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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
Pocklington Dramatic Society
The earliest known Theatre performance in Pocklington was in 1793. There are hints of a dramatic, orchestral and performing society in Pocklington from at least the 1850's. When the Victoria Hall was opened in 1897, Pocklington had now a venue to hold bazaars, concerts, operas, dances and society dinners. It was later used as a dance hall and Cinema, then converted to an animal feed mill and was demolished in 1989.

By desire of Lady Winifred
Maxwell Constable
Theatre in Pocklington
Wednesday Evening September 18th 1793, will be performed
a Favorite Comedy called
She Stoops to Conquer
or the mistakes of the night
Marlow - Mr Parker
Hastings - Mr Wilmot
Hardcastle - Mr Kennedy
Diggery Master - Bailiol
Roger Master - Hillyard
Tony Lumpkin - Mr Hillyard
Mrs Hardcastle - Mrs Hillyard
Miss Nevill - Mrs Parker
Miss Hardcastle - Mrs Kennedy
A Comic Song by Mr Kennedy
To which will be added, a farce called
Gretna Green,
or, the Hymeneal Blacksmith
Captain Tipperary - Mr Parker
Captain Gorget - Mr Kennedy
Andrew Master - Mr Hillyard
Postuion Master - C. Hillyard
Rory (the Blacksmith) - Mr Hillyard
Lady Pedigree - Mrs Hillyard
Maria - Mrs Hillyard
Miss Plumb - Mrs Parker
Signora - Miss Hillyard
To begin at half past 7 o'clock Pit 2s. Gallery 1s.

From: British library Ref: 1878.d.19.(4)
Pocklington Times Clipping
A newspaper clipping from the early 1970's
about a concert held in the Victoria Hall in 1907
Pocklington Amateur Dramatic Society 1907
set design by Harry Lamb & F.N. Buckle
Bazaar 1906
Wesleyan Bazaar in Victoria Hall May 1906