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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
The Star Inn
We know that the Star Inn was operating in 1733 as it was the intended destination for the infamous 'Flying Man' showman who tied a wire from the Church Tower to the Star Inn and intended to travel between the two, only to fall to his death..
This is a drawing by H.C. Morgan of an old painting by Malton artist Nicholson, from around 1820. The Star Inn is the thatched building.
Star Inn fire
The York Herald and General Advertiser - March 08, 1845
Pocklington Football team outside the Star Inn in 1888-89
Temperence Hotel
After 1910 and during the first world war, it became the
'Temperence Hotel'
Later Star
The Star Inn was later converted to shops
Landlords of the Star Inn
1910 Hull Daily Mail 22 Oct Compensation award for loss of licence. The Star inn Pocklington (alehouse), Owners: R. Cattle & Co. Brewer, Pocklington. Tenant: Arthur Moor
1910 Beverley Archives Loss of Licence 20 Sep 1910
1909 Kelly's Directory Wood Joseph, Star inn, Market place
1905 Kelly's Directory Towse Benjamin B. Star inn, Market place
1897 Kelly's Directory Kendall John, Star hill, Market place
1892 Bulmers Directory Star Inn, Market place; John Kendall
1889 Kelly's Directory Kendall John, Star inn, Market place
1884 Yorkshire Gazette 9 Jun 1884 Charles Frederick Appleby, Landlord of the Star inn was fined for permitting drunkenness on his premises. Also, in another case in 1881. He was declared a bankrupt Cooper of Market Place, Pocklington in 1888
1879 Post Office Directory Jackson John, Star inn, Market place
1878 Yorkshire Gazette 12 Oct 1878 John Jackson fined 10s for being drunk in charge of his own premises.
1854 Whites Directory Star Inn, J.Jackson Mkp
1855 William Watson Map John Jackson
1851 Census Elizabeth Thompson, Age 24, Innkeeper
1851 Yorkshire Gazette Ann youngest dau. of the late John Thompson married James Lamplough druggest & chemist of Kilham by Rev. FJ Gruggen at Pocklington Church
1844 Easton's Directory John Thompson, Star Inn.
Owner Wm. Richardson Greenwich
1840 White's Directory Star, John Thompson, Market place
1834 Piggot's Directory Star, John Thompson, Market place
1823 Baine's Directory Starr, Ann Walker, Market place
1791 Universal Directory Walker John, Innkeeper

If you wish to add to the story of the Star Inn, or correct any of the above information, then please contact me.