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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
New Pavement Brewery
New Pavement Brewery was one of the oldest breweries in Pocklington, which in the early nineteenth century, was run by the Collinson family.The Collinson family owned much of the property and inns to do with the sale and brewing of Ale in Pocklington, and in some of the villages of the district. The will of Elisha Collinson left most of the property in trust for his daughters with Thomas Scaife (son in law) a principal trustee. The Scaife family took over as brewers, until a tenancy agreement of George Scaife ran out in 1895, when the trustees sold the estate. Therefore the brewery had to close (see sale notice below). Francis 'Frank' Scaife (son of George) left a portion of the residue of the family brewing inheritance in his will for the building of a new Swimming Pool on Burnby road for the people of Pocklington when he died in 1937.
Pavement Brewery
1891 OS Map of Pocklington.
Location of the Pavement Brewery. Behind the brewery is the Maltkiln which was shared by all the towns breweries was run as an independent business.
George Scaife
Behind Atkinsons shop door is the sign still surviving on the wall
Yorkshire Gazette 1860

Yorkshire Gazette, November 10th, 1860
Brewery to let by the trustees of of the late Elisha Collinson. The Thomas Scaife mentioned above was his son in law.

Elisha Collinson Will Sale

The Yorkshire Herald Dec 29th 1894
Sale of the Collinson estate inheritance (see below). George Scaife's lease ran out and the brewery and tied public houses were sold.

Elisha Collinson sale

The Yorkshire Herald Jun 1st 1895
This further advert is selling the unsold lots from the auction above, the important line is that all properties were sold by the trustees of the will of
Elisha Collinson of 1840 (see below). It shows the extent of the Collinson brewing and property estates, which owned
ale houses and land in Pocklington,
Bishop Wilton, Fridaythorpe, Millington and Yapham.

Pavement Brewery Sale
The Yorkshire Herald and The York Herald - January 25, 1896
All the remaining equipment was sold.
Owners and Tenants of the brewery
1788 Google Books Evangelical magazine and missionary chronicle: Volume 28 - Page 375 An obituary for William Collinson, that is mainly about his religious career but also states he was a farmer's son from Brandesburton who started up in business as a brewer in Pocklington in 1788.
1791 Universal Collinson William, (F.) Brewer
1823 Baines Collison Elisha, Chapmangate
1824 Survey Collinson Elisha, House, Brewery, Maltkiln &c.
1831 William White Collinson Elisha,Npt.
1834 Pigots Collinson Elisha, New pavement
1838 Survey Collinson Elisha, House, Brewhouse, Maltkiln, stables, granery, yard, Tute Hill
1840 William White Collinson Elisha, Pvt
1840 Beverley Archives DDPY/29/199 Probate copy will of Elisha Collinson of Pocklington common brewer
Date 12 Oct 1840
Description Beneficiaries: Thomas Scaife senior, Pocklington, gentleman, William Cook senior, Pocklington, yeoman, John Smith, Pocklington, farmer, William Cook junior, Pocklington, gentleman, in trust for daughters Mary wife of Michael Robson, Elizabeth wife of William Richardson, and uncle Elisha Collinson
Property: shares in Pocklington Canal, chambers and workshop at Pocklington
Witnesses: Richard Barnby, John Forth
Will dated 25 Oct 1839
Probate 12 Oct 1840
1844 Williams Elisha Collinson, Chapmangate
c 1846 - 1879 Thomas Scaife (b.1809) Son-in-Law of Elisha Collinson. The brewery was owned by the trutees (Eliz. Staveley, Stephen Clark Staveley, Thomas Saltmarsh Staveley). Ref. Aldabella/Barnard
1851 William Whites Scaife Thos., Tute hill
1858 Kelly's Directory Scaife Thos., Tute hill
1860 Yorkshire Gazette (see above clipping) Brewery to let by the executor of the trustees following the death of Thomas Scaife Jun.
1879 Kelly's Directory Scaife George, brewer & maltster, New pavement
1889 Kelly's Directory
Scaife George, brewer & maltster, New pavement
1892 Bulmers Directory Scaife Geo. (and aerated water manufacr.), New pavement
1895 Ref. Don Parry The brewery and attached dwelling house in the occupation of George Scaife comprises-mashing, copper and tun rooms.three beer stores,mill room,hop
and malt stores,large cask room,7 qtr malt kiln,spacious yard and cottage used as an office and mineral water manufactory.The brewery served 5 tied house as follows--Horse Shoes,Market Place,Cross Keys,Market Street,Gate at Millington,
Fleece at Bishop Wilton,Cross Keys ar Fridaythorpe and they also owned the de-licenced Tiger Inn, Chapmangate.The business was sold on 15th January,1895. Cattle's bought the Horse Shoes, Cross Keys and Fleece and these were conveyed
to James Cattle and Henry Ward Cattle by the Staveley family trustees who owned the brewery.
1897 Kelly's Directory None
1905 Kelly's Directory None

Hull and East Yorkshire Breweries. 1997 pub. East Yorkshire Local History Society by Pat Aldabella and Robert Barnard

Don Parry - Breweries author
If you wish to add to the story of the Brewery, or correct any of the above information, then please contact me.