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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
1834 Pigots Directory
NB: This information is sourced from an actual directory.



POCKLINGTON is a small market-town and town­ship, in the parish of its name, and in the Wilton-Beacon divison of the wapentake of Harthill, East Riding, 195 miles from London, 26 n. w. from Hull 17 n.e. from Driffield. 13 e. from York, and seven n.w. from Market Weighton ; situate on a small stream falling into the river Derwent, and within a mile of a canal, communicating with that river; which furnishes the means of supplying the town and neighbourhood with coal, lime, manure and various merchandise, and of conveying to different places corn, flour, tim­ber and other articles. The inhabitants here ' are chiefly concerned in agriculture, from which, together with the market and fairs, they draw their principal subsistence.   The country around is tolerably fertile, flat in Ihe immediate vicinity of the town, but hilly at the distance of a few miles, affording pleasing scenery. Hubert Denison, Esq. of Kilnwick Percy (a handsome seat in this neighbourhood), is lord of the manor, and holds a court leet once a year. Pocklinelon is one of the stations, named in the new Boundary Act, for receiving votes at the election of members for the East Riding of the county.
The places of worship are, the parish church, and a chapel each for Independents, Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists, and Roman catholics. The church is a large plain building, dedicated to All Saints ; the living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Dean of York, and incumbency of the Rev. C. Hawkins : the resident curate is the Rev. Thomas Brown. Here is a free school, liberally endowed by a landed revenue : the patronage of the mastership is in St. John's college, Cambridge, and the Rev. Thomas Shield, B. D. is the present master ; the number of scholars is unlimited : there is besides a national school. The market, which is well supplied with corn and other marketable com­modities, is held on Saturday ; the fairs are the 7th of March, 7th May. 6th August, and 8th November, for cattle ; the day after the last named fair is a hiring for servants ; and there are races on the second of May annually. The entire parish contained, in 1821, 2,163 inhabitants, and in 1831, 2,265, of which last number 2,048 were returned for the township.

Bishop Wilton with Belthorpe, is a township, in the parish of Bishop Wilton, four miles north of Pocklington, and 14 from York. The church, a very ancient building, is dedicated to St. Edith : the bene­fice is a vicarage, in the patronage of Sir Tatton Sykes, Bart, of Sledmere; the Rev. Joseph Shooter is the incumbent. The parish contained, at the last census (taken in 1831) 831 inhabitants, and the township 622 of that number.

Hayton is a village and township, in the parish of its name, 4½ miles from Maiket-Weighton, and 2½ from Pocklington. The church is dedicated to St. Martin: the living is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of the Dean of York, and incumbency of the Rev. Charles Rees Graham. The parish contained, at the last census, 434 inhabitants, and the township 186 of that number.

POST OFFICE, Market-place, James Scaife, Post Master.—Letters from london and all parts of the South arrive every night at half-past nine, and are despatched evety night at half-past eight.—Letters from Market-Weighton, Beverley and Hull arrive every afternoon at a quarter past three and night at a quarter past seven, and are dispatched every morning at a quarter past eight and night at half-past eight.— Letters from York, Scarborough, Whitby and all parts (if the North and West arrive every morning at a quarter past nine and night at half-past nine, and are despatched every afternoon at a quarter past two and Evening at a quarter past six.—Letters for the North are despatched by the first York mail.


Alderson Rev.William, Everingham
Brown Rev.Thomas, Chapman gate
Burnell John, esq. Theresa lodge
Carr Rev. Charles, Burnby
Cantley Mrs. Elizbh. Bishop Wilton
Clark Mr. Thomas, Chapman gate
Cockburn Rev. G. Allerthorpe
Crain Mrs. Ann, Chapman gate
Denison  Robert, esq. (magistrate) Kilnwick Percy
Dewsberry Mrs. Mary, Union st
Elliott Mr. Samuel, Brass-castle hill
Fendal Rev. Henry, Nunburnholme
Graham Rev. Charles Rees, Hayton
Griesbach   Rev.   W.  R.   (vicar of FridayThorpe) White house
Harrison Jon. esq.  Chapman gate
Hudson William, esq.   Grimthorpe
Jessop Rev. —, Chapman gate
Johnson Mr. Ths. Great George's st
Linton Mr. Thos. Great George's st
Loftus Mr. Geo. Great George's st
Loftus Mr. John. Great George's st
Lonsdale; Rev. Wm. New pavement
Lythe Rev. Richard, Bishop Wilton
Maxwell William  C. esq. (magis­trate) Everingham hall
Metcalfe Mrs. —, Bishop Wilton
Muncaster the  Right Hon.  Lord, Warter priory
North John, esq. Myrtle grove
Richardson Captn. Chas. Painsthorpe
Shield   Rev. Thomas, B.  D.   West green
Shooter Rev. Jos. vicar of Bishop Wilton
Silburn Mrs. Swine market
Singleton John, esq. Givendale
Stables Mrs. Mary, Chapman gate
Swiney Wm. S. esq. Allerthorpe
Vavasour Sir Henry M. bart. Melbourne hall
Weddall Mrs. Ann, Union st
Wharton General (magistrate) Rose Moore lodge
Whitelock Rev. William S. Kirby Underdale
Wilkinson Mrs. Mary, Swine market
Wilson Thos Knowlton, Bank side
Wollams Mrs. Hannah, Smithey hill
Wood Sir Francis, bart. Garraby hall


Not otherwise described are Day Schools.
free grammar school, West Green—Rev. Thomas Shield, bd. Master
Hudson Charles, Market place
La Plain John, Chapman gate
national school, West Green— John  Banks,  master; Sarah Banks, mistress
Wrightson Ann (day & boardg) Yellow house


Holmes & Son, Chapman gate
Powell & Son, Regent st


Lowe John Nathan, Regent st
Scaife Thomas, Great George's st


Fife Thomas, Market place
Hagyard William, Chapman gate
Whitwell Ann, Market place


york union banking Co. Water­loo building.'—(draw on Wil­liams, Deacon & Co. London) — attendance on market & fair days


Easton John, Horse Shoes yard
Gowland George, Bishop Wilton
James William, Regent st
Jebson James, Bishop Wilton
Myers Emanuel, Great George's st
Richardson Thomas, Market place
Walker William, Hayton


Abbey Thomas, Market place
Easton John (& printer) Market pl


Brown Edward, Bishop Wilton
Donn Robert, Smithey hall
Duggleby William, Bishop Wilton
Glaizer Thomas. Hayton
Horsley John, Swine market
Larkin John, Waterloo buildings
Marshall Thomas, Market place
Martindale John, New pavement
Richardson Robert, Smithey hill
Rispin George, Regent st
Rispin John, Swine market
Thackrey James, Union st
Todd Robert, Chapman gate
Wright William, Market place


Barnby Richard, Marketplace
Graves Thomas, Market place


Collinson Elisha, New pavement
Stokes Mry(maltster) Chapmangte
Walker Hubert, Chapman gate


Grant Thomas, Swine market
Ireland John, Regent st
Richardson Robert, Chapman gate
Richardson William, Chapman gate
Richardson Wm. jun. Market place
Ward Stephen, Market place
Wilson Moses, Bishop Wilton


Armitage William, Chapman gate
Briggs Robert, Marketplace
Dales John, Great George's st
Harland Thomas, Chapman gate
Hodgson William, Market place
Sanderson Samuel, New pavement
Rhodes Thomas, Chapman gate
Staveley Thomas.  Brass-castle hill
Stilburn John, Bishop Wilton
Stilburn John, Swine market
Thomas John, Smithey hill
Thomas Robert, Union st
Todd George, Church lane
Todd John, Great George's st


Collinson David, Great George's st
Hall Richard (joiner) High st
Hardy David, Waterloo buildings
Harrison John (joiner) Chapman gte
Judson Robert, Regent st
Nicholson Thomas, Waterloo buildings
Robinson William, Market place
Ward John, Market place
Wilson Joseph (joiner) Hayton


Gray George, Waterloo buildings
Nichols William, Market place


Botterill William, Market place
Bulmer John, Marketplace
Curtis Richard, Market place


Ellis William, Canal head
Gray & Co. (& lime) Canal head
Hodgson Robert, Canal head
Peart James & Sons, Canal head


Nicholson Thos. Waterloo buildings
Stockton Robert, Marketplace
Tindall James, Marketplace


Blanshard Thomas, Smithey hill
Bradley Daniel, Chapman gate


Forster John, London street
Rumley William, Chapman gate

(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

Coverdil Ann, Market place
Duggleby William, Bishop Wilton
Hagyard John, Market place
Hagyard Robert, Market place
Powell William, Market place
Robson William, Market place
Scaife Charles, Market place
Wright Thomas, Swine market


Dale Christopher, Market place
Hodgson Henry, Market place
Rispin James, Market place


Barnby Richard, Market place
Jackson Robert, Market place
Wright Thomas, Swine market


Feathers Inn, Francis Fallowfield, Market place
Field's Arms, George Hall, Barmby Moor
New Inn, John Kirby, Garraby
Pockliogton  New  Inn,   Timothy Overend, New Inn


Abbey Thomas, Market place
Barnby Richard, Market place
Jackson Robert, Market place


Doun Richard, St. Helen's gate
English Richard, brass-castle hill
Hodge Thomas. Ousthorpe
Overend Timothy, Devonshire mill
Peart James & Suns  (& corn merchants) Pocklington, and at York
Pickering John, Yapham
Rowntree Thomas, Hayton
Scaife John, Clock mill


Hagyard Ann, Market place
Judson Mary, Regent st


Johnson Isaac, Chapman gate
Judson Robert, Cherry villa
Scaife Robert, Market place


Johnson John, Market place
Judson Robert, Cherry villa
Scaife Thos. jun. New pavement


Biass & Co. Market place
Johnson Francis, High st
Stocks Charles  High St.


Gilbertson Thomas, Market place
Linwood John, Market place


Bellerby William, Great George's st  
Brown Edward, Bishop Wilton
Butterfield John, Market place
Dales George, Smithy hill
Lawrence William. Chapman gate
Loftus John, Market place
Richardson William, jun. Market place
Rispin James, Market place
Siddell Mary, Market place
Slaters William, Swine market
Smith George, Market place
Stathers James, Union st
Wallis James, Swine market


Cook Mary, Swine market
Hudson Mary,  Marketplace
Rispin Mary, Swine maiket
Tindale Hannah, Marketplace        j


Bell John, Market place
Bell John, jun. Chapman gate
Clement Joseph, Chapman gate
Danson Edward, Chapman gate
Hornby Thomas, Church lane
Magginson Robert, Bishop Wilton
Seymour Francis,  Bishop Wilton
Watmough Isaac, M.D. Market place
Wilkin Thomas, Regent st


Bowes Jno.(& drapr) Waterloo bdgs
Craggs Thomas, Smithey hill
Cross William, Bishop Wilton
Duckworth James, Bishop Wilton
Martindale Thomas, New pavement
Pattinson Robert, Regent st
Shaw John,  Market place
Stubbs William, Market place
Ward Robert, Union st
Wright Thomas, Swine market.


Jackson John, Regent st
Jackson Matthew,   New pavement


Bay Horse, Thos. Richardson, Market pl
Black Bull, Wm. Johnson, Market place
Black Swan.Geo. Dickinson. Market place
Blacksmiths' Arms, Wm. Walker, Hayton
Board, Richard English. Brass-castle hill
Buck. Ralph Johnson, Market place
Canal Inn. David Cobb, Canal head
Cross Keys, Thomas Grant, Swine market
Cross Keys. James Jebson, Bishop Wilton
Earl Grey, Roger Taylor, Canal head
Fleece, Robert Seamour, Bishop Wilton
Old Red Lion. William James. Regent st
Plough, Joseph Wilson, Hayton
Red Lion, Thomas Scaife, New Pavement
Royal Oak. Jno. Thompson, Gt.George's st
Star, John Thompson, Market place
Three Horse Shoes,Ts.Wilson,Swine mkt
Tiger, Sarah Briggs, Chapman gate
Waterloo John Bowes, Waterloo buildings
White Swan,Wm.Hodskinson,West green


Fryer Maria, Waterloo buildings
Jefferson John, Market place
Milner Reuben, Regent st


Burdon John, Canal head
Holderness Francis, Bishop Wilton
Robinson Richard, Back lane
Scruton Christopher, Chapmangate
Stubbs Henry, Chapman gate
Stubbs Henry, jun. High st
Stubbs Richard, Chapmangate
Tennison John, Bishop Wilton
Winter William, Great George's st


Bowes John, Waterloo buildings
Skelton Jane, Union st


Anderson Ellis Ann, stay maker, Union st
Askam James, woolstapler, Canal head
Bagley George, chief constable for Wilton  Beacon, Chapman gate
Bowes Wm. commercial traveller, Brass Castle Hill
Cook Jas. clog & patten maker, Swine mkt
Daniel Wm. millwright, New pavement
Hall William, glover, Market place
Lascelles Geo. retailer of beer, London st
Rispin William currier, Union st
Robinson John, basket maker, Brass Castle Hill
Scaife James, stamp distributer, and agent to the Yorkshire fire office, Market place
Stathers Jas. perpetual overseer, Union st
Waird Wm. retailer of beer, London st
Walkington Geo. fishmonger, Market place


To HULL, the Trafalgar (from   York, calls at the Red Lion, every afternoon at four; goes through Market Weighton and Beverley.
To   YORK,  the  Trafalgar (from   Hull) calls at the Red Lion, every morn. at 10.


To BRIDL1NGTON.George Walkington, every Monday.
To FLAMBOROUGH, Bays and Pockley, from the Black Swan, every Saturday
To HULL, Robert Manners, every Monday and Thursday.
To MARKET WEIGHTON, Melior Gardam, from the Black Swan, and Robert
Holmes, from the Buck, every Wednesday and Saturday, and Daniel Bradley.
every Wednesday.
To YORK, John Thompson and Robert Manners, every Thurs. and Sat.—Mary Giles, every Wed. & Sat.—and Bays and Pockley, from the. BlackSwan,every Fri.

From Pocklington Canal Head

To HULL, Vessels every ten days.
To LEEDS and WAKEFIELD, Vessels every three or four days.
Mark Swann, agent, Lock house.