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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
1831 William Whites Directory
NB: This information is sourced from an actual directory.


A brisk Market Town, in Harthill Wapentake and St Peter's Liberty, 25 miles N. W. of Hull, 7 miles N. W. of Market Weighton 17 miles W. S. W. of Driffield, and 13 miles E. by S. of York. The Market is held every Saturday, and Races on the 2nd of May. The Parish Church, dedicated to All Saints, is a plain humble fabric, in the patronage of the Dean of York. The Rev. William Charles Eyre is the Vicar. Here are three other places of worship, viz. an Independent Chapel built in 1807, a Wesleyan Chapel erected in 1813, and a Primitive Methodist Chapel built in 1820. The town enjoys the benefit of a Free Grammar School, which has lately been rebuilt, and has a revenue from lands of about £1,300 per annum. The Rev. Thomas Shield, B. D. is the Head Master. Robert Dennison, Esq. of Kilnwick Percy, erected here in 1819, at his own expense, a National School, which is now supported by subscription,for the education of about 140 scholars. The Canal, which commences at Street Bridge, about a mile from the town, and extends 9 miles to the river Derwent at East Cottingwith, was cut pursuant to an Act passed in 1814. A number of Vessels are employed on it in carrying corn, flour. &c. to Leeds, Wakefield, and other places; and in bringing coal, lime, and other merchandize for the use of the tow and neighbourhood.

POST OFFICE, New Pavement, Mr. Matthew Jackson, Postmaster.
A Postman is sent four times a day to meet the Mails at:ibe Cm\ head. The Hull, Beverley, and Weighton letters are despatched at 10 min. past 8 mg. Letters for York and the North, at 3 afternoon for York, Manchester, and Liverpool, at 15 min. past 6 evg; and for London, by Beverley and Hull, at 30 min. past 8 evg.

Contractions-Cgt. for Chapmangate, Gst. George street, Gl Gst. Great George street, Mkp. Market place, Npt. New Pavement, Sht. St. Helen's street, Swt. Swine Market, Pst. Prospect street, Ut. Union street, Wgn. West Green, Rgt. Regent street

Abel Mrs. Jane, Cgt.
Askham Jas. woolstapler, Cgt.
Bagley Geo. Esq. high constable for Wilton Beacon, Cgt.
Balderson Misses, Swine mkt.
Binnington Mrs. M. Gt. Geo. st.
Bland Mrs. M. Gt. Geo. street
Briggs John, horse and gig keeper, Cgt.
Brown Rev. T. curate, Cgt.
Burnell John, gent. Cgt.
Buttle Mr. Robert, Sht.
Byass Miss Hannah, Mkp.
Catton Mrs. Elizabeth, Npt.
Clark Mr. Robert, Chgt.
Clark Thomas, gent. Cgt.
Clarkson George, gent. Cgt.
Collinson Mrs. Elizabeth, Ngt.
Collinson Elisha, gent. Npt.
Curtis Rd. druggist, Mkp.
Dewberry Mrs. Mary, Ut.
Elliott Samuel, gent. Swt.
Green Mrs. Catherine, Cgt.
Harrison Jonathan, gent. Cgt.
Hopwood Wm. gent. G. Gst.
Hudson Mrs. Ann, Redhouse
Hudson John, currier, Ust.
Jackson M. tallow chandler, Npt.
Jessop Rev. Rd. (Ind.) Cgt.
Johnson Thomas, gent. G. Gst.
Laplain Lieut. John, Cgt.
Linton Thomas, gent. G. Gst.
Loftus John, gent. G. Gst.
Loftus Mr. Robert, Cgt.
Lonsdale Rev. William, Wgn.
Lowe John Nathan, auctioneer, Regent street
Lynch Miss Sarah, Union st.
Mallinson Rev. Mw. (Meth.) Chapman gate
Meek Rev. J. (Meth.) Cgt.
Nash Stephen, millwright and millstone mfr. G. Gst.
Newsome Daniel, letter carrier, Grape lane
Preist Thos. excise officer, Cgt.
Rawson Rev. John, (Meth.) Cgt.
Richardson Mrs. Ann, Mkp.
Richardson Mr. Thos. G. Gst.
Richardson Mr. Wm. New Pavement
Robinson John,,-basket maker, Regent street
Scaife Mr. Cbr. Swine market
Seamer Mr. William, Regent st.
Sellers T. horse breaker, Pst.
Silburn Mrs. Harriet, Swt.
Spicer Mrs. Jane, G. Gst.
Stables Mrs. Mary, Cgt.
Staveley Thomas, gent. Swt.
Stephenson Mrs. Ann, Swt.
Taylor Cooke, bone dust manufacturer, River head
Todd Mr. Henry, G. Gst.
Walker Lieut. John, Ust.
Weddill Mrs. Jane, Ust.
Weddill Thomas, gent. Cgt.
Wilkinson Mrs. Ruth, Swt.
Wilson Thomas Knowlton, tanner, Ust.
Witty John, jun. gent. Rgt.

Banks John, Wgn.
Cooper George, Wgn.
Hudson C. Vicar lane
Shield Rev. T. B. D. (gram.) West green
Wrightson Ann, Rgt.

Holmes Nathl, Cgt.
Powell J. & Son/Rgt.

Bakers & Flour Dlrs.
Hagyard William,Cgt.
Whitwell Ann, Mkp.

Easton John, Vicar Ln.
James William, Ppt.
Myers Eml. Gt. Gst
Richardson John,Rgt.
Stathers William, Ppt.

Abbey Thomas, Mkp.
Easton John, (printer) Market place
Jackson Robert,Mkp.

Braziers, &c.
Barnby Richard, Mkp.
Graves Thomas, Mkp,

Collinson Elisha,Npt.

Grant Thomas, Swt.
Ireland John, Rst.
Richardson R. Cgt.
Richardson Wm. Cgt.
Ward Stephen, Mkp.

Cooke Thomas, Npt.
Dales John, Gt. Gst.
Dean William, Rgt.
Dean William, Swt.
Harland Thomas, Cgt.
Randerson Saml. Npt.
Silburn John, Swt*
Thomas John, Swt.
Todd John, Ch. Lane

Hardy D. WIoo. Bdg.
Judson Wm. Cherry Villa
Nicholson Thos. Swt.
Robinson Wm. Mkp.
Ward John, Nplp

Coal Dealers.
Ellis Wm. (& lime) Riverhead
Gray Michael, do.
Hodgson Robert, do.
Mosedale John, Cgt.

Coopers &c.
Falkner Easton, Great George street
Nicholson Thos. Waterloo Buildings
Tindall James, Mkp.
Stockton Robert,Mk p.

Corn Millers.
Dunn Robert, Sht.
English Richard, Swt.
Overend Timothy
Pate James & Sons, Wgn.
Scaife J. Clock Mill

Botterill Wm. Mkp.
Buhner John, Mkp.

Beard Mary, Cgt.
Cook William, Wgn.
Freer John
Ibbotson Hugh, Rgt.
James William, Swt.
Loftus Geo. G. Gst.
Smith John, Redhs.
Walker John, G. Gst.

Foster John, Sht,
Murgatroyd J. Unt.
Rhodes Robert, Unt.
Rumley William, Cgt.

Glass, China, &c.Dlrs.
Gray George, Wbgs.
Nichols Wm, Mkp.

Marked * are Fellmongers.
* Blanchard G. Cgt.
* Blanchard Tt Swt.
Hall John, Mkp.
Hall William, Mkp.

Grocers & Drapers.
Catton John, Mkp.
Coverdil Ann, Mkp.
Hagyard John, Mkp.
James Margaret.Mkp.
Powell William, Mkp,
Wright Thomas, Swt.

Hair Dressers.
Dales Chpr. Mkp.
Hodgson Henry, Swt
Rispin James, Mkp.

Hat Mfr. & Dealer.
Jackson Robert,Mkp.

Inns and Taverns.
Bay Horse, William Leuty, Mkp.
Black Bull, William Johnson. Mkp.
Black Swan, Thomas Fountain, Mkp.
Buck, Ralph Johnson, Market place
Canal Inn, Benjamin Cobb, Riverhead
Cross Keys, Thomas Grant, Swrt.
Feathers, Frs. Fallowfield, Mkp.
Horse Shoes, Thomas Wilson, Swt.
New Inn, Wm. Overend
Red Lion, Thomas Scaife, Jun. Npt
RoyalOak, John Wallis, Great G. street
Star, John Thompson, Market place
Tiger, Thomas Jenningson, Cgt.
Wellington, Wm. Ellis, Riverhead
White Swan. G Cooper, Wgn

Ironmonger .
Abbey Thomas, Mkh
Barnby Richard,Mkn
Jackson Robert Mkn

Collinson D.Gt.G st
Hall Richard, pst.
Hardy William, Wgs
Harrison John, Cgt
Judson Robert, Rgt
Judson William
Robinson Rd. Pst.
Tindall Richard,Mkp.

Hudson Eliz Rst
Judson Mary, Rst.
Love Sarah, Vicar lane

Judson Rt, jun. Rst.
Judson Wm, Cherry Villa
Scaife Wm. Vicar lane

Plumbers & Glaziers.
Gash John, Swt.
Johnson John, Mkp.
Judson Robert, Jun.
Scaife Thomas (&auctioneer), Gt. Gst.

Rope Makers.
Gardam Mary, Unt.
Johnson Frs. Mkp.

Gilbertson T. Mkp.
Linwood John, Mkp.

Shopkeepers .
Bellerby William
Briggs Mary, Mkp.
Dales George
Harrison Rd. Mkp.
KeddySarah, Unt.
Loftus John (&parish clerk), Mkp
Marshall Alice, Mkp
Rispin James, Mkp.
Skelton Mary, Swt.
Smith Daniel, Npt.
Smith George, (flour) Market Place
Stadders, James, Cgt.
Stathers, Wm. Swt.
Thompson, W. Mkp.
Yokes William, Cgt.
Wallis James, Swt.

Marshall Thos. Mkp.
Martindale John, Npt.
Pexton George, Npt.
Richardson Robt. Swt.
Rispin John, Rgt.
Thackray Jas. Gt.Gst.
Todd Robert, Cgt.
Wright William, Mkp.

Spirit Merchants.
Bowes John, Wbgs.
English Richard, Swt.
Skelton Robert, Unt.
Stocks Charles (and seedsman,) Mkp.

Stone Masons.
Doughty John, Great George Street
Richardson w. Rst.

Straw Hat Makers.
Cook Mary, Swt.
Rispin Mary, Swt.
Tindall Hannah, Mkp.

Bell John, Mkp.
Bell Richard, Cgt.
Danson Edward, Cgt.
Marshall Wm. Mkp.

Mrkd. * are W. Drprs.
*Bowes John, Wbgs.
Butler Thomas, Cgt.
Patterson Robt. Mkp.
*Scaife Jas. (&stamp distributor,) Mkp.
Shaw John, Wgn.
Snell John, Mkp.
Stubbs William, Mkp.
Wallis James, Swt.
Ward Robert, Unt.
*Wright Thomas, Swt.

Veterinary Surgeons.
Catton T. Gt.Geo. st.
Heseltine A. Ch. Lane

Fryer John, Wdgs.
Milner Reuben, Rst.
Newlove George, Npt.

Stubbs Henry, Cgt.
Stubbs Henry, jn. Pst.
Stubbs Richard, Cgt.
Winter W. Gt.Gst.

The Rockingham calls at the Red Lion, on its way to York, at 9 mg. and to Hull 3aft.
The Trafalgar & Mail Coaches pass the Riverhead and New Inn daily, to York, Hull. &c.

Bishop Wilton, Star Inn, John Shields, Wed. & St. Arr. 2, dep. 5.

Cottingham, Bay Horse, John Hotham, Sat. Arr. 1, dep. 4, afternoon

Hull, Robert Manners, Great George Street, Mon. & Thurs. Dep. 7 evg. Arr. Wed. And Sat. 5 morning.

Seaton, Bay Horse, J. Stathers, Sat. Arr. 1. Dep. 4 aft.

York, Robert Manners and John Thompson, of Great George street. Thu. & Sat, dep. 5 mg. arr. 9 evg.