestal is a modern inscription in Latin, which translated reads: — '•' Here Paulinus .preached in the year 627:" in the chancel is a large monument to the Denison family, formerly lords of the manor, over which is a carving in oak of " the Crucifixion," executed in Germany, about 1500; and well preserved: close to the foot of the pulpit is a stone to Margaret Easingwald, last prioress of the Benedictine nunnery of Wilberfoss : the church was partially restored
and reseated in 1850; in 1854 the chancel walls were refaced, and in 1879 and 1889 farther restorations were effected, at a cost of £1,150: the nave, roof and aisles were restored in 1901 at a cost of £3,600 : a memorial tablet has been placed (1920) in the church to the memory of those who fell in the Great War : there are 600 sittings. The register dates from the year 1559. The living is a vicarage, so constituted in 1252, with the chapelry of Yapham and Meltonby annexed1, net yearly value £320, including 27 acres of glebe, with residence, in the gift of the Archbishop of York, and held since 1908 by the Rev. Arthur Thomas Fisher B.A. of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.
The Catholic church, in London street, dedicated to SS. Mary and Joseph, and opened in 1863, was built from the designs of Messrs. Hadfield, of Sheffield, and consists of nave with eastern apse : there are five stained windows, one of which was presented by the Duke and Duchess .of Norfolk : an organ gallery, the gift of the late Mrs. Thompson, of Pocklington, was erected in 1907 : a stained glass window has been placed (1920) in the church as a war memorial: the church affords sittings for 120 persons, and attached is a residence, for the priest.
The Congregational chapel in Chapmangate, erected in 1807, has an endowment of £60 yearly, bestowed by John Jackson, d. 1874, and will seat 350 persons ; there is also a Wesleyan Methodist.-chapel, in Chapmangate, and a Primitive Methodist chapel in Union street.
The Burial Ground, near the West Green, opened in 1857, contains 4a. ir. lop. and has two small chapels, one for the Church of England and the other for Dissenters ; it is under the control of the Urban District Council, acting as a burial board.
The Police Court and Station, in George street, erected in 1899-1900 at a cost of about £3,500, are of red brick with stone dressings; the buildings comprise a court room, magistrates' room, a witnesses' waiting room, and a police station, with residence for the superin­tendent.
Victoria Hall, in Chapmangate, and Central Hall, in Peter's square, are let for public meetings and lectures, and will hold about 450 persons each.
The building originally erected in 1880 for the purposes of a hospital, in memory of the late Thomas Wilson M.D. of Pocklington, is at present occupied as a private residence.
An ornamental street lamp with granite pedestal was erected at a cost of about £150, in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee of the late Queen Victoria.
The local trade includes brewing, malting, rope and twine making ; there are agricultural implement manu­factories, and in the neighbourhood several corn mills, clothing factory and pearl barley mills.
The market is held every Saturday. There are four fairs nominally held here annually—on the 7th of March, 6th of May, 5th of August and the 8th of November; on the 8th of November there is a statute fair for hiring servants, and the auction is held every Monday.
Most of the charities left by Henry Powell (1895), Mrs. Isabella Moor, Mrs. Ann Blackwell (1732), Robert Chapman (1718), Dr. Henry Watkinson, Mr. John Moor, William Westoby, John Seymour and John Cole, are for the time being lost.
About 1 mile south-west of the town is the Pocklington canal, the property of the North Eastern Railway Go.: the canal, made under the provisions of an Act passed in 1814, is about 9 miles in length and extends to East Cottingwith, where it forms a communication with the river Derwent.
Capt. Harry Whitworth, of Kilnwick Percy, is lord of the manor and lay rector, and holds a court leet, baron and copyhold court: there are also a large number of small freeholders.
Pocklington parish comprises the townships of Yapham-with-Meltonby and Ousethorpe. The township and Urban District of Pocklington contains 2,616 acres of land, including 75 acres taken over from Barmby-on-the-Moor, and 7 of water; rateable value, £12,325 ; the population in 1911 was 2,556, including 5 officers and 62 inmates in the workhouse, and in the ecclesiastical parish, 2,757. .

OUSETHORPE is a township of Pocklington, 1½ miles north-by-east. There are traces here of a large rect­angular moated enclosure. The rectorial tithe rent-charge, amounting to £52, and the agistment tithe rent-charge of £19, belong to the Ecclesiastical Com­missioners. The vicarial tithe rent-charge of £4 is payable to the vicar of Pocklington. Most of the land is the property of Mrs. A. B. Lamb, of Harrogate. The area is 333 acres ; rateable value, £446 ; the population in 1911 was 17.
Letters received through Pocklington by foot post, arrive daily, except Sunday. There is no Letter Box. Pocklington, a mile distant, is the nearest money order & telegraph office

YAPHAM and MELTONBY are two hamlets and a township, about 1 mile apart, and constitute a chapelry
in Pocklington parish; the former is 2 miles north-north-west, and the latter 2 north-by-west, from Pocklington. The chapel of St. Martin is a plain building, consisting of chancel, nave, south porch and a western turret containing 2 bells: it was repaired in 1777-8, and restored about 1904, at a cost of £400, and has 100 sittings. The great or rectorial tithe, amounting to £365, belongs to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, and under an instrument of apportionment, dated 12 June, 1844, a sum of £204 i8s. gd. has been assigned to the benefice of Pocklington, and the rest retained by the Commissioners towards the payment of a curate. The glebe land here amounts to 29a. 1r. 27 perches, and £10 a year, given by a former dean of York, also belongs to the benefice. Here is a Wesleyan chapel. The rents of the chapel lands allotted at the inclosure in 1733 are expended by an arrangement of the Charity Commissioners, one fourth being applied to the repairs of the chapel, one fourth to the poor and one half to the school. W. D. Petch esq. and Mrs. F. Pearson, of Pocklington, are the principal landowners: 35. 4d. yearly is paid out of the Kilnwick Percy estate to this township and 39 other parishes receive various sums annually, in all amounting to £10, called the Woods dole ; 4s. yearly is also received out of a farm at Yap-ham, left by H. Barlow esq. The soil is good loam, gravel and sand; subsoil, clay and gravel. The chief crops are wheat, barley, oats, peas and turnips. The township is well supplied with water from the Wold hills. The joint acreage of Yapham with Meltonby is 1,888 ; rateable value, £2,519; the population in 1911 was 229.
Sexton, John Johnson.
Letter Box cleared daily, except Sunday
Letters are delivered at Yapham from Pocklington & at Meltonby daily,   except  Sunday,  &  collected by post­man.    Pocklington,   2½  miles   distant,   is  the  nearest telegraph & money order office
Church   of England School (mixed), Yapham-cum-Meltonby, erected in 1883, for 40 children; Miss C. Scott, head mistress; Miss Hilda Moore, assistant mistress ; William Askwith, correspondent


Post,  M. 0., T. & T. E. D. Office, Railway street.— G-eorge William Guppy, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive daily, except Sunday & dispatched daily, except Sunday


Meeting day,  1st friday each month  8 p.m.  at Clerk's offices, Railway street. Chairman, John W. Laister J.P. Vice-Chairman, Charles Stather.

Retire in 1921.
John Edmondson Brook, Christopher Procter, James William Laister

Retire in 1922.
Henry Sydney Powell, Charles Stather, Frederick Smith J.P               |

Retire in 1923.
Walter Barlow, Thomas Scaife, George Henry Fowler

Clerk, Alfred Summerson, Railway street Treasurer, Tom S. Suddaby, Beckett & Co.'s Bank Medical  Officer   of Health,   Alex.   Ferrier   Angus   Fairweather M.D., C.M.Aberd. Faircote, West Green Sanitary Inspector, Surveyor & Rate  Collector,  Joseph
Butter-worth, Chapmangate


Herbert Edward Arthur Field Whittell, Upper Helmsley hall, York
Laister John W. The Grove, Pocklington
Morris Rev. Marmaduke Charles Frederick B.C.L. Tan-y-Fron, Weiford, Welshpool, N. Wales
Newbald Robert W. Coral Head, Pocklington
Procter Christopher, Market place, Pocklington
Smith Frederick, Red house, Pocklington, York
Summerson Alfred, Wilberforce house, Pocklington
Thirsk Thomas Spruce, White Mills, Pocklington
Wood   Major Hon. Edward Frederick Lindley- M.P. Garrowby Hall, Bishop Wilton, York
The Chairmen,   for the time being,   of  the  Pocklington Urban & Rural District Councils, are ex-officio magistrates Clerk   to   the   Magistrates,    Henry   Sydney   Powell, Waterloo buildings

Petty   Sessions   are   held   at   the   Police   Court,   Great George street, the first Saturday in every month (except October), at 10 a.m.    In addition to the above, special sessions will be held every day if there are any prisoners in custody

The following places are included in the petty sessional division :—Allerthorpe, Barmby-on-the-Moor, Bielby, Bishop Wilton-with-Belthorpe, Bolton, Buckthorpe, Burnby, High & Low Catton, Fangfoss, Full Sutton, Garrowby, Great & Little Givendale, Grimthorpe, Havton, Hngo-ate, Kilnwick Percv. Kirby-Underdale, Melbourne, Millington, Newton-upon-Derwent, Nun-burnholme, Ousethorpe, Pccklington, Skirpenbeck, Stamford Bridge East, Storwood, Sutton-upon-Der-went, Thixendale, Thornton, Waplington, Warter, Wilberfoss, Yapham-cum-Meltonby, Youlthorpe-cum-Gowthorpe


The  townships  in the  District  are the same  as in  the
Union,  with the  exception  of Pocklington. Council meets at the Guardians' Board room monthly,
on mondays, at 2.30 p.m.
Chairman,   Robert William Newbald J.P. Canal He:ad, Pocklington

Clerk, Arthur J. Oliver, 17 Market street, Pocklington Treasurer, William I. Allispn, Barclays Bank Limited Medical Officer of Health, Alexander Ferrier Angus
Fairweather M.D.,  C.M.Aberd.  Faircote, West Green,
Pocklington Sanitary Inspector, James M. Murdie, 10 George street,
Pocklington Highways Surveyor, A. Gordon Kilner, Bielby


Board day, monthly at the Board room, at 1.30 p.m.
Pocklington union comprises the following places:—Allerthorpe, Barmby-on-the-Moor, Bielby, Bishop Wilton-with-Belthorpe, Bolton, Bugthorpe, Burnby, Oatton (High), Catton (Low), Cliffe (North), Cliffe (South), Gottangwith (Bast), Everingham, Fangfoss, Friday-thorpe,Full Sutton,Givendale (Great)-wit!h Grimthorpe, Soodmanham, Harswell, Hayton, Huggate, Kilnwick Percy, Kirby Underdale-wii/h-Garrowby, Londesborough-writh-Easthorpe, Market Weighton & Arras, Melbourne, Millington-with-Little Givendale, Newton-upon-Derwent, Nunburnholme, Ousethorpe, Pocklington, Sancton-with-Houghton, Scrayingham, Seaton Ross, Shipton, Skirpenbeck, Stamford Bridge (East), Storwood, Suitton-upon-Derwent, Thixendale, Thornton, Thorpe-Le-Street, Waplington, Warter, Wilberfoss, Yapham-cum-Meltonby, Youlthorpe-cum-Gowthorpe. The area of the union is 110,638 acres; rateable value at Lady Day, 1920, £122,770; the population in 1911 was 23.833.
Chairman of the Board of Guardians, Edmund Johnson, Full Sutton grange
clerk to the Guardians & Assessment Committee, Arthur J. Oliver, 17 Market street, Pocklington
Treasurer,   William Illingworth Allison, Barclays Bank Limited
Relieving   & Vaccination Officer & Prosecutor for the Union, Walter Stubbs, Aston villa, Union street, Pocklington
Medical   Officers & Public Vaccinators:—Pocklington Nos. 1 & 2 districts, Alexander Ferrier Angus Fairweather M.D., C.M.Aberd. Faircote, West Green, Pocklington; Stamford Bridge district, Edward W. Archer M.B., B.S., L.M.S.S.A. ; Market Weighton Nos. 1 & 2 districts, Richard Hamilton Ashwin M.I). Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng. Market Weighton; Sutton-on-Derwent district, William J. Carmichael M.B., C.M. Aberd. Elvington, near York; Huggate district, Seth Tinsley L.R.F.P.S.Glas. Wetwang, York
T'he Union Workhouse, situated on the road leading to Burnby, is a structure of brick, erected in 1852, at a cost of £1,608, on a site purchased for £360, it was enlarged in 1896, at a cost of .£6,237, & will hold 113 inmates; in 1878 a hospital was added, for 30 patients ; James Walker Curtis, master ; Rev. Arthur T. Fisher B.A. hon. chaplain; Alexander Ferrier Angus Fair-weather M.D., C.M. medical officer; Mrs. Sophia Curtis, matron

Pocklington registration  district.

Superintendent Registrar, Henry Sydney Powell, Waterloo buildings, Regent street, Pocklington; deputy, William Coupland, Rosewalden, Barmby road, Pocklington
Registrars of Births & Deaths, Pocklington sub-district. Walter Stubbs, Aston villa, Union street, Pocklington ; deputy, Mrs. L. M. Stubbs, Aston villa, Union street, Pocklington; East Stamford Bridge sub-district, Geo. William Etherington, Wilberfoss, York; Market Weighton sub-district, Miss Annie Roantree, High st. Market Weighton; deputy, George Sissons, Market Weighton
Registrar   of Marriages, Thomas Scaife, Ebor house, Chapmangate, Pocklington


Burial Ground, West Green, Alfred Summerson, clerk Railway street
Central Hall, Peter's square, Mrs. Fred Lee, proprieties
County Court; office, 5 Railway street; office hours, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. except on Wednesdays, 9 to 12; His. Honor B. Fossett Lock, judge; John Thomas Sargent, registrar & high bailiff. Court held every alternate month in the Magistrates' room, Great George street fc its jurisdiction extends to Allerthorpe, Barmby-on-the-Moor, Bielby, Bishop Wilton, Bolton, Buckthorpe Burnby, High & Low Catton, North & South Cliffe East Cottingwith, Everingham, Fangfoss, Friday thorpe, Full Sutton, Great Givendale, Little Givendale, Goodmanham, Hanging- Grimston, Harswell Hayton, Huggate. Kilnwick Percy, Kirby-Underdale Londesborough, Market Weighton, Melbourne, Milling ton, Newton-upon-Derwent, Nunburnholme, Ous thorpe, Pocklington, Sancton, Scrayingham, Seaton Ross, Sliipton, Slrirpenbeck, Stamford Bridge, Storwood, Sutton-upon-Derwent, Thixendale, Thornton, Thorpe, Waplington, Warter, Wilberfoss, Yaphan with Meltonby & Youlthorpe-cum-Gowthorpe

For Bankruptcy purposes this court is included in that of York; Donald Sween Mackay, Red house, Duncombe place, York, official receiver
Certified Bailiffs appointed under the "Law of Distress Amendment Act," Richard Massey English, Market street; Thomas Scaife, Ebor house, Chapmangate; John Joseph Kempley & Samuel Sharp, Market Weighton
County Police Office, Great George street; John Sweeney, superintendent, 1 sergeant & 3 constables; also 1 inspector, 1 sergeant & 2 constables at Market Weighton & 9 constables stationed in the various villages around Customs & Excise Office, 12 Burnby lane; Francis Win. Gray, officer
Fire Brigade, Railway street, Joseph Butterworth, capt. & sec
Public Weighing Machine, Market street; R. M. English & Son, proprietors Victoria Hall, Chapmangate, John Whitehead, lessee


5th Battalion, Alexandra,Princess of Wales's Own (York­shire Regiment) (Detachment of C Co.), attached to Beverley, Capt. R. Green, commanding, Drill hall, Barmby road


Assessors of Income Tax, William Francis Hill, 2 Chap­mangate & Thomas Scaife, Ebor house, Chapmangate
Assistant  Overseer & Collector of Poor's Rates, Joseph Butterworth, Chapmangate
Assistant Overseer for Yapham-with-Meltonby, William Askwith, Meltonby
Certifying Factory Surgeon, Alexander Ferrier A. Fair-weather M.D., C.M.Aberd. Faircote, West Green
deputy Steward of the Manor of Millington with Little Givendale, John Thomas Sargent, 5 Railway street
National Insurance Act, Unemployment Section, Henry Sydney Powell, local agent, Regent street
Stamp Distributor, George William Guppy, Railway st
Steward of the Manors of Pocklington, Barmby-on-the-Aoor & Allerthorpe-with-WapIington, Henry S. Powell, Waterloo buildings
Veterinary Inspector for Wilton Beacon, Holme Beacon & Ouse-on-Derwent Divisions, R. J. Hicks, Mar!:efc Weighton

PLACES   OF WORSHIP, with times of  Services.

All   Saints' Church, Rev. Arthur Thomas Fisher B.A. vicar; Rev. lan McNaughton Smith B.A. curate; 8 & 10.30 a.m. & 6.30 p.m. ; daily at 4.30 p.m. in winter & 6 p.m. in summer
S3. Mary & Joseph, Catholic, London street, Rev. John McCabe, priest; 10 a.m. & 6 p.m.; daily, 8.30 a.m
Congregational, ; 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m.; wed. 7.15 p.m
Primitive  Methodist, Rev. Lawrence Robinson, super­intendent & Rev. Elijah Green; Rev. Charles E. Bower (supernumerary); 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m. ; mon. & thurs. 7.15 p.m.; fri. 7.45 p.m
Wesleyan   Methodist, Rev. Verrant Wills, superinten­dent & Rev. Albert F. Pentney M.C.; Rev. Robert Keenleyside & Rev. Thomas J. Macartney, super­numeraries; ro.3o a.m. & 6 p.m.; nion.& tries. 7 p.ra


The   Endowed Grammar School, on West Green, was originally connected with a guild in the parish church, called "the Society of Brethren of the Nnme of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin & St. Nicholas of Pocklington," the seal of which, together with an ancient silver cock­ing bell, belonging to the school, is still preserved: the guild was founded by John Dolman LL.D. arch­deacon of Suffolk (one of a family who were for cen­turies lords of the manor of Pocklington), in the 6th year of Henry VIII. (24th May, 1.514); & when sub­sequently, in the reign of that monarch, all such guilds were suppressed, tho property original'y left tn the suild was preserved by the exertions of the founder's family for the benefit of the school: the Master & Fellows of St. John's College, Cambridge, under the arrangement then made, appointed the master of the school, who, in turn with the church wardens, ap­pointed the usher; & the master & usher together formed a corporation, called the " Corporation of Mas­ter & Usher of the Free Grammar School of Pock­lington." Attached to or connected with the school ore the following scholarships & exhibitions:—
1, Four Dowman exhibitions each of £40 yearly & tenable for 4 years at St. John's College, Cambridge ;
2. the Ackroyd exhibition of £50 for 3 years at either Oxford or Cambridge, may be competed for by boys from this school;
3, the Ann Watson exhibitions of ,£25 each yearly & tenable for 4 years at any university, similarly open;
4, three County Council scholarships of £60 yearly each, tenable for 2 years, by natives of or residents in the East Biding, at the Leeds University, Leeds, Firth College, Sheffield, Owens College, Man­chester, the Royal College, of Science, South Kensing­ton, or any other college or university approved by tne County Council;
5, exhibitions established by the governors at any place of higher education, or of scientific or professional training
the following are tenable only at the school:—
1, Ten local exhibitions for day boys, each of the yearly value of £10;
2, entrance scholarships for boarders, of £2. to £30 each yearly, awarded by examination;
3, Alimited number of entrance exhibitions of £10 to £15.

The  revenues of the school arose mainly from land situated in various parts of the East Riding, &. amounted to about £800 a year; the land has recently been sold & the proceeds invested. The Rev. L. Shields B.D. who became head master in 1807, succeeded in considerably augmenting the income of the school, & in 1818 commenced the rebuilding of the school & master's house, eventually completed in 1843 By the Rev. F. J. Gruggen M.A.: in 1875 the Endowed Schools Commissioners completely re-organized the management of the schools & transferred .the patronage from St. John's College to a, governing- body of 12 members. Archdeacori J. Malet Lambert, chairman ; Arthur J. Oliver, 17 Market street, eleik to thf governors. During 1890-91 ar gymnasium, chemical laboratory, infirmary & other buildings were erected, & in 1898 the school was further enlarged by the addition of a new "wing, at a cost of about _£6,000 ; there are now (1921) two boarding houses, & about 130 boys; head master, Percy Cooper Sands M.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge; 2nd master, Cyril Stanley Kipping M.A.Camb. (science); assistants. Frank Buxkitt M.A.Camb. (mathematics) ; B. Stanley Osborne Lee M.A.Camb. (classics & geography); M Verdon (French) ; Frederic Smith B.A.Oxon. (history '& English.) ; F. John Stuart'Barclay (junior subjects); Miss Ida Brown (drawing); John W. Metcalfe (music); Mason Clark (gymnastics) & George Smith

Public Elementary Schools
School Attendance Officer, George H. Mason,Cottingham
County Council, Mile end, opened in February, 1908, an additional class room added in 1910, built at a cost of about ^3,000, for 250 scholars, including infants master; 'Clifford B. Thomas, chief assistant (in cha.rge); Miss Eleanor M. Dibb, infants' mistress
Church   of England, New street (mixed & infants), erected, with house for the master, in 1854, at a cost of upwards of £1,444, including the value of the site, presented by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners & the late Admiral the Hon. Arthur Duncombe : the school will hold 152 boys & girls & 80 infants; Atkinson Skinner, master; Miss Winifred Newell, infants' mist
Catholic,   London street (mixed), erected in 1877, for 65 children; Miss Winifred Barnes, mistress


Howdenshire Chronicle & Pocklington Weekly News, 51 Market place, John Whitehead. publisher; published sat

Railway Station, West Green, Frederic M. Agar, master


Barmby-on-the-Moor—Septimus    Allison,    from    ' Black  Bull,' sat. & alternate mon
Bishop   Wilton—William   Sissons,   from   ' Three   Horse Shoes,' sat. & Walter Fugill, from ' The Feathers,' sat
Everingham—Bichard   Nicholson,   from   ' Buck,'   sat.   & alternate mon
Holme-on-Spalding   Moor—Robinson,   from   the   'Black Bull,' on sat
Millington—John R.  Oxtoby, from ' Black Swan,' daily; William Thomas, ' Three Horse Shoes,' sat
Newbald—W. Jefferson, from 'Buck,' sat
Nunburnholme—Thomas     Frear,      from      ' Oddfellows' Arms,' sat
Seaton Ross—George Johnson, from Buck hotel, sat
Thornton—John Hesslewood, from ' Black Bull,' sat
Warter—John Slater, from ' Black Bull,' tues. fri. & sat York—John Robert Bell, from his house in 31 Union st.
thurs. & sat


Allison Mrs. John, 6 Prospect place
Barclay   F.   John   Stuart,   Grammar school, West Green
Barlow Walter, Avenue ho. Percy rd
Barnes George, Field view, Percy rd
Baxter John, Budstone ho. Barmby rd
Beal John James, Ivydene, Percy rd
Beal Misses, Beech house, Percy road
Binnington Mrs. Myrtle grove, Chap­man gate
Blythe Miss, 13 Union street
Bottomley   Algernon   G.   Dolman   ho.West Green
Hoyden   John   Augustus   Charles,   St. Norberts, Percy road
Brook John E. Hill crest,Yapham rd
Burkitt Frank M.A.  (assist, master), Grammar school, West Green
Butterworth Joseph,   Chapmangate
Cattle Hy. Ward, Panel ho. Percy rd
Cattle Mrs. James, Brunswick place
Cattle William W. York view
Collins John H. Fern lea, Percy rd
C'oulson Mrs. Regent st. Pocklington
Cundall Thomas Bowser,  Bank  ho
Curtis Mrs. Elmhurst, Chapmangate
Day Mrs. John. New street
Duggleby Thomas,  86 Chapmangate
English Thomas, Lyndhurst
English Harry T. The Mile house
Evcringham     Mrs.     John     Thomas, Stamford  villa,  Barniby road
Everingham Wycliffe G. 2 York vw
Fairweather Alexander Ferrier Angus M.D.. C.M. Faircote, West Green
Fisher   Rev.    Arthur   Thomas   B.A. (vicar), The Vicarage, The Grove
Forth Charles, 42 New street
Foster Mrs. G. Wells ho. Burnby la
Fowler Geo.Hy. The Briars.Burnby la
Fowler Mark, Derwent ho.Chapmangt
Fox Reginald, 14 Burnby lane Gantry
Frank, Brunswick place, The Balk
Gilson Percy,  10 York view
Gilson Reginald Thomas, Canton villa, Garths End
Gilyead James Wm. 44 New street
Grant T. Cliffe, Powisland, Union st
Green Rev. Elijah (Primitive Metho­dist), 9 Victoria terrace
Harrison Mansfield, Brunswick house. Brunswick place
Hartley Thomas William,  Garth ho. Garths End
Hayward Charles Tomlinson, 29 Great George street
Jebson Mrs. 53 Chapmangate
Jebson William Henry, Wilton house, Market street
Jordan    Arthur,     Millington     villa, Barmby road
Keenleyside   Rev.   Robert   (Wesleyan Methodist), North view, Barmby rd
Kipping Cyril  Stanley M.A.   (assist. master),Grammar school,West Grn
Laister Jas. Wm. J.P. 21 The Grove
Lamb Mrs. William, Yapham mill
Laughton   Mrs.   William,   Kimberley house, Union street
Lee Mrs. Fred, Peter's square
Lee Mrs. John, Carlton ho. Percy rd
Lee H. Stanley Osborne M.A. (assist­ant     master     Grammar     school), Wilberforce lodge
McCabe Sev. Jn. (Catholic) .London st
MacCartney     Rev.     Thomas .James (Wes. Meth.), Ailsa, Percy road
Marshall Fdk. Wm. St. John's lodge
Ogle George H.  Old mill, West Grn
Oliver Arth.Jn.Thurnby vit.GarthsEnd
Otley Mrs.  49  Chapmangate
Pearson Fredk. Beechwood, The Grove
Pentney Rev.   Albert E.   (Wesleyan), 37  Chapmangate
Petch Wm. D.  Sunnyside, Railway  st
Powell Henry Sydney, The Bungalow. Burnby lane
Procter Christopher J.P. Market pi
Richardson Mrs. M. Alexandra place
Robinson   Rev.   Lawrence   (Primitive Methodist),  Bourne ho.  Union  st
Robinson     John,     Pembroke    house, Chapmangate
Robson    William    Jackson,    Prospect house, Chapmangate
Rymer Herbert, Bank ho. Market pl
Sargent Jn. Thos. Grove ho.The Grove
Sands Percy C., M.A. (head master), Grammar school, West Green
Scaife    Francis,    Neswick.    villa,    off Chapmangate
Scaife Mrs. 4 Prospect place
Scaife Thomas, Ebor ho.  Chapmangt
Scttt Miss, 31 George street
Sherburne Robert,  51  Chapmangate
Silburn Mrs. Henry, 21 Market street-
Skinner   Atkinson,   Wold View, Yapham   road
Smith   Rev.   lan   McNaughton   B.A.(curate), 7 York view
Smith Daniel, Ashfield, Canal lane
Smith Frederic B.A. (assist, master),
Grammar   school,   West  Green
Smith Fredk. J.P. Red ho.Yapham rd
Smith Mrs.   15  Union  street
Smith Mrs.  M.  A.   17 Regent street
Smith Thomas Herbert,  Eden place, George street
Spriggs Henry, 38 New street
Steels Mrs. E. E. Globe ho.Market pl
Stewart     Major     Percy     M.,     M.A.
Burnby hall, Burnby road
Stewart Miss, West Green
Stewart    John,    Bloomsbury    house, The Balk
Stubbs John, 36 New street
Suddaby Tom S. 31 Market place
Summerson   Alfred   J.P.   Wilberforce house, West Green
Summerson Miss, Percy road Thirsk   
Thomas    Spruce    J.P.    The Groves, West Green
Tinson Misses, 40 New street
Todd George, Sherbutt house, Chapmangate
Todd Mrs.  55 Chapmangate
Tonge-Smith, Winckworth M.D, D.P.H. Holmlea, George street
Verdon M. N.  (french  master),  Grammar school, West Green
Wilson Robert, 30 Union street
Wilkinson Miss, Cattbn vil.Barmby rd
Wood Miss, Ingledene
Young Robt. Richmond, Chapmangate


Early closing day, Wednesday 1p.m. for all businesses & professions, except hair dressers, "whose day is Thurs.

Marked thus ° farm 150 acres or over.

Agar Frederic M. station master & goods agent, Railway station, West Green
Allison Joseph & Sons, builders, 22 Regent street
Appleby Alfred, marine store dealer, Bean's lane
Askham Walter H. New Red Lion P.H. New pavement
Atkinson Hannah (Mrs.), apartments, 5 Union street
Bailey Charles, artificial teeth manufr. 15 Market street
Bairstow George, draper, 3 George street
Barclays Bank Ltd. (branch) (Herbt. Rymer, manager); open  daily  10 to  3;   thurs.   10 to  12,   sat.   10   to  4, 42 Market place;  head office,54 Lombard st.LondonEC
Barker George Henry, boot maker, 63 Chapmangate
Barlow    Walter,    chemist    &    druggist;     photographic materials stocked,  54 Market place
Baxter John, tailor, 2 Market street
Beckett & Co. York & East Riding Bank (branch) (Tom S. Suddaby, manager), 31 Market place; open daily 10 to 3, thurs. 10 to 12, sat. 10 to 4; draw on Grlyn, Mills, Currie & Co. London E C 3
Bedford Anthony, pig dealer &c. Percy house, London st
Bell John Robert, carrier, 31 Union street
Boyden John Augustus Charles, chemist & druggist, 29 Market place
Braithwaite William, boot maker, Bloomsbury
Brocklebank Frank, farmer, Northfield, Meltonby
Brook John Edmondson, plumber, 16 New pavement
Broughton Frederick Charles, butcher, 10 Market street
Brown Joseph Hill, coal agent, Railway station
Browne Ernest E. & Co. grocers, 2 Market place
Buckle F. farmer, The Grange, Beilby lane Burial Ground (Alfred Summerson, clerk), West Green
Burks Harry, shopkeeper, Kirkland street
Butterworth Joseph, sanitary inspector,  surveyor & rate collector to the Urban District Council, assistant over­seer & captain & sec. of the Fire Brigade,Chapmangate
Buttle George T. tailor,  36 Union street
Buttle  Herbert  U.  teaches  piano,  organ &c  singing; numerous exam, successes, 13 Market place
Buttle Herbert William, boot repairer, 36 Union street
Cains Francis George, assistant bailiff of County court, Prospect house, Canal lane
Cains  Henry Parkin,  miller  (oil &  water),  Devonshire mill, Canal lane
Campbell James, farmer, Clayfield farm
Cattle   R.   &   Co.   maltsters,   barley  factors,   brewers  & spirit merchants, Old Brewery, Chapmangate
Central Hall Cinema (Mrs. Fred Lee, proprietress), Peter's square
Cook John, builder, 25 Great George street
Cook William' Newlove, baker, 2 Regent street
County Court  (John Thomas Sargent,  registrar & high bailiff) ;  office, Railway street
County Police Office (John Sweeney, supt,),Gt.George st
Coupland    William,   deputy    superintendent    registrar, Rosewalden, Barmby road
Cundall Robert & Co. chemists. & seedsmen, 5 Market st
Cundall Edward, farmer, 5 Market street
Customs & Excise Office (Francis William Gray, officer), 12 Burnby lane
Dale William James, market gardener, 27 Market street
Dunn Elizabeth  (Mrs.),  dress maker,  22 Union street
Easton James, blacksmith, Church lane
Easton John, saddler & harness maker, Market place
Endowed Grammar School (Percy C.   Sands M.A.  head master;    Cyril   Stanley   Kipping  M.A.   2nd   master; for assistant masters, see p. 577), West Green
English R.   M.   &  Son,   auctioneers & valuers,  millers, corn, seed, wool & manure merchants, Market street; &   at   Market Weighton;   attend  markets   at  Leeds; York ; Wakefield; Driffield ;   Hull; Malton & Selby
English Thomas, farmer, Mile farm ;  & at Thornton
Everingham   Brothers,   motor   car   &   char-a-banc   proprietors;   garage, repairs, 16 Railway street
Everingham & Sons, tailors, 12 Railway street
Everingrham  Wycliffe  G. motor engineer  &  electri­cian ;   repairs, garage
Fairweather Alexander Ferrier Angus M.D., C.M.Aberd. physician, medical officer & public vaccinator Nos. i & 2 districts, Pocklington union, & medical officer of health to the Urban & Rural District Councils & medical officer to the workhouse & Post Office & certifying factory surgeon, Faircote, West Green
Fairweather Tom, horse breaker, 40 Union street
Fielder John Elliott, joiner, 2 London street
Fire    Brigade    (Joseph    Butterworth,   captain   &   sec.), Railway street
Flint Henry, chimney sweepr. Stather's yd. Chapmangate
Forth    W.    &;    C.    printers,    bookbinders,    booksellers, stationers,   music  sellers,   news  agents,   &  athletic & fancy  goods   depot,   advertising   agents  &   billposters, Market place; printing works, Dean's lane
Foster Brothers, boot makers & dealers, 35 Market place
Foster Charles, shopkeeper & fruiterer, 9 New pavement
Foster Emma (Mrs.), Black Swan P.H. 26 Market place
Foster William, cowkeeper, Manor house, Chapmangate
Fowler George Henry, draper, 46 Market place
Fox  Reuben,   cycle  &  motor   engineer repairs,   accessories, garage
Frike  Bernard,  artificial  teeth maker,   Sherbutt house, Yapham road
Gautry Frank, draper, 37 Market place
Gilson William & Son, watch makers, 33 Market place
Grainger William, coal dealer. 16 Regent street
Grant Tom Cliffe, builders' merchant & lime & salt mer­chant,  Union street &  Station yard
Gray Francis Wm. customs & excise officer, 12 Burnby la
Gray Richard, saddler, Peter's square
Gray William, tailor, 45 Market place
Guppy George William, stamp distributor & postmaster, Railway street
Hall   Ralph,   gardener   to   Major   P.   M.   Stewart   M.A. Burnby Hall bungalow
Harrison   &   Co.    agricultural   engineers   &   implement makers & thrashing machine proprietors, Gt.George st
Harrrison Mary (Mrs.), common lodging house, Union st
Harvey Frederick J. hair dresser, 49 Market place
Hatfield James (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 12 New pavement
Hatfield John Henry, hair dresser, 38 Market- place
Hill   William   Francis,   car   proprietor   &   assessor   of income tax, 2 Chapmangate
Hind Frederick Hugh Griffiths, painter, Chapmangate
Holder Brothers Limited, music stores, 13 Market place
Hopwood Edward, farmer, Toft house, Beilby lane
Horsley Mary Kate (Miss), fancy draper,  17 Market st
Horsley Simeon, farmer, Carr lane
Hotham Charles, butcher, New pavement
Hotham Harry, boot repairer, 26 Market street
Houslay Walter H. Wellington Oak inn,  Canal head
Howdenshire    Chronicle    &    Pocklington    Weekly   News (John    Whitehead,    publisher;     published    sat.),   51 Market place
Hutchinson William, lock keeper, Canal head
Jarvis Ellen M. (Mrs.),Odd Fellows' Arms P.H. Union st.
Jebson William Henry, veterinary surgeon,Wilton house, Market st.  (Tel. 9 Pocklington) ;   & at Bishop Wilton
Johnson Fred, rope & twine & net maker, New street
Johnson George, farmer, Woodhouse farm, The Mile
Johnson James, florist, 7 Great George street
Johnson Wm. Turner, frmr. & shopkpr.  Gt.  George st
Jowett Hanson,  ironmonger,  Market  street
Judson Harold Thompson,  grocer,  57 Market  place
Kay Fred, Royal Oak inn, Great George street
Kemp's  Cafe,  Railway street
Kendall Henry, Cross Keys P.H. Market street
Laister Jsph. & Son,rope & twine, mas.3,0 & 32 Market pl
Lamb Thomas J.   (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 20 Railway street
Laughton W. & L. farmers, Kimberley .house, Union st
Law Annie (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer,  1 Union street
Law Joseph Edwin, boot maker, 16 Market street
Layfield Joseph William, fruiterer,  14 Market place
Lee Fred  (Mrs.),  tobacconist,  59 Market place
Lister John, cab proprietor, 15 & 17 Great George streel
Lundy & Son, watch makers,  18 Railway street
MacCartney    &    Rowley    Limited,    wholesale    clothing manufacturers,  London street
Manners Brothers, cabinet makers, Great George street & Market street
Manners Christr. saddler & harness ma.. 4 New pavement
Marshall    Frederick     William     L.R.C.P.     &     S.Edin. L.R.F.P.S.   & L.M.Glas.  physician,   St.   John's lodge
Barmby road
Mason George H. school attendance officer (Pocklington district), Cottingham
Matthews James Henry, motor & agri-cultural engineer, garage & repairs, 5 Chapmangate
Meek John, hair dresser, 3 Regent street
Meynell Herbert, grocer, 1 Market place
Middlebrough John & Sons, maltsters, Chapmangate
Mills & Co. drapers, Market place
Moody Edward, joiner & wheelwright;  saw mill, London street
Moor Arthur, Buck hotel, 24 Market place
Moor George, fishmonger, 13 New pavement
Moor Joseph J. millers' traveller, 33 Great George street
Moor Wilfred, builder, bricklayer & plasterer, 82 Chapmangate
Moore William, farmer, 23 New street
Morrill Thomas, coal merchant, Market place
Myers William, cowkeeper, Great George street
National   Agricultural   Labourers'   &   Rural   Workers' Union (branch)  (Frank Coulson, sec.), Market street
Nelson & Sons, shoe makers & dealers, 39 & 41 Market pl.
Newbald Robert W. farmer, Canal Head
Nicholson George, farmer, Northfield Farm house
North Eastern Railway Coal Depot  (Joseph  H.  Brown, agent), Railway station
North Eastern Railway Goods Depot (Frederic M. Agar, agent), Railway station, West Green'
Pocklington   Choral   Society   (Herbert   U.   Buttle,   conductor), 13 Market place
Pocklington Conservative Club (Frederick AY. S. Woods, sec.), Railway street
Pocklington Coronation Band   (Herbert U.   Buttle,   con­ductor),   13  Market  place
Pocklington   Cycle   Club    (W.   Coupland,   sec.),   Rosewalden, Barmby road
Pocklington   &  District  Agricultural   Club   (Robert   H. Young,  sec.), Chapmangate
Pocklington  &  District  Industrial, Co-operative   Society Limited   (George   William   Haw,  manager),   grocers Waterloo buildings; Railway st.; .New st.& Market pl.
Pocklington   Floral   &   Horticultural   Society   (Thomas Scaife, sec.), Ebor house, Chapmangate
Pocklington  Horse   &  Foal   Show   (H.  J3.   Powell,   hon sec.), Waterloo buildings
Pocklington   Literary   Society   (Clifford   B.   Thomas, Melbourne terrace, hon. sec)
Pocklington New Gas Co. Limited (H. S. Powell, sec.) ; office, Waterloo buildings;  works, West Green
Pocklington Water Works Co. Limited (Thomas  Scaife Ebor house, Chapmangate, sec.), Chapel hill
Powell Henry S. farmer.
Powell Henry Sydney, solicitor, commissioner for oaths & sec.  to the New Gas Co.  Limited,  superintendent registrar, clerk to Market Weighton Drainage Trustees deputy steward for the manor of Fridaythorpe, local agent for the Unemployment Section of the Nations
Insurance Act,- clerk to the magistrates of the Wilton Beacon  & Holme Beacon divisions  &  steward  of  the manors  of   Pocklington,   of   Barmby-upon-the-Moor Allerthorpe-with-Waplington, Waterloo buildings
Procter Christopher, grocer, 18 Market place
Procter William Henry, draper 56, & hosier 61,Market p
Public Weighing Machine  (R.  M.  English & Son,   proprietors), Market street-
Read Thomas, greengrocer, 8 Union street
Richardson Danl. agrcltrl. implement ma.3 Brunswick
Richardson John, monumental mason, New street
Robson John, coach builder, Union street
Rowley & Macartney Ltd. clothing manufrs. London st
Rowley Charles, tailor, n & 13 Market street
Sargent John Thomas, solicitor, commissioner for oath: & perpetual commissioner, registrar & high bailiff  county court & deputy steward of the manor of Millington with Little Givendale, 5 Railway street
Scaife F. & N.  stationers,  12 Market place
Scaife Harold, cycle agent & tobacconist, 6 Market pla.
Scaife Thomas,  registrar  of marriages,   assessor  of  income tax & actuary of the Yorkshire Penny Bank Ltd auctioneer & valuer, Ebor house, Chapmangate
Scaife's China & Earthenware Stores, Peter's square
Scott &   Carlton,   fishmongers;   best   quality,   fresh dried. 47 Market place
Sharp John W. hardware dealer,   14  Market  street
Skldall Thomas E. painter,  St.  John's terrace
Silburn Lionel, farmer, 21 Market street
Skelton Henry, shopkeeper. Chapmangate
Skinner Edwin, confectioner, 19 Market place
Slight Frank, photographer, 23 Chapmangate
Smith Jane E. & Annie E. (Misses), confectioners, Great George street
Smith Frederick J.P. farmer, Red house, Yapham road  
Sowerby James, monumental mason, Regent street
Spivey William, farmer, South Moor house
Stabler George, shoeing smith & agricultural implement repairer, Union street
Stather Charles, draper, 25 Market place
Stead & Simpson Limited, boot makers, 23 Market place
Steel Frederick, butcher, Church lane
Steel Joseph, builder, 39 & 41 George street
Steels William & Son, grocers, 17 & 19 Market place
Steels  Charles  Richard,   house   furnisher   &   toy manufacturer,  10 Regent  street
Steels Francis H. cabinet maker & upholsterer, 9 to  13 London street
Steels George (Mrs.), confectioner, London street
Stephenson   Ellen   W.   (Miss),   baby   linen   warehouse, 20 Market street
Stephenson Thomas Nelson, grocer, 6 Market street
Stubbs John T. & Sons, joiners, wheelwrights & blacksmiths, Dean's lane, 10 New street
Stubbs L. M. (Mrs.), deputy registrar of births & deaths for Pocklington sub-district. Aston villa, Union street
Stubbs Walter, registrar of births & deaths for Pocklington sub-district &. relieving & vaccination officer for the union & collector for the guardians, Aston villa, Union street
Suddaby Tom 8. manager Beckett & Co.'s Bank & insurance agent, 31 Market place
Summerson J. P. Alfred, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, & clerk to the Urban District Council & to the burial board, & agent for the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society & Standard Life Assurance Co. Railway street
Sweeney John, police superintendent, & inspector under the " Diseases of Animals Acts " for Wilton Beacon division, Great George street
Territorial Force, 5th Battalion, Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own, Yorkshire Regiment (C Co.) (attached to Beverley), Drill hall, Barmby road
Thirsk  &  Sons,  millers   (suction  gas,  steam  & water), -corn, cake & seed merchants & farmers, Flour mills, West  Green;     &    at    Nafferton;    Beverley;     York; Driffield & Bridlington.    See advertisement
Thomas Henry, cattle dealer, Eden place, Gt. George st
Thorpe George, insurance agent, 38 Great George street
Thurgood Thomas, artificial teeth maker,  6 Market pi
Tinson Fredk. Richardson, shopkeeper, 42 Gt. George st,.
Tinson William, builder, 28 Market street & Union st
Todd George, grocer, New pavement
Todd Richard C. toy dealer, Great George street
Tonge-Smith   Wiinckworth   M.D.,   C.M-T D.P.H.Aherd., M.R.C.S.Eng. physician & surgeon, Holmlea,George st
Trust Houses Ltd. The Feathers P.H. Market place
Turner Charles, tailor,  9 Market place Victoria Hall (John Whitehead, lessee), Chapmangate
Waite John, cabinet maker, 18 & 20 Regent street
Waite John Henry, joiner, 33 Chapmangate
Walsh Frances (Miss), farmer, Canal head
Walsh Susannah (Mrs.), Black Bull P.H. Market place
Watson David R. Three Horse Shoes P.H. Market street
Whitehead John, printer & publisher of the " Howdenshire   Chronicle   &    Pocklington    Weekly   News,"    51. Market place
Wilson John T. butcher, 7 New pavement
Wilson Joseph, joiner, 35 Chapmangate
Wilson William, carter, 31 Kirkland street
Witty Thomas, fried fish dealer, 22 New pavement
Wood Joseph, Old Red Lion P.H. Regent street
Wood Roland H. cycle dealer, 5 Regent street
Wright Watson, joiner, Chapmangate
Yorkshire Pearl Barley Mills Ltd. West Green
Yorkshire Penny Bank Limited (branch) (Thomas Scaife, actuary) ;  open sat. 3.45 to 4.45 p.m. New street