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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
1889 Kelly's Directory
NB: This information is sourced from an actual directory.



Pocklington is a parish, market and union town, head of a county court district and station on the York and Market Weighton branch of the North Eastern railway, 195 miles from London, i6| by rail east from York, 16¼ north-west from Market Weighton, 27 north-west from Hull, 27 south­west from Bridlington, and 32 south-west from Scar­borough, in the Howdenshire division of the Riding, Wilton Beacon division of the waperitake of Harthill, Wilton Beacon petty sessional division, rural deanery of Pockling­ton, archdeaconry of the East Riding and diocese of York.

The town is lighted with gas, from new works constructed in 1886 ; these works, situated near the West Green, were built at a cost of £8,000, and are the property of the Pock­lington New Gas Co. Limited ; a considerable stream rises near Millington and Great Givendale, and in its course through the parish works several mills and empties itself into the River Derwent.

The church of All Saints is a cruciform building of stone, in the Early English and Perpendicular styles, consisting of chancel, with two north chapels, clerestoried nave, aisles, transepts and a lofty embattled western tower, with pinna­cles, containing a clock and 5 bells : the stained east window was erected by Admiral the Hon. Arthur Duncombe, of Kilnwick Percy; there is also a memorial window to the Loftus family, presented by Mrs. Loftus : this church under­went a restoration about 1850, when it was re-pewed : the chancel, which is the most ancient portion of the edifice, has several finely carved stalls : the font is a square basin on a circular pedestal: there are several memorials to the Dol­man and other families, including an elegant mural monu­ment to Thomas Dolman esq. ob. 1589 ; another to Robert Southbee, or Sotherby, ob. 1594 ; and a third to Robert Denison esq. d. 1829, and his wife, d. 1837 : at the west end of the church is a beautifully carved cross, c. 1350, discovered in the churchyard: in the chancel is a large monument of the Denison family, formerly lords of the manor, over which is a carving in oak of " the Crucifixion," supposed to have been executed by Albert Dürer or one of his pupils : there are 600 sittings. The register dates from the year 1559. The living was constituted a vicarage in 1252, and endowed with the small tithes of the parish, tithe rent-charge £52, net income £266, including 25 acres of glebe with residence, in the gilt of the Archbishop of York, and held since 1876 by the Rev. John Henry Wicksteed m.a. of Worcester Col­lege, Oxford.

The Catholic church, dedicated to St. Mary and St. Joseph, in Union street, opened m 1863, was built from the designs of Messrs. Hadfield of Sheffield, and consists of nave with eastern apse ; it has three stained windows and sittings for 120 persons; attached to the church is a residence for the priest, the Rev. P. O'Brien.

There is a Congregational chapel, with an endowment of £10 yearly, and Wesleyan and Primitve Methodist chapels.
The Cemetery,  situated near the West Green, and opened in 1857, contains 2A. or. 19p. and has two small chapels, one for the Church of England and the other for Catholics and Dissenters; it is under the control of a Burial Board of 9 members.

The Free Grammar school of Pocklington was originally connected with a guild in the parish church, called " the Society of Brethren of the Name of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin and St. Nicholas of Pocklington," the seal of which, together with deeds and documents belonging to the school, is still preserved. The guild was founded by John Dolman ll.d. archdeacon of Suffolk (one of a family who were for centuries lords of the manor of Pocklington), in the seventh year of Henry VIII. (1515-16); and when subsequently, in the reign of that monarch, all such guilds were destroyed, the property originally left to the guild was preserved by the exertions of the founder's family for the benefit of the school: the Master and Fellows of St. John's College, Cam­bridge, under the arrangement then made, appointed the master of the school, who, in turn with the churchwardens, appointed the usher ; and the master and usher formed a corporation, called the " Corporation of Master and Usher of the Free Grammar School of Pocklington." The revenues of the school arise mainly from land situated in various parts of the East Riding, and amount to about £1,000 a year; in addition to this, the founder of the school left property, situated in the East Riding and in Derbyshire to the Master and Fellows of St. John's College, for the purpose of maintaining five scholars in that college; these scholarships have now, under the authority of the University Commis­sioners, been commuted for four exhibitions of £40 a year each at the same college, tenable for three years. The Rev. T. Shield b.d. who became head master in 1807, succeeded in considerably augmenting the income of the school, now about £1,200 a year, and in 1818, commenced the rebuilding of the school and master's house, eventually completed in 1848 by the Rev. F. J. Gruggen m.a. In 1875 the Endowed Schools Commissioners completely re-organized the manage­ment of the schools and removed the patronage from St. John's College to a local governing body of 12 members, of which Admiral the Hon. A. Duncombe is chairman. Under the management of the late master, the Rev. Charles Gil-mour Wilkinson m.a. of Pembroke College, Cambridge, the school considerably increased in numbers, and additional buildings were added. The Rev. Herbert London m.a. of St. John's College, Cambridge, is the present head master.

The Odd Fellows' Hall, in Union street, built in 1839, is let for public meetings and lectures, and will hold 250 per­sons.

The Wilson Memorial Hospital was built in 1880 in memory of the late Thomas Wilson m.d. of Pocklington, and contains six beds.

The local trade includes brewing, malting, rope and twine making and brick making; there are agricultural implement manufactories, and in the neighbourhood several corn mills. The market is held every Saturday, and is well supplied with provisions. There are four fairs held here annually for cattle—on the 7th of March, 6th of May, 5th of August and the 8th of November ; on the gth of November is a statute fair for hiring servants.

About 1 mile south-west of the town is the Pocklington canal, the property of the North Eastern Railway Company : the canal, made under the provisions of an Act passed in 1814, is about 9 mites in length and extends to East Cottingwith, where it forms a communication with the river Derwent.

Admiral the Hon. Arthur Duncombe d.l., J.P. of Kilnwick Percy, is lord of the manor and lay rector and principal landowner, and holds a court leet, baron and copyhold court, annually.

Pocklington parish comprises the townships of yapham-with-meltonby and ousthorpe. The township of Pock­lington contains 2,520 acres ; rateable value, £10,739 the population in 1881 was 2,733, including 88 officers and inmates in the workhouse.

Ousthorpe is a township of Pocklington, situated 1½ miles north-by-east from that place. There are traces here of a large moated mansion. The great tithe, amounting to £71, belongs to the Dean of York. The land is the property of Admiral the Hon. Arthur Duncombe. The area is 330 acres ; rateable value, £585 ; the population in 1881 was 12.

Yapham. and Meltonboy are two hamlets and town­ships, about 1 mile apart, and constitute a chapelry in Pocklington parish ; the former is 2 miles north-north-west, and the latter 2 north-by-west, from Pocklington. The chapel is a plain building, consisting of chancel and nave and a western turret containing 2 bells: it was repaired in 1777-8 and has 100 sittings. The register dates from the year 1559. The living is a chapelry united to the vicarage of Pocldington. The great tithe, amounting to £365, belongs to the Dean of York. The rents of the chapel lands al­lotted at the inclosure in 1733, are expended, by an ar­rangement of the Commissioners of Charities, one fourth being applied to the repairs of the chapel, one fourth to the poor, and one half to the school; the present feoffees have, by care and attention, much increased the charity. The land belongs to various owners: 3s. 4d. yearly is paid out of the Kilnwick Percy estate to this township and 39 other parishes receive various sums annually, in all amounting to called the Woods dole; 4s. yearly is also received out of a farm at Yapham, left by H. Barlow esq. The soil is good loam, gravel and sand ; subsoil, clay and gravel. The chief crops are wheat, barley, oats, beans and turnips. The township is well supplied with water from the Wold hills. The joint acreage of Yapham with Meltonby is 1,818; rateable value, £2,882 ; the population in 1881 was 235. Parish Clerk, Simon Fountain.

Letters received through Pocklington by foot post arrive at ii a.m. There is no Letter Box. The postman takes the letters at about 3 p.m
Parochial School (mixed), erected in 1875, for 45 children; average attendance, 20; Mrs. Mary Fountain, mistress

Official Establishments, Local Institutions, &c.

post, M. O. & T. O., S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office,
Dean's lane.—John Ashby,  postmaster.    Letters arrive
from York at 7.13 a.m.; dispatched at  10.40 a.m. 6.17
. & 8.20 p.m.   letter Box is cleared at 10.20 a.m. 6.10
p.m. & 8.10 p.m

county magistrates for the wilton beacon petty sessional division.

Calverley-Rudston Trevor Wheler esq. d.l. Allerthorpe hall, Pocklington, chairman
Duncombe Admiral The Hon. Arthur, Kilnwick Percy hall, Pocklington
Bardwell Thomas Newman Frederick esq. d.l. Bolton hall, Wilberfoss, York
Christie Hugh esq. Melbourne hall, near Pocklington
Darley Albert esq. Burtonfield house, East Stamford Bridge, York
Carley Wm. esq. Burtonfield ho. East Stamford Bridge, York
Duncombe Col.Chas.Wilmer,Kilnwick Percy hall,Pocklington
Duncombe Arthur esq. m.p. South cliff, Scarboro'
Duncombe George A. esq. Beverley
Morris Rev. Francis Orpen b.a. Rectory, Nunburnholme, Hayton, York
Wilson Chas. Hy. esq. m.p., d.l. Warter priory, Pocklington
Clerk to the Magistrates, Thos. Robson, Waterloo buildings
Petty Sessions are held at the Magistrates' room, Great George street, the first Saturday in every month at 11 a.m
The following places are included in the Petty Sessional Di­vision :—Allerthorpe,Barmby-on-the-Moor, Bielby.Bishop Wilton, Belthorpe, Bolton, Buckthorpe, Burnby, High & Low Catton, Fangfoss, Full Sutton, Garrowby, Great & Little Givendale, Grimthorpe, Hayton, Huggate, Kilnwick-Percy, Kirby-Underdale, Melbourne, Millington, Newton-upon-Derwent, Nunburnholme, Ousthorpe, Pocklington, Skirpenbeck, Stamford Bridge East, Storwood, Sutton-upon-Derwent, Thixendale, Thornton, Wapling-ton, Warter, Wilberfoss, Yapham-cum-Meltonby, Youlthorpe
insurance agents :—
Imperial Fire, J. Bulmer, Market place
London Assurance Corporation, J. T.Sargent esq. Regcnt st
Norwich Union Fire, A. Summerson, Railway street
Phoenix Fire, A. Wordsworth, Market place
Standard Life, Bulmer & Son
Sun Fire & Life, T. Robson, Waterloo buildings
Yorkshire Fire & Life, J. C. Lee, Great George street & S. Snowden, York Union Bank


Board day, every alternate Saturday, at the Board room, at 2 p.m.

Pocklington union comprises the following places :—Allerthorpe, Barmby-on-the-Moor, Bielby, Bishop Wiltcn with ' Belthorpe, Bolton, Bngthorpe, Burnby, East Cotting-worth, East Stamford Bridge, Everingham, Fangfoss, Fridaythorpe, Full Sutton, Goodmanham, Great Givendale with Grimthorpe, Harswell, Hayton, High Catton, Huggate, Kilnwick Percy, Kirby-Underdale with Gar­rowby, Londesborough with Easthorpe, Low Catton, Market Weighton & Arras, Melbourne, Millington with Little Givendale, Newton-upon-Derwent, North Cliff, Nunburnbolme, Ousthorpe, Pocklington, Sancton with Houghton, Scrayingham, Seaton Ross, Shipton, Skirpen­beck, South Cliff, Storwood, Sutton-upon-Derwent, Thix­endale, Thornton, Thorpe-le-Street, Walpington, Warter, Wilberfoss, Yapham-cum-Meltonby, Youlthorpe-cum-Gowthorpe; the population in 1881 was 15,461 ; rateable ralue, £130,373
Clerk to the Guardians & Assessment Committee, Thomas Robson, Waterloo buildings, Pocklington
Treasurer, Saml. Snowden, York Union Bank, Pocklington

Relieving & Vaccination Officer & Prosecutor for the Union, Mark Fowler, Chapmangate, Pocklington

Collectors of Poor's Rates, James McLaren, West green, Pocklington & H. F. Dodsworth, Market Weighton

Medical Officers & Public Vaccinators, Bishop Wilton dis­trict, Frederick Wright, Derwent house, Stamford Bridge; Market Weighton, No. 1 district, Thomas Jewison Jeffer­son m.d. Market Weighton ; No. 2 district, Alfred Jackson L.n.c.T.Edin. Ashfield, Market Weighton ; Pocklington No. 2 district, Alex. Ferrier Angus Fairweather m.a., m.d., c,m. West green, Pocklington; No. 1 district, Walter Octavius Trotter L.B.c.p.Edin. Oak house, Pock­lington ; Sutton-on-Derwent district, William Trend Hamlyn Von Beverhoudt L.R.C.P.Edin. Elvington hall, Elvington

Superintendent Registrar, Jonathan Chapman Lee, Great George street, Pocklington; deputy, George Edward Bar­low, Market place, Pocklington
Registrars of Births & Deaths, East Stamford Bridge sub-district, Robert Martin Butcher, Fangfoss, York; deputy, John Wm. Richardson, Fangfoss, York ; Market Weighton sub-district, James F.   Roantree,   High  street,  Market Weighton ; deputy, John Everingham, Market Weighton; Pocklington  sub-district,  Mark  Fowler,   Chapmahgate,   Pocklington ;  deputy, James Edwin Ross, New street, Pocklington
Registrar of Marriages, John Ashby, Post office, Pockling­ton ; deputy, Wm. Albt. Capelin, Post Office, Pocklington 
The Union Workhouse is situated on the road leading to Burnby : it is a brick building, & was erected in 1852, the  land costing £360 ; the building cost £1,608 & will hold 113 inmates ; Edward Wormald Mann, master ; Rev. John Henry Wicksteed m.a. chaplain ; Alexander Ferrier Angus Fairweather m.a., m.d., c,m. medical officer; Mrs. Grace Mann, matron                                                                         j rural sanitary authority.
Clerk, Thomas Robson, Waterloo place, Pocklington
Treasurer, Samuel Snowden, York Union Bank, Pocklington
Medical Officers of Health, Pocklington division, Alexander Ferrier Angus Fairweather m.a., m.d., c,m. West green, Pocklington ; Market Weighton division, Alfred Jackson L.K.c.p.Edin. Market Weighton
Inspector of Nuisances, J. R. Greenshaw, Warter
school attendance committee.
Clerk, Thomas Robson, Waterloo buildings, Pocklington
S. A. C. Officer & Inquiry Officer, Mark Fowler, Chapmangate, Pocklington
public establishments :—
County Court, office, Railway street; office hours, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. except on Wednesdays, when it is closed at 1 p.m. ; His Honor Francis Alfred Bedwell, judge; John Thomas Sargent, registrar; George Hagyard, Richsid Massey English, Robert Cundall & Jn. Ashby (high bailiff), certified bailiffs under the Law of Distress Amendment Act, 1888. Court held every alternate month in the Magistrates' room, Great George street, & its jurisdic­tion extends to Allerthorpe, Barmby-on-the-Moor, Bielby, Bishop Wilton, Bolton, Buckthorpe, Burnby, High & Low Catton, North & South Cliffe, East Cottingwith, Evering­ham, Fangfoss, Fridaythorpe, Full Sutton, Great Given-dale, Goodmanham, Harswell, Hayton, Huggate, Kill-wick-Percy, Kirby-Underdale, Londesborough, Market Weighton, Melbourne, Millington, Newton-upon-Derwent, Nunburnholme, Ousthorpe, Pocklington, Sancton, Scrayingham, Seaton-Ross, Shipton, Skirpenbeck, Stamford Bridge, East Storwood, Sutton-upon-Derwent, Thixendale, Thornton, Thorpe, Waplington, Warter, Wilberfoss, Yapham, & Youlthorpe
County Police Office, Great George street, John Farrah, superintendent, & one sergeant
Cemetery, West green, John Thomas Sargent, clerk to the Burial Board, Railway street
Inland Reveuue Office, Market place, Robert Edwd. Triffitt
Odd Fellows' Hall, Union street
East Yorkshire Regiment (2nd Volunteer Battalion) (F Co.), Major   Thomas   Holtby,   commandant;    Robert Fairweather, 2nd Lieut. ;  Rev. John Henry Wicksteed, M.A. acting chaplain ; A. F. A. Fairweather m.d. acting sur­geon : George Edward Benfield, sergeant instructor
Wilson Memorial Hospital, Alex. Ferrier Angus Fairweatber m.a., m.d., c.m. & Walter Octavius Trotter L.R.c.F.Bdia. medical officers ; Mrs. Jane Harrison, matron
public officers :—
Clerk to the Magistrates of the Holme Beacon Division, Thomas Robson, Waterloo buildings Clerk to the Lighting Inspectors, John Thomas Sargent, Railway street
Inspector of Weights & Measures, John Farrah, Police office, Great George street
Inland Revenue Officer, Robert Edward Triffitt, Market pl
Stamp Distributor, John Ashby, Dean's lane
Tax Collector, Jonathan Chapman Lee, Market place
Deputy Steward of the Manor of Millington with Little Givendale, John Thomas Sargent, Regent street
Steward of the Manors of Pocklington,Barmby-on-the-Moor & Allerthorpe with Waplington, Thomas Robson, Waterloo buildings
places of worship, with times of Services :—
All Saints' Church, Rev. John Henry Wicksteed m.a. vicar ; Kev. William Haig Griffith b.a. curate ; 10.30 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; wed. 7.30 p.m
SS. Mary & Joseph Catholic, Rev. Patrick O'Brien, priest; 10 a.m. & 6 p.m. ; daily, 8.30 a.m
Congregational, Rev. Alex. Fames, minister; 10.30 a.m. &6 p.m.; thurs. 7 p.m
Primitive Methodist, Rev. William Hayton & Rev. George Frederick Wallis, ministers ; 2 & 6 p.m. ; thurs. 7 p.m
Wesleyan, Rev. Robert Burdon, Rev. Charles Holman & Rev. Robert Dixon, ministers ; 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m. ; tues. 7 p.m
schools :—
Free Grammar, West green; head master, Rev. Herbert London m.a
National (mixed & infants), New street, erected, with house for the master, in 1854, at a cost of upwards of £1,400, including the site : of this sum the Committee of Council on Education contributed £631, & the National Society £60; the site was presented by the Ecclesiastical Com­missioners (lately holders of land in the parish), & Admiral the Hon. Arthur Duncombe, their lessee: the school will hold 160 boys & girls & 100 infants ; average
attendance, 155 boys & girls & 70 infants; James Edwin
Ross, master ; Miss Emily Mary Tilson, infants' mistress Catholic (mixed), erected in 1877, for 80 children; average
attendance, 50 ; Miss M. Holaham, mistress Wesleyan (National)  (mixed),  Chapmangate,  erected  in 1852, for 200 children ; average attendance, 127 ; William Lamb, master
Newspaper,   "The  Pocklington   Weekly   News," George Stancer, publisher ; published sat
Railway Station, West green, John N. Bowman, master carriers to :—
bishop wilton—Cullan & Harrison, from ' Three Horse Shoes,' sat. ; John Richardson, from Feathers hotel, sat
everingham—Richard Nicholson, from 'Buck,' sat
full suttox—Johnson, from Waterloo hotel, sat
huggate—Brown & Dawson, from ' Odd Fellows Arms,' sat. ;   Sissons,  from   ' Black Swan,' sat. ;  Smith, from
' Three Horse Shoes,' sat
kirby underdale—William Mitchell, from ' Three Horse Shoes,' wed
melbourne—Thomas Kidd, from ' New Red Lion,' sat.; B. Simpson, from ' Old Red Lion,' sat
millington—George Johnson, from ' Black Swan,' sat.; Thompson, ' Three Horse Shoes,' sat
nunburnholme—Brown, from ' Black Bull,' sat.; Freer, from ' Odd Fellows' Arms,' sat. ; Robert Yates & Harrison,
Feathers hotel, sat
seaton ross—Chapman, from ' Black Bull,' sat
thornton—Wm. Hesselwood, from ' New Red Lion,' sat
warter—William  Slater,   from   Waterloo    hotel,  sat. ; Holmes, from ' Black Bull,' sat. ; William Johnson, from
' Black Swan,' sat
york—Wm. Hatfield, from his house in Union street, sat

Pocklington – Private Residents

Askham Miss, 6 York ter. Gt. George st
Askham Mrs. Kirkland street
Barlow Mrs. Chapmangate
Baylis Mrs. Avenue houses
Beal Miss, Market street
Beal Mrs.Thomas.The Terrace,Union st
Benfield George Edward (sergeant in­structor of volunteers),4York terrace, Great George street
Boulton Mrs. New street
Brown Mrs. Great George street
Burdon Rev. Robert [Wesleyan]
Caris Miss, Chapmangate
Cattle James, West green
Coverdale John, Wilberforce house
Critchley Mrs. The Elms
Curtis Mrs. Sherbutt house
Dixon Rev.Robt.[Wesleyan],Prospect pi
Edwards Mrs. The Grove
English Richard Massey, Percy road
Fairweather Alexander Ferrier Angus, m.a., m.d. West green
Fairweather Robert m.a. West green
Farries   Rev. Alexander [Congrega-' tional], Chapmangate
Foster William, Union street
Fourby John, The Grove
Fowler Mrs. New street
Fowler Thomas, Percy road
Gilyeard James William, Gt. George st
Goodyear Misses, Chapmangate
Grant Thomas, The Terrace, Union st
Gray Charles, Prospect place
Green Miss, 8 York ter. Great George st
Griffith Rev. William Haig b.a. [curate of All Saints]
Hatfield Mrs. Market street
Hayton Rev. William [Primitive Meth­odist], Union street
Holman Rev. Charles [Wesleyan]
Holmes Mrs. Kirkland street
Horsley Miss, Market street
Howbrigg Miss, New street
Jackson Mrs. Regent street
Kelsey Mrs. Great George street
Lane Edward A. b.a. Grammar school
Lazenby Mrs. Chapmangate
London Rev. Herbert M. a. Grammar schl
O'Brien Rev.Patrick [Catholic],Union st
Patterson Mary (Mrs.), Union street
Pocklington Mrs. River head
Powell Mrs. Regent street
Powell William, The Elms
Price Geo. Herbert b.a. Grammar school
Proctor Christopher, Great George st
Richardson John, Myrtle grove
Richardson Mrs. New street
Richardson Mrs. Robert, Chapmangate
Richardson Mrs. Thomas,Chapmangate
Robson Thomas, Pembroke lodge
Robson William, Percy road
Robson William, Prospect house
Rowley Mrs. 7 York ter. Gt. George st
Sanderson Robert, Percy road
Sargent John Thomas, Avenue houses
Seller Mrs. Market place
Singleton Mrs. Teresa cottage
Singleton Richard, West Green villa
Sleigh John, Percy road
Smith Mrs. Percy road
Smith William
Smithson Francis, Dolman house
Smithson William, Brass Castle hill
Snowden Samuel, Bank ho. Market pi
Stephenson Mrs. Chapmangate
Stephenson Mrs. Railway street
Summerson Alfred, Union street
Summerson    Dawson,   The    Terrace, Union street
Thomas Miss, Chapmangate
Thomas Mrs. Red house
Thompson John, The Grove
Tinson Mrs. Chapmangate
Todd Mrs. Union street
TriffittRobert Edward, Marketplace
Trotter Walter Octavius l.r.c.p.Edin.Oak house, Market place
Troy William Morgan, Brass Castle hill
Wallis Rev. George Frederick [Prim­itive Methodist], Union street
White Thomas,5 York ter.Gt.George st
Wicksteed Rev. John Hy m.a. Vicarage
Wright Miss, The Groves
Young Thomas, jun. Chapmangate


Abbey Henry, ironmonger, Market street
Adamson Thomas, shopkeeper, Chapmangate
Ashby John, ale & porter  merchant,  high bailiff to the county court & registrar of marriages, & postmaster
Atkin Peter, bricklayer, Union street
Barlow Geo. Edwd. chemist & deputy supt. reg. Market place
Bateson George, boot repairer, Halls yard, Chapmangate
Beal Richard, butcher & farmer, Peter square
Bear George, shoe maker, Bridge street
Beaumont George, Old Red Lion p.h. Regent street
Beckett & Co. York & East Riding Bank (branch) (Robert Cundall, manager), Market street; draw on Glyn, Mills & Co. London
Bentley John Edward, fellmonger, Peter square
Berriman Anthony, cattle dealer & farmer, London street
Botham Mary (Mrs.), dress maker, Union street
Boulton Isaac, saddler & harness maker, Market place
Boyden John Augustus Charles, chemist, druggist, wine & spirit merchant; horse, cattle & patent medicines, sheep dips, chemicals &c. &c. ; mineral waters in siphons; sole agent for the Encore Scotch whiskey, Market place
Brabiner William, greengrocer, Union street
Bradley Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, London street
Browne Thomas, grocer, & agent for W. & A. Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants, Market place
Bulmer & Son, chemists, druggists, wine & spirit & ale & porter merchants, sole agents for the Lochinvar Highland whiskey ; all goods at London store prices, Market place
Buttle Charles, butcher & shopkeeper, Union street
Cains Henry, miller (steam & water), Devonshire mill
Canal Co. (John Wilkinson, inspector)
Cattle & Co. brewers, Chapmangate
Cemetery (Jn.Thos.Sargent, clerk to burial board), West gra
Conyers John & Son, gun makers, Market street
Cook John Henry, Buck inn, Market place
Cook William, baker & flour dealer, Regent street
Cooper James, cattle dealer, River head
Coulson Hall, butcher, Union street
Coultas James, blacksmith, Regent street
Cundall Robert & Co. chemists, grocers, mineral water manufacturers, wine, spirit & beer merchants & manu­facturers of bone manures, Market street
Cundall Robert, auctioneer & valuer
Cundall Robert (Mrs.), Waterloo commercial hotel
Cundell Thomas, farmer, Toft house
Davey Eliza (Mrs.), dress maker, Regent street
Dixon John, farmer, Brunswick house Dunn Elizabeth (Mrs.), dress maker, Kirkland street
Dunning William, Three Horse Shoes p.h
East Yorkshire Regiment, 2nd Volunteer Battalion (F Com­pany)   (Major  Thomas  Holtby,   commandant;   George
EdM'ard Benfield, sergt.-instructor)
Easton James, blacksmith, Church lane
Easton John, saddle. & harness maker, Market place
English Jane (Mrs.), -wine & spirit mercht. Brass Castle hill
English Richard Massey, auctioneer & merchant, Percy road
Everingham John Thomas, tailor, Railway street
Fairweather Alexander Ferrier Angus m.a., m.d., c.m. phy­sician, medical officer & public vaccinator No. 1 district,
West green
Farrah John, superintendent of police & chief inspector of weights & measures, Police office, Great George street
Faucett Thomas, seed & corn merchant, Union street
Feathers commercial & family hotel & posting house (Arthur Withers House, proprietor), Market place
Fielder John, joiner, Dean's lane
Forth William & Charles, printers, bookbinders, booksellers, stationers, music sellers, news agents, & athletic & fancy
goods depot, Market place
Foster John Allen, shoe maker, Market place
Foster David Helm, agricultural implement manufacturer, Great George street
Foster Mary Ann (Mrs.), hatter, Market place
Foster William, tailor, Market place
Fowler Mark, registrar of births, deaths & marriages for Pocklington district &  relieving  officer  for the union,
Fowler Thomas, draper, Market place
Free Grammar School (Rev. Herbert London m.a.  head master), West green
Gibson Henry Clarke, tinman & brush dealer, Regent st
Gibson George, farmer, Northfields
Giles Henry & Son, confectioners & general dealers, Railway street & Great George street
Gilson Thomas, watch maker & jeweller, Market place
Gilson Thomas, jun. sewing machine agent, Market place
Gilson William, watch maker, 3 York ter. Great George st
Glaisby John, Cross Keys p.h. Market street
Glasby William, cowkeeper, Chapmangate
Gordon John (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Church lane
Gordon Thomas, Royal Oak inn, & butcher, Gt. George st
Grant Thomas,   builder,   Station yard;    cabinet   maker, Waterloo buildings ; timber merchant & dealer in all kinds
of building materials & china & glass warehouse, Union st '
Gray Richard, saddler &c. Market place
Gray William, tailor, Railway street
Hagyard George, auctioneer &c. Prospect place
Hagyard John Thomas, grocer & draper, Market place
Hagyard Thomas, cabinet maker, Market place
Hagyard Jane (Mrs.), confectioner, Market place
Hanks & Co. brick makers, Burnby lane
Hatfield James, shopkeeper, New pavement
Hatfield William, carrier, Union street
Higlett Jn. Wm. shoe maker & confectioner, Market place
Holmes James, carting agent for the N. E. R. Co. Union st
Horsley Mary (Mrs.), dress maker, Union street
Hotham Edwin, shoe maker, Market place
House Arthur Withers, Feathers commercial & family hotel & posting house, Market place
Hudson Thos. Craven, hair dresser & tobacconist, Market pi
Ilee Wm. butcher, Market place, & farmer, Woodhouse farm
Inland Revenue Office (Robert Edwd. Triffitt), Market pi
Irons William, chimney sweeper, Chapmangate
Jackson John, farmer, The Grange
Jameson William, tailor & grocer, Market street
Jarvis John, Odd Fellows' Arms p.h. Union street
Johnson John, shoe rnaker, Market street
Johnson Francis, Black Swan p.h. rope, twine & net maker, Market place
Johnson Jane (Mrs.), Railway tavern, Railway street
Judson Robert & John, grocers & drapers, Market place
Judson William Henry, cabinet maker, Market street
Kendall John, Star inn, Market place
Kendall Henry, joiner & cabinet maker, Union street
Kent Charlton, tailor, Market street
Laister Jsph. & Son, rope & twine mas. Market pl.& New st
Lamb John & Son, painters & paperhangers, Railway street
Lamb James, painter, Market street
Lee Jonathan Chapman, grocer, hatter, & china warehouse, Market place, & superintendent registrar, Great George st
Lister George, cab proprietor, Great George street
Lister John, cab proprietor, Chapmangate
Lister Richard, bricklayer, Union street
Lister Robert, hair dresser, Tute hill
Lockwood Benjamin, chimney sweeper, London street
Lundy Joseph, watch maker, Railway street
Lumb John, shoe maker, Chapmangate
McLaren James, assistant overseer, West green
Magee John, fishmonger, Market place & Church lane
Manners William Robert, saddler, New pavement
Moon Emery Cornelius, auctioneer, Percy road
Moor Henry, Wellington Oak p.h. River head
Moor Joseph, blacksmith & implement maker, Dean's lane
Morgantroy Edward, boot & shoe repairer, Church lane
Morrill James, coal agent, Station yard
Morson Frederick, shopkeeper, Great George street
Myers Samuel, tool handle maker, London street
Nelson John George, shoe maker, Market place
Nicholls Charles, boarding &; commercial academy
Nicholson John, farmer, Carr farm
Noble George, plumber, Market street
Ogram Harrison, bricklayer, Great George street
Oldfield James, joiner &c. St. John's ter. Great George st
Padgett & Read, seedsmen &c. Great George street
Patterson Mrs. & the Misses, private school, Dewsbury house
Pears George, shoe maker, River head
Pocklington New Gas Company Limited (Henry Kirk, sec.);
office, Regent street; works, West green
Pocklington Weekly   News   (George   Stancer,  publisher),
published every Saturday
Pocklington Mrs. private school, Chapmangate
Powell & Sargent, solicitors, Railway street
Procter Christopher, grocer, Market place
Read Jane (Mrs.), provision dealer, Market place
Read Thomas, market gardener, Great George street
Rhodes James, butcher, New pavement
Rhodes Richard (Mrs.), gardener & seedsman, New street
Richardson John, bone mills & manure works, River head
Richardson John, shoe maker, Union street
Richardson John (Mrs.), stone mason, New street
Ridsdill William, coal dealer & shopkeeper, Market street
Robson John, coach builder, Union street
Robson Thomas, solicitor, & commissioner for oaths & per­petual commissioner, clerk to the guardians of the Pock­lington union, clerk to the rural sanitary authority, assess­ment committee & school attendance committee, clerk to the magistrates of the Wilton Beacon & Holme Beacon divisions, steward of the manor of Pocklington, of Barmby-upon-the-Moor & Allerthorpe-with-Waplington, & agent for the Sun Fire & Life office, Waterloo buildings
Robson William Jackson, grocer & draper, Market place
Russell Richard, wood turner, Great George street
Russell Thomas Henry, draper, Market place
Sargent John Thomas (firm, Powell & Sargent), solicitor, & commissioner of oaths & perpetual commissioner, registrar '     of county court, clerk & registrar of burial board, & clerk to the lighting inspectors, Railway street
Scaife Francis, house painter & paperhanger, Waterloo pl
Scaife George, brewer & maltster, New pavement
Scaife Ralph Johnson, auctioneer, Chapmangate
Scales John, fellmonger, Bridge street
Scott James, farmer, Clayfield
Sellers Thomas, wheelwright, London street
Shaw William (Mrs.), shopkeeper, New street
Siddill Edward, farmer
Silburn Henry, butcher, Market street
Silvester & Son, solicitors, Market street
Simpson Alfred, New Red Lion p.h. New pavement
Simpson Tom, cowkeeper, Chapmangate
Singer Manufacturing Co. (Thos.Gilson, jun. agt.),Market pi
Singleton Richard, cake, corn & seed merchant
Skelton Richard, shopkeeper, London street
Skinn Henry, timber dealer
Smith Frederick, butcher, Great George street
Smith Robert, market gardener, Tute hill
Smith Timothy, painter &c. Great George street
Smith William, draper, Market place
Smith William, market gardener, Tute hill Snowden 
Samuel, manager  of the  York  Union Bank & treasurer to the union & rural sanitary authority, Mrkt. pi
Sowerby Jas. monumental & general mason ; work speedily done ; inscriptions cut on head stones ; every description of jobbing work executed, New street
Sowersby Richard (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Chapmangate
Spink Thomas Greave, tinman, gasfitter &c. Market place
Stancer & Co. sack contractors, Waterloo buildings
Stancer George, printer & bookseller, " Pocklington Weekly News " office
Steel Joseph, provision dealer, Great George street
Steel Frederick, butcher, Chapmangate
Steels Charles, grocer, Market place
Steels George, wood carver &c. London street
Steels Wm. (Mrs.), currier & leather cutter, Chapmangate
Stephenson Sarah (Miss), private school, Regent street
Stephenson Thomas Nelson, grocer, Market street
Stewart Andrew, grocer, New pavement ,
Stewart George, horse dealer, South Moor house
Stott Fred, hair dresser, Market place
Stubbs John, wheelwright, New street
Summerson Alfred, solicitor, Railway street
Swallow Richard, earthenware dealer, Market place
Tayleure Arthur Pearson, Black Bull p.h. Market place
Tayleure Michael, photographer, Market place
Thirsk James & Son, millers (steam & water), extra double superfine flour ; all feeding articles in stock ; farmers who
bring their corn can have it back with them ground &c. without delay, Anglo-Hungarian Flour mills, West green
Thomas Henry, farmer & cattle dealer, Great George street
Thomas Robert, butcher, Waterloo buildings
Thorpe George, insurance agent, Regent street
Tinson Robert Richardson, bricklayer, Great George street
Tinson William, bricklayer, New street Todd George, draper, Union street
Todd Henry, blacksmith, London street
Todd Robert, cowkeeper, Great George street
Triffitt Robert Edward, inland revenue officer, Market place
Trotter   Walter  Octavius L.R.c.P.Edin.   surgeon,   medical officer & public vaccinator No. i dist. Oak ho. Market pl
Turner A. (Miss), dress maker, z York ter. Gt. George st
Turner John White, farmer, Mile farm
Vause Richard Thomas, provision dealer, Chapmangate
Vincent John, farmer, Toft house
Waite John, cabinet maker, Regent street
Webster George John, saddler, Peter square
Welldon George, greengrocer, Chapmangate
White John, marine store dealer, Chapmangate
Wilkinson Henry, general dealer, Market street
Wilson Ann (Miss), dress maker, Union street
Wilson James, tailor, New pavement
Wilson Joseph, butcher, New pavement
Wilson Mark, insurance agent, Chapmangate
Wilson Memorial Hospital (Alex. Ferrier Angus Fairweather m.a. , m.d. & Walter Octavius Trotter L.R.c.p.ndin. medical
officers; Mrs. Jane Harrison, matron)
Witty Henry, machine holder, Great George street
Wriggitt Christopher, sheep dipper, Railway street
Wriggitt William, butcher, Chapmangate
York & East Riding Bank (Beckett & Co.) (branch) (Robert Cundall, manager), Market street; draw on Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co. London
York Union Banking Co. Lim. (branch) (Samuel Snowden,
agent), Market place; draw on Glyn, Mills & Co. London
Yorkshire Penny Bank (branch)  (J. Richardson, actuary), New street.    See advertisement
Young & Co. brewers, Chapmangate

Hewson George L., farmer
Turner John White, farmer


Bean John, farmer
Campling Samuel, Shopkeeper
Clarkson John Matthew, miller (steam & wind), Yapham Mills
Crow, David, farmer
Harrison Thos. Farmer, Rowland Hill Farm
Hodgson Thomas, Blacksmith.
Jebson James, M.R.C.V.L., veterinary surgeon
Johnson Robert, farmer.
Pegg Thomas, farm bailiff to Mr William Dixon Petch
Stewart William, farmer
Ward John, farmer

English Thomas, farmer
Hicks Johnathon, farmer
Houfe Robert, farmer
Houslay John , farmer
Legard Ambrose, farmer
Mitchell William, farmer
Pearson Charles, farmer
Robinson William Skelton, farmer, Eastfield Farm
Smith Richard, farmer.