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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
The Union Inn, The Oddfellows Arms
The Union Inn in Union Street was renamed the Oddfellows Arms sometime after 1840. The Oddfellows Arms took it's name from the Oddfellows Hall built in 1839, for meetings and could hold up to 400 people. It was the old court house prior to the court house being built in George Street in the late 1890's. The Literary and Philosophical Society held their meetings there.
Pocklington Union Street 1844 Map
William Watson's 1844 map showing the
Odd Fellows Arms next to the Odd Fellows Hall
Pocklington Oddfellows Arms
The Oddfellows in Union Street in the 1920's
Pocklington Oddfellows Arms 1950s
The Oddfellows Arms in the 1950's
Pocklington Oddfellows Hall
Oddfellows Hall in June 2009 now a carpet shop
Oddfellows Hall 1839
The hall was built in 1839
Oddfellows Arms
The Oddfellows Arms in June 2009
Mrs Dewsbury
The Hull Packet, February 14, 1840
Mrs Dewsbury Union Street
The Hull Packet, January 14, 1842
Joseph Lundy Pocklington
Joseph Lundy was landlord in the 1840s and 1850s
Photograph taken by the owner of the bottles Sean Ward
Landlords of the Oddfellows Arms
1937 Kelly's Directory Bowman Harold, Oddfellows' Arms P.H. 14 Union st
1933 Kelly's Directory Bowman Harold, Oddfellows' Arms P.H. Union st
1929 Kelly's Directory Finch Joseph Noble, Oddfellows' Arms P H.Union st
1921 Kelly's Directory Jarvis Ellen M. (Mrs.),Odd Fellows' Arms P.H. Union st.
1913 Kelly's Directory Jarvis Ellen M. (Mrs.) Odd Fellows' Arms P.H. Union st
1909 Kelly's Directory Jarvis Ellen M. (Mrs.), butcher, & Odd Fellows' Arms. P.H. Union street
1905 Kelly's Directory Jarvis John, butcher & Odd Fellows' Arms P.H. Union st
1897 Kelly's Directory Jarvis John, Odd Fellows' Arms P.H. Union street & butcher, Market street
1892 Bulmers Directory Oddfellows' Arms, Union st; John Jarvis
1889 Kelly's Directory Jarvis John, Odd Fellows' Arms p.h. Union street
1879 Post Office Directory Rennard James, Odd Fellows' Arms
1861 Census Joseph Lundy, Age 54, Inn Keeper & Brewer, born Malton, with Wife Mary age 56 b. Pocklington
1858 William Whites Odd Fellow' Arms, J. Lundy, Ust
1851 Census Joseph Lundy, Age 45, Innkeeper
1844 Easton's Directory Odd Fellow' Arms Inn, Joseph Lundy.
(Owner: Mrs Dewsberry)
1841 Census Joseph Lundy, Age 35, Innkeeper
1840 White's Directory Union Inn, Henry Binnington, Union street
1834 Piggot's Directory  
1823 Baine's Directory  

If you wish to add to the story of the Odd Fellows Arms, or correct any of the above information, then please contact me.