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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
1840 William Whites Directory
NB: This information is sourced from an actual directory.

POCKLINGTON is an improving market town, pleasantly seated in the vale of a rivulet, near the western foot of the Wolds, surrounded by a champaign tract of rich loamy land, and distant 13 miles E. of York, 7 miles N.W. of Market Weighton, 26 miles N.W. of Hull, and 195 miles N. by W. of London. • Its market, held every Saturday, is well supplied with corn and provisions; and it has four annual cattle fairsi held March 7th, May 6th, Aug. 5th, and Nov. 8th. A hiring, for servants is held Nov. 9th. Its canal, which terminates at Street Bridge, nearly a mile south of the town, is nine miles in length, extend­ing south west, parallel, and partly in the channel of the rivulet, to the river Derwent, near East Cottingwith, and was cut under the powers of an act passed in 1814. It has nine locks, and since its completion, the town has greatly improved, and considerable business is now done in bringing coal, lime, manure, and merchandize, and in taking away corn, flour, and other agricultural produce to Leeds, Wakefield, and other places. The canal dues yield about £1700 per annum. The township of Pocklingtoncontains 2520 acres of land, and has increased its population, since the year 1801, from 1502 to 2048 souls. Robert Denison, Esq., owns a great part of the soil, and is lord of the manor, which is partly in the liberty of St. Peter, and includes Clayfield, Tofl-houses, Woodhouse, Northfield, and some other farms, extending about two miles from the town. The Parish of Pocklington includes also Meltonby, Ousthorpe, and Yapham townships ; and the town is the head of a large Union, under the New Poor Law,* and one of the polling places of the East Riding. In the Confessor's time, Pockling­ton was the estate of Morcar, Earl of Northumberland ; but the Con­queror gave it to the Earl of Albemarle and Holderness. In the 28th of Edward I., it was held by Henry Lord Percy, who obtained a char­ter for a market every Saturday, at his manor of Pocklington, and two fairs, on the eve and feast of All Saints and St. Margaret.

* Pocklington union comprises the following 48 parishes and townships, viz. :—> Allerthorpe, Barmby Moor, Bielby, Bishop Wilton, Bolton, Bugthorpe, Burnby, High and Low Cation, North and South Cliffe, East Cottingwith, Everingham, Fangfoss, Fri-daythorpe, Full Button, Great Givendale, Goodmanham, Harswell, Hayton, Huggate, Kilnwick Percy, Kirby Underdale, Londesborough, Market Weighton, Melbourne, Mel-tonby, MilHngton, Newton on Derwent, Nun-Buinholme, Ousthorpe, Pocklington, Sancton, Scrayingham, Seaton Ross, Shipton, Skirpenbeck, East Stamford Bridge, Stor-wood, Sutton upon Derwent, Thixendale, Thornton, Thorpe, Waplington, Warter, Wilbeifoss, Yapham, and Youlthorpe. It is divided into the three Registration district called Market Weighton, East Stamford Bridge, and Pocklington. Mr. Henry Powell, of the latter town, is clerk to the board of guardians, and superintendent registrar.

His son, Henry, in the 18th of Edward II., obtained a charter for two more fairs, to be held yearly. The Rev. Humphrey Sydenham, who died in 1650, was so eloquent a preacher, that he was commonly called " Silver-tongued Sydenham," and was so firm an adherent to Charles 1., that the democratical puritans ejected him from the vicarage of Pocklington, at the commencement of the Commonwealth. Dr. John Pocklington, (a prebendary of Peterborough, during the civil wars,) is supposed to have descended from a family who took their name from this town. He was chaplain to Charles I., and rendered himself so obnoxious to the puritans, by his two books, entitled " Altare Christianum" and "Sun­day no Sabbath" that the Long Parliament deprived him of all his preferments, and ordered his two books to be burnt by the common hang­man, at London, and the two Universities. In 1763, four human ske­letons were dug up in a gravel-pit, in Barnsley field, near this town; three were without coffins, but the fourth was enclosed in a coffin, with an urn at the head, on the outside of which were engraved several an­cient characters. In the neighbourhood of Pocklington are several tumuli, in which Roman and Saxon antiquities have been found. When the Rev, John Wesley was here, he was told that, in a field, in the deep ' valley near Millington, a subterraneous house, of many apartments, had been discovered by a Mr. H., who, after exploring it, filled up the en­trance, and would not suffer it to be re-opened,
Pocklington Church(All Saints) is a large Gothic edifice, consisting of a nave and aisles, transepts (the north having an east aisle,) a chan­cel, and a handsome well-proportioned tower at the west end, rising to a considerable altitude, and surmounted by battlements and eight crock-etted pinnacles. The windows have pointed arches, and some of them are large, and embellished with trefoil and cinquefoil heads, and neat tracery. The south transept appears to have been modernized early in the 17th century. The nave is divided from the aisles by three pointed arches, resting on circular columns, some with plain and the others with grotesque capitals. The chancel appears to be the oldest part of the fabric, and has some ancient stalls, and several monuments to the Dolman and other families. On the three pedestals of an elegant mural monument, recently erected to the memory of Robert Denison, Esq., who died in 1829, and his lady, who died in 1837, are placed, in glazed compartments, three exquisite pieces of oak carved work, representing the bearing of the cross, the crucifixion, and the descent. An ancient stone, on which the crucifixion is sculptured, was found when digging a grave, in the churchyard, in 1835, and is now placed on a pedestal, on the north side of the nave. It is inscribed, " Pray for the soul of John Sutherby." On the outside, at the east end of the church, is a slab in­scribed to the memory of Thomas Petting, of Burton Strather, com­monly called the flying-man, who was killed in his attempt to descend by a rope from the top of the tower, in 1733. The living is a vicarage, valued in K.B. at £10. Is. 10d., and now at £112, being augmented with £700 of Q.A.B., from 1757 to 1822; with £500 given by the Hon. and Rev. Henry Finch and his lady, in 1717, and with £200, given by Mrs. H. Griffiths, in 1822. A new vicarage-house was purchased, and the old one sold, about four years ago. The Dean of York is patron and appropriator; and the Rev. Geo. Alex. Cockburn, M.A., incum­bent. The Church Land, awarded at the enclosure in 1759, consists  23A. 2n. 4p., let for £42 a year, which is applied in repairs, &c. toge­ther with =£8. 15s. per annum, arising from two cottages, a house, and three roods of land, given by an unknown donor. Here are four other places of worship, viz.,—a Catholic Chapel; an Independent Chapel, with a house for the minister, and an endowment of .£10 a year; a Wesleyan Chapel, built in 1813 ; and a Primitive Methodist Chapel, erected in 1820. A Temperance Hall, and. an Odd Fellows' Hall, were erected here in 1839. The Gas Works here were constructed in 1834, at the cost of £1600, raised in £10 shares.
The free grammar school of Pocklington is richly endowed, and arose from the munificence of John Dolman, or Dowman, LL.D,, Archdeacon of Suffolk, who died in 1526, and in the 6th of Henry VIII. obtained a license to found, in the parish church, a fraternity, or " Guild, of the name of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and St. Ni­cholas the Bishop," for a master, two guardians, and a number of bre­thren and sisters. Leave was also given to the founder to grant lands, &c. of the yearly value of 20 marks, to the said Guild, for the purpose of supporting a learned man to teach grammar to all scholars resorting to Pockliugton for such instruction. In the 17th of Henry VIII., the said Dr. Dolman conveyed certain lands in Yorkshire and Derbyshire, to the master and fellows of St. John's College, Cambridge, on condi­tion of their maintaining, in that college, five scholars, to be nominated by the above-named Guild ;—those of his name and kindred, and the scholars of the school which he had founded, to have the preference. After the dissolution of the Guild, in the 1st of Edward VI., the school was re-constituted in the 6th of that reign, as a Free Grammar School, under the patronage of St. John's College, who appoint the master. The latter and the churchwardens nominate the usher, and, with the vicar of Pocklington, have the right of filling up vacancies in the five scholarships at the said college. The school property produced in 1828, £1020, and now about £800 per annum, and consists of land and buildings at Pocklington, Duggleby, Barmby, Wetwang, Lutton, Acklam, and York, partly received in 1824, from Col. Fullerton, in ex­change for two farms of 188A., at Thribergh. The school has also £1. 16s. 8d. yearly, from land at Wetwang, left by the Rev. Thomas Mountforth. The old school and master's house were taken down in 1818, and rebuilt on a more commodious plan, by the Rev. Thomas Shield, B.D., the present master, who was inducted in 1807, when the school income was only about £100 per annum, and when he com­menced a series of suits in Chancery, which terminated in 1820, and by which he succeeded in setting aside the long leases and small rents, tinder which all the school estates had previously been held. It is not distinctly provided, in the school-deeds, in what proportions it was ori­ginally intended the master and usher should share in the school reve­nues ; but before 1807, it was usual for the former to receive two-thirds, and the latter one-third of the income. In consequence of the present master having alone incurred a considerable expense in recovering the possessions of the school, from the lessees, and thus increasing its yearly income from £100 to £800, it has been agreed that he shall allow the usher £200 per annum, and retain the rest for himself. By the spirited and praiseworthy exertions of Mr. Shield, during an expensive litigation of thirteen years, the school has been raised to the rank of one of the most liberally endowed scholastic institutions in the kingdom. It is free for classical learning to all the boys of Pocklington and the neighbour­hood, on the payment of an entrance-fee of five shillings. The founder was of the ancient family of Dolman, or Dowman, who, at an early pe­riod, were lords of Lastingham; and their present representative is Jno. Dolman, Esq., of York, where one of his ancestors was abbot of St. Mary's. Pocklington has also a National School, erected in 1819, by B. Denison, Esq., and now affording instruction to about 80 boys and 60 girls. There are in the town several friendly societies, and religious and charitable institutions, and a branch of the York Savings' Bank.
meltonby, a hamlet and township, at the foot, of the Wolds, 2½ miles N. of Pocklington, has only 60 inhabitants and 710 acres of land. It maintains its poor with Yapham, and belongs to several freeholders ; and the farmers are, Jas. Cobb, Thos. Cross (Hall}, J. Cumberland, Ralph Green, Win. Nolton, and Wm. W right. (See Yapham.)
ousthorpe, 2 miles N. by E. of Pocklington, is a township, with only 20 inhabitants, and 329A. 3a. 27p. of land, all the property of Bertram Mitford Osbaldeston, Esq. It has some traces of a large moated mansion; and the principal residents are, Thomas Hodge, corn miller ; and John Kilby, farmer.
yapham is a small village and township, 2 miles N.N.W. of Pock­lington, containing 137 souls and 1020 acres of land, belonging to vari­ous owners, who are mostly lessees of the tithes, under the Dean of York. The Chapelry of Yapham-cum-Meltonby maintains its poor as one township, and has here a neat Chapel, which was rebuilt in 1777 and '8, and is a perpetual curacy, which was, till lately, united with. Pocklington vicarage, but is now in the incumbency of the Rev. W. H. Etty, B.A. The Dean of York is patron. The Chapel Lands, with several cottages, are let for .£78. 16s. 6d. per annum, and were partly given, at an early period, by John Beal and other donors ; but the chief part was awarded at the enclosure, in 1733, though 71 acres, so al­lotted, is of little value, being in the low common, and covered chiefly with whins and turf. Part of the rents are employed in repairing the chapel, so that a rate for that purpose is never required, and the surplus income is partly distributed amongst the poor, and partly paid to a schoolmaster, for the instruction of twelve or fourteen poor children, in a school-room built on the trust-land, about twenty years ago. The poor of the chapelry have 3s. 4d. yearly, from Wood's charity. Directory : Wm. Baines, blacksmith ; Jas. Barnett, wheelwright; Michl. Horsley, corn miller; John Hudson, schoolmaster (h. Meltonby ;) Geo. Martin-dale, tailor; Thomas Thrusk, shoemaker ; and Mattw. Danby, Thomas Kirkby, John Maynard, John Pickering, (Smilet hall,) Roger Whipp, (Rowland kill,) and Peter Thorpe, farmers.

Npt. New Pavement; Nst. New street: Pvt. Pavement; Rst. Regent street; Shl. Smithy hill; SJct. Swine martiet; Ust. Union street; Wbs. Waterloo buildings} and Wgn. West green.


post office, Market place.—Mr. James Scaife, Post master.
A postman is sent three times a day to meet the mails at the Canal Head, and returns 9 morning, 20 min. past 4 afternoon, and 20 min. past 6 evng. The contractions for the names of streets, &c. are—Chd. for Canal
head;  Cgt. Chapmangale; Cln. Church lane; Egn. East green;  Gst.
Great George street, (formerly Hungate ;) Mkp. for Market place ;
Npt. New Pavement; Nst. New street: Pvt. Pavement; Rst. Regent street; Shl. Smithy hill; Skt. Swine martiet; Ust. Union street; Wbs. Waterloo buildings} and Wgn. West green.

Allen Rev.Rd.Meth.Npt
AskhamJas.woolstapler,Great George street
Bagley Geo. gent, chief constable, Cgt
Bartliff Geo. gent. Ust
Bland Mrs Margt. Gst
Cheesewright Rev. Jph. (Meth.) Cgt
Clark Thos. gent. Cgt
Cockburn Rev. George
Alex. vicar
Collinsou Elijah, gent
Cook Jas. clogger, Skt
Coverdil John, draper;
h Market place
Daniel Wm.millwght Rst
Dewsberry Mrs R. Ust
Duggleby Mr Wm.Rst
Elliott Mrs Jane, Skt
Gaskell Jno.bankr.Mkp
Hammell Ptr. gent. Rst
Hargitt Chas. gent. Rst
Harrison Jonth.Esq.Cgt
Hesp Chs. horsedlr. Gst
Hopwood Fdk. and Wm.gent. West green
Hudson Mrs Ann, Gst
Hutton Rev. Jph.Meth. Chapmangate
Jackson Mrs Eliz. Npt
James Abm. dyer, Rst
James Mrs Eliz. Ust
Judson Edw.builder.Cgt
Judson Wm. archt.Egn
Johnson Ths. gent. Gst
Layton Wm. gent. Gst
Lee David, relieving of­ficer, West green
Lingwood Mr G. Gst
Linton MrMathew Skt
Loftus Geo. gent. Gst
Loftus Mrs. gentwn.Gst
Martindale-William con­stable, New pavement
Marfitt Mrs Ann. Ust
MetcalfeRev.Wm.B.A.. Chapmangate
Morgantroy Mrs A. Ust
Mosey Mr Wm. Rst
Newby Mr Geo. Pvmt
Newsom Saml.postn.Gst
Overend Mrs Eliz'. Gst
Powell Wm. gent. Cgt
Rawson John, gent.Cgt
Richardson MrsAnn Gst
Rispin Mrs Sarah, Rst
Robinson John, basket-maker, Market place
Scaife Mr Thomas, Gst
Swann Mark, agt. Canal
Thomas Mr John, Shl
Tindale Miss Sarah,Mkp
Todd Mr Hy.Todd's bdgs
WaplesWm. hawkr.Rst
Weddall Mrs Jane,Ust
Wilkinson Mrs Ruth, Skt
Wollams Mrs Hanh.Shl


Bellerby William, Gst
Ezard Sarah,Swine mkt

Grammar, Rev.Thomas Shield, B.D. and Mr Robert Shield, Wgn
Jackson Thomas, Cln
Middleton Misses, Gst
Sheridan Michl. Npt
Walton Charles, Cgt


Bell Rd. Boulby, Cgt
Cook Wm. jun. Wgn
Holmes Nathaniel.Cgt
Powell Hy.(clk. toBoard of Guardians, & sup. registrar) Regent st
Powell Jas. & Son, Rst


Lowe John Nelson, Rst
Scaife Thomas, jun.Npt

Bakers, &c.

Fife Thos. New pavemt
Hagyard William, Skt
Whitwell Ann, Mkpl

BANKS (Branch.)

York Union, Marketpl; John Bulmer, agent
Yorkshire Agricultural & •Commerl. Mkp;  Mr.
John Gaskell, managr
Savings' Bank, Mktpl; openSat ;Thos.Scaife, jun. Secretary

EastonWm. Church In.
James Wm. Regent st
Myers Emanuel, Gst
Richardson Thomas

Booksellers, &c.

Abbey Thomas, Mkp
Easton John, Marketpl
Forth John, Marketpl

Boot & Shoemakers.

Harrison Robert, Mkp
Horsley John, Skt
Marshall Richard, Mkp
Martindale John, Skt
Nokes Joseph,Regent st
Pexton George, New st
Rispin John, Swinemkt
Rispin John, Chapgt
Thackray James, Ust
Todd Wm. Chapmangt
Walker Geo. Regent st
Watt Richd. Swinegt
Wright Wm. Marketpl

Braziers, &c.

Barnby Richd. Marktpl
Graves Thomas, Mktpl

Brewers and Maltsters.

CobbDavid,Canal head
Collinson Elisha, Pvt
Stables Mary (maltster only) Cgt
Thompson John, Mkp
Walket Rt. (and porter merchant) Chapgt


Grant Thos. Swinemkt
Ibbotson Geo. Grape In,
Ibbotson Robert, Mkpl
Ireland John, West gn
Richardson Robert, Cgt
Richardson Wm. Cgt
Tinson John, Gst
Ward Stephen, Mktpl


Armitage Wm. Cln
Beal Richd. Market pl
Briggs Robert, New st Cook
Thomas, Newpvt
Harland Thomas. Cgt
HodgsonWm. Mktpl
Randerson Samuel, Npt
Rhodes Thomas, Cgt
Silburn John, Swine mkl
Staveley Thomas, Skt
Thomas John, ChapgS
Thomas Robert, Skt
Todd George, Market pl
Todd John, Church ln;
  h Great George st
Todd Robert, Market pl

Cabinetmkrs, & Joiners.

Beal Thomas, Swinemkt
Hagyard Thos. Mktpl
Judson Robert, Regnt.st
Nicholson Thomas, Skt

Chemists and Druggists

Askham Wm. Mktpl
Botterill Wm. Marktpl
Bulmer John (and porter merchant) Mkt pl
Curtis Richd. Marketpl

Clothes Brokers.

Briggs Mary, Church In
Jackson   Robert, Mktpl
Siddall Mary, Marketpl

Coal Merchants.

Coward Godfrey, Chd
Hodgson Rt. Canal hd
Peart James & Joseph, Canal and West green
Weddall Chas. Canal hd


Nicholson Thomas, Skt
Stockdale Robert, Mkp

Corn Merchants.

Coward Godfrey, Chd
Peart Jas. & Jph. Wgn
Walker Rt. Chapmangt

Corn Millers.

Blanchard Anthy. Chd
Donn Richard, Union st
English Rt. Swinemkt
Peart Jas. & Jph. Wgn
Scaife Hanh. Union st

Curriers, &c.

Hudson John, Union st
Rispin Wm. Union st


Beal James, Clay field
Beard My. Chapmangt
Buttle Robt. Regent st
Cook Wm, West green
Houghton Thos. Toft hs
Loftus Wm. Gt. Geo. st
Moor John, Grange
Sanderson John, Toft hs
Scruton Geo.Chapmangt
Silburn Wm. North field
Smith John, Gt. Geo. st
Walker Jn. Gt. Geo. st

Fire and Life Offices.

York & North of England; Jn. Bulmer, Mkp
Yorkshire; Jas. Scaife, Market place

Gardeners, &c.

Foster John, Union st
Proudlock James, Mkp
Rhodes Robert,Union st

Glass, China, &c. Dlrs.
Nicholls, Wm. Mkp
Stathers Wm. Wbs

Glovers, &c.

* are fellmongers.

*Blanchard Hanh. Cgt
*Blanchard Thos. Cgt
Hall Wm. Market pi

Grocers and Drapers.

Coverdil Ann, Mkt. pl
Hagyard John, Mkt. pl
Hagyard Robt. Mkt. pl
Powell Wm. jun. Mkp
Robson Wm. Mkt. pi
Templeman Mtw. Mkp
Wright Thos. Swinemkt

Hair Dressers.

Dales Chpr, Market pl
Hodgson Mary, Mkt. pl
Rispin James, Mkt. pl


Barnby Rd. Market pl
Jackson Rt. Market pl
Wright Ths. Swine mkt


Bay Horse, Thomas Richardson, Market pl
Black Bull, Wm. Johnson, Market place
Black Swan,   George Dickenson, Market pl
Board, Rd. English, Skt
Buck, Ralph Johnson, Market place
Canal Inn, David Cobb, Canal head
Cross Keys,   Thomas Grant, Swine market
Feathers  Inn,  Francis Fallowfield, Market pl
Horse Shoes, Mary Wilson, Swine market
Merry Legs Inn, Geo. Carter, East green
New Inn, Geo. Timothy Overend, Weighton rd
Red Lion (Old,) Wm. James, Regent street
Red Lion (New,) Thos. Scaife, jun. New Pavt x2
Royal   Oak,    Matthew Turner, Great Geo. st
Star, John  Thompson, Market place
Tiger, Thos. Fugell, Cgt
Union Inn, Henry Binnington, Union street
Waterloo  Hotel,   John Askwith, Wtrloo. bldgs
Wellington, William Ward, Canal head.


Smith Jph. Swine mkt
Taylor Roger, Canal hd
Wigfield Ths. Union st


Abbey Thos. Market pi
Barnby Rd. Market pi
Jackson Rt. Market pi


See also Cabinet mkrs.

Hall Richard, New st
Harrison John, Cgt
Hodgkinson Edw. Cgt
Judson Robt. Regent st
Robinson Jn. Deans ln
Tindall James (machine maker) Market place
Tindall Rd. Chapmangt

LinenDprs. (see grocrs)

Milliners, &c.

Anderson E. A. Cgt
Hudson Ann, Regent st
Hudson Mary, Mkt. pi
Judson Mary, Regent st
Richardson Ann, Rst
Rispin My. Swine mkt
Rispin Sophia, Regnt.st
Stubbs Ann, Swine mkt
Todd Mary, Church In


Judson Jane, East grn
Scaife Robt. Swine mkt


Watmough Isaac, Rst
Wilson Thos. Mkt. pl

Plumbers & Glaziers.

Johnson John, Mkp
Judson Jane, East grn
Scaife Thos. jun. Npt

Rope Makers.

Johnson Fras. New st
Stocks Chas. Market pl
Wilkinson Jn. Union st


Askham Robert, Npt
Easton Wm. Market pi
Linwood John, Mkp
Spink Geo. Swinemarkt


Brittou Tall, Chapmngt
Burden John, East grn
Dales Cphr. Market pl
Dales Geo. Smithy hill
Johnson George, Cgt
Lawrence Wm. Cgt
Loftus John (and parish clerk,) Market place
NichollsWm. Market pl
Rispin Jas. Market pl
Rispin John, Market pl
Smith Daniel, Pavemt
Smith Geo. Pavement
Stathers John, Skt
Stephenson Wm. Cln
Thompson Mathw. Mkp
Thompson Wm. Mkt.pl
Tindall James, Mkt. pl
Walkington Geo. (and fishmonger) Market pl
Wilkinson Hannah, Gst

Stone Mason.

Richardson Susanh. Rst

Straw Hat Makers.

Bellerby Hannah, Pvt
Cook Mary, Swinemkt
Easton A. & M. Mkt.pl
Laverack Tamer, Gst
Rispin Mary, Swinemkt


Clement John Wilkinson, Chapmangate
Danson   Edward,   (and registrar,) Chapmangt
Hornby Thomas, Cln

Tailors, &c.

Cook Wm. Gt. Geo. st
Craggs Thos. Smithy hl
Hodgkinson Jas. Mkp
Kelsey John, Mkt. pl
Shaw John, New Pvt
Shaw John, jun. Rst
Stubbs Wm. Market pl
Wright Thos. Swinemkt

Tallow Chandler.

Jackson John, Regnt.st


Hudson John, Union st

Timber Merchants.

Beal Thos. Swinemkt
Judson Robt. Regent st
Massey Wm. and John Cook (and bone) Chd

Watch and clock Mkrs.

Fryer Maria, Whs
Milner Reuben, Rst


Burdon John, East grn
Stubbs Henry, New st
Stubbs Rd. Chapmangt
Winter Hy. Gt. Geo. st

Wine and Spirit Msrts.

Askwith John, Wbs
Binnington Henry, Ust
English Richard, Brass Castle Island, Skt


To York, at ½ past 10 mg. and to Hull ½ past 3 afternoon.
Mails, &c. pass the New Inn & Canal head to York, Hull, &c. daily.


To Bridlington & Driffield (Cross Keys) Dd.
Smith,   Sat. ; (Black Swan) Pockley and Beilby,  Sat. 3 mng. ;
and Geo. Walkington, Market place, Mondy.
Bishop Wilton (Horse Shoes) Ralph Kirby and Jas. Reynard, Sat,

Everingham (Buck) G. Jackson, Saturday.
Fridaythorpe    (Cross Keys) J. Patrick, Sat.
Huggate (Horse Shoes) John Ward and Thos. Horsley, Saturday.
Hull, Rt. Manners, Gt. George street, Mon. & Thu. evg. ; and  Newcombe's waggon, Mon, and Thu. from William Wright's, Market pl
Leeds, George Johnson, Cgt. Monday fortnight
Mkt. Weighion (Buck)
Robert Holmes, Wednesday and Saturday.
Melbourne (Star) Thos, Beckett, (and Cross Keys) Jas. Thompson Saturday.
Millington(Cross Keys) S. Lawson, Saturday.
Seaton Ross (BayHorse) John Stather, (& Black Bull) Wm. Voase, Sat.
Warter (Cross   Keys) John Botterill, Sat.
York    (Black    Swan) Pockley   and Beilby, Friday, 3 mng; John Thompson, Gt. George street ; Geo. Johnson,, Chapmangate ; Robert Manners, Gt. Geo. sr. Thu. & Sat. mng; and John Stead (fly waggon) Wed.& Sat. 6 mg.