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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
1823 Baines Directory
NB: This information is sourced from an actual directory.

Edward Baines – The History and Directory of the County of York – 1823

In the wap. of Harthill, and liberty of St. Peter's ; 7 miles from Market-Weighton, 17 from Driffleld, 17 from Malton, 13 from York, and 195 from London. The places oi worship in Pocklington, are the parish church, a very plain homely structure, dedicated to All-Saints, of which the Rev Charles Wolf Eyre, B. D. is vicar, and thi Dean of York, the patron. An Independent chapel, of which Rev. Thomas Hutton is minister; a Methodist chapel, a small Roman Catholic chapel, and a chapel be longing to the Primitive Methodists. Here is a nobly endowed Free School, for teaching the dead languages to an unlimited number of scholars, belonging to the town and neighbourhood of Pocklington, with a revenue from lands of from twelve to fourteen hundred pounds per annum. Rev. Thos. Shield, B. D. master, Rev. Thomas Brown, sub-master, who is entitled to one-third of the profits, and Rev. David Jones, usher. There is also a National School, erected at the sole expense of Robert Dennison, Esq. of Kiln-wick Percy, and very liberally supported by the gentry in the town. Average number of scholars, 75 boys and 60 girls. In 1814, an act of parliament was passed for making a navigable canal from East C'ottingwith to Street Bridge, (about a mile from Pocklington) which has been completed and consider­able business is now carried on in bringing to the place coal, lime, manure, and merchandize, and taking away corn, flour, tim­ber, and other articles. The market day is on Saturday, and the races on the second of May in every year. In a gravel pit in Barnsley field, near this town, were dug up in 1763, four human skeletons ; three were without coffins, the fourth was enclosed in a coffin with an urn at the head, on the out­side of which were
engraved several ancient characters. Population, 1902.

POST-MASTER—Matthew Jackson, Office, New Pavement.

Places from whence letter bags are received Distance Postage Arrival of Mails Departure of Mails




8 morning, winter.

4 evening summer and winter




7 morning, summer.







Market -Weighton










Armitage Rev. John, Chapmangate
Bagley Geo. high constable of Wilton Beacon, Hungate
Beal Thomas, yeoman, Hungate
Bland Anthony, yeoman, Hungate
Brown Rev. Thos. curate,Chapmangt.
Clarkson George, gent. Chapmangate
Clarkson Geo. yeoman, Chapmangate
Cook Wm. gent. West green
Craggs- William, gent. Smithy hill
Dewsbury Mrs. Mary, gentlewoman, Union street
Elliott Samuel, gent. Brass castle hill
Hagyard Thos. yeoman, Chapmangt.
Harrison Jonathan, gent. Chapmangt.
Holmes Sarah, gentwmn. Chapmangt.
Howden Matthew, yeoman, Hungate
Hudson Mrs. Anne, gentwmn. Hungt.
Hutton Rev. Thomas, Independent minister, George street
Johnson Thomas, gent. Hungate
Jones Rev. David, La Plain John, gent. Market place
Lofthouse John, gent. Hungate
Lofthouse Thomas, gent. Hungate
Lofthouse Geo. yeoman, Hungate
Richardson Thos. gent., Hall garth
Richardson Mrs. Ann, Swine market
Scaife Christphr. gent. Brass castle hill
Seymour W. P. gent. Chapmangate
Spurr Mrs. Jane, Chapmangate
Stalliard John, gent. Yellow house
StaveleyMrs.Susanuah, Brass castle hill
Thompson Richd. gent. Chapmangate
Walker William, gent. Chapmangate
Wedell John, gent. Chapmangate
Wilkinson Mrs. Ruth, George street
Wolton Mrs. Elizabeth, Chapmangate Academies, Boarding and Day. Jackson Robert, (day) Chapmangate
National, John Banks, West green
Newsom Daniel, (day) George street
Pocklington  School,    Rev. .Thomas Shield, B. D. West green
Wilkinson John, (day) Chapmangate
Wright Miss Ann, (ladies' boarding) Chapmangate
Wrightson Miss Ann, (ladies' boarding) Yellow house

Atiornies and Solicitors.

Holmes Nathaniel, Chapmangate
Powell James, George street
Auctioneers and Appraisers. Lowe John Nathan, George street
Scaife Thomas, Chapmangate

Bacon and Butter Factors.

Hudson Henry, Market place
Pape Henry, (& corn dlr.) Swine mkt


Fife Thomas, Market place
Thirsk James, Hungate
Whitwell Ann, Market place


Easton John, Church lane
James William, George street
Myers Emanuel, Hungate
Richardson Thomas, Hungate
Richardson Thomas, Chapmangate
Richardson John, Back lane

Booksellers and Stationers

Abbey Thomas, Market place
Easton John, (& printer) Market pi.
Jackson Robert, Market place

Boot and Shoe Makers.

Ponn Robert, Smithy hill
Easton John, (and inspector of raw hides) Market place
Lund Wm. May, Swine market
Marshall Thos. (cfe tea dlr.) Union st.
Pexton Geo. Market place
Richardson Wm. Market place
Richardson Robert, Smithy hill
Rispin William, Market place
Todd Robert, Chapmangate
Wright William, (and patten maker) Chapmangate

Braziers and Tinners

Barnby Richard, Market place
Graves Thomas, Market place

Collison Elisha, Chapmangate
Stables Seth, Chapmangate
Staveley Mrs. Ann, Chapmangate

Bricklayers and Builders

Dove William, Chapmangate
Grant Thomas,- Chapmangate
Ireland John, George street
Richardson Wm. Chapmangate
Richardson Thos. Market place
Ward Stephen, Market place


Brown Henry, Marketplace
Catton Thomas, New pavement
Cook Thomas, West green
Harlund Thomas, Chapmangate
Silborn James, Swine market
Staveley Thomas, George street
Terry Thomas, Market place
Thomas John, Market place
Todd John, Hungate
Wilson James, Chapmangate

Chemists and Druggists.

Botterill William, Market place
Hornby Thomas, Market place
Kittle Albine, Market place
Wrightson Wm. Market place

Clock and Watch Makers.

Fryer John, (& silversmith) Waterloo buildings
Milner Reuben, West green


Nicholson John, Waterloo buildings
Stockton Robert, Market place
Tindale James, (and winnowing machine maker) Market place
Tindale William, Smithy hill

Corn Millers.

Dunn Richard, London street
English Richard, Market place
Overend Timothy, Devonshire mills
Peart James, Low mill
Smith Ellen, Clock mill

Currier and Leather Seller

Rispin George, Union street

Deal James, Clay field
Beal Thomas, Hungate
Catton Thomas, New pavement
Cook William, West green
Fallowfield Francis, Market place
Giles John, Toft house
Ibbotson Hugh, Chapmangate
Kettlewell Thos. sen. Chapmangate
Moor Wm, Pocklington common
Robinson Richard, Woodhouse
Smith William, North field
Staveley Thomas, Chapmangate
Vause John, Pocklington common
Walker John, Hungate
Wragg Thomas, Chapmangate


Catton Thomas, Hungate
Prest Jas. '(& cow doctor) Market pl.


Blanchard John, Chapmangate
Blanchard George, Union street

Flour and Provision Dealers.

Allison Ann, Market place
Bellerby William, Hungate
Biass Daniel, Market place
Martindale Thomas, Hungate
Rispin James, Market place
Skelton John, opposite Smithy hill
Smith George, Market place
Smith John, Hungate
Stathers William, Market place
Stathers James, Chapmangate
Swan Thomas, New pavement Gardeners and Seedsmen,
Evans John, Union street
Foster John  Union treet
Goodyear William, Chapmangate
Murgatroyd John, Union street


Blanchard John, Chapmangate
Blanchard George, .Union street
Hall William, Market place
Hall John, Marketplace

Grocers and Drapers.

Baldwin Mary, Market place
Bellerby William, Hungate
Biass Daniel, Market place
Catton John, Market place
Clark John, Market place
Davison Sawden, Market place
Hagyard William, Market place
Hagyard Thomas, Market place
Martindale Thomas, Chapmangate
Powell Wm. (& tailor) Market pl.
Stocks Charles, (and agent to the Phoenix Fire office) Market place Wright Thos. (& tailor) New pavement

Hair Dressers.

Hodgson Henry, Swine market
Rispin James, Market place

Hat Dealers &c.

Barnby Richard, Market place
Catton John, Market place
Hagyard Thomas, Market place
Jackson Thomas, Market place
Laister Thos. (mfr.) Chapmangate
Powell William, Market place
Wright Thomas, New pavement

Inns and Taverns.

Bay Horse, Ralph Johnson, Market pi.
Black Bull, Thos. Terry, Market pi.
Black Swan, Dnl. Harland, Market pi.
Buck, Thos. Richardson, Market pl.
Canal Inn, Robt. Marfitt, Canal head
Cross Keys, Wm. Johnson, Smithy hill
Dog & Duck, Rt. Hay, New pavement
Feathers   Inn,   Francis   Fallowfield, Waterloo buildings
Horse Shoes, Thos.Wilson, Market pl.
New Inn, John Geo.Overend, Canal hd.
Red Lion, Thos. Staveley, George st.
Starr, Ann Walker, Market place
Wellington Inn,   Ann Mary Davill, Canal side
White   Swan,   Francis   Bell,   New pavement
Windmill, Thos. Grant, Chapmangate

Ironmongers and Dealers in Hardware.

Abbey Thomas, Market place
Barnby Richard, Market place
Cook James, Market place
Jackson Robert, Market place

Joiners, Builders and Cabinet Makers.

Cranswick Francis, George street
Hall Richard, Back lane
Harrison John, Chapmangate
Hodge Thomas, Swine market
Judson Robert, George street
Richardson Wm. (Cabinet maker and upholsterer) New pavement

Milliners and Dress Makers.

Dove Ann, Smithy hill
Hudson Eliza, Hungate
Judson Miss Mary, George street
Swan Ann, New pavement


Scaife William, Church lane
Suarr William, New pavement

Plumbers and Glaziers.

Gash John, Swine market
Johnson John, Market place
Scaife Thomas, Hungate


Gilbertson Thomas, Market place
Linwood John, Market place


Allison Ann, Market place
Bishop Ann, Union street
Cook Thomas, Market place

Spirit Merchants.

English Richard, Union square
Gardham  William   and  John,   (and seedsmen) Union street
Johnson Ralph, Market place

Straw Hat Makers.
Cook James, Market place
Cook Mary, Market place
Ware Elizabeth, Market place


Bell John, Market place
Bell Richard, (& coroner for the East Riding) Chapmangate
Danson Edward, Chapmangate
Hornby Thomas, Market place
Kettlewell Thomas, Chapmangate
Marshall William, Market place
Raeburn J. D.   White  house,   near George street

Tailors and Drapers.
Brigham George, Chapmangate
Butler Thomas, Chapmangate
Cook William, Hungate
Craggs Thomas, Chapmangate
Scaife James, Market place
Stubbs William, Church lane
Ward Robert, Chapmangate
Watt Bannister, Swine market

Tallow Chandlers.

Jackson Matthew, New pavement
Jackson John, Hungate


Wilson Thos. Knowlson, Union st.


Bradley Joseph, Market place
Stubbs Richard, Chapmangate
Stubbs Henry, Chapmangate
Winter William, Hungate


Armitage Wm. cattle dlr. London st
Askham James, woolstapler, & dealer in worsted & yarn, Chapmangate Briggs Wm. dealer in hosiery yarn, Chapmangate
Gardham Thos. rope mkr. Union st.
Gash John, earthenware dealer, Swine market
Hodgson John, dyer, Hungate
Kirtland Wm. whip maker, Union st.
Richardson William, stone mason, George street
Sanderson Robert, constable,
Scaife Jas. sub-distributor of stamps (for Robert Osborne, Esq. Stamp
Office, Hull)
Stables Seth, maltster, Chapmangate
Stonehouse F. excise officer, Chapmangate
Swan Clifford, wood turner and fancy chair maker. New pavement
Swan Mark, lock keeper. Canal head
Wilson Geo. glass, &c. dlr. Market pl,
Witty John, corn factor,


Mary Giles, to Coppergate warehouse, York, on Wed. and Sat. departs 3 morning, returns 9 evening
John Metcalf & John Ward, to Huggate, every Saturday
Robert Manners, to the King’s Arms, Foss bridge, York, on Thu. and Sat. dep. 3 mg. ret. same day.— To Hull, every Mon. dep. 7 evg. and ret. at 3 on Wed. (stops at Coach & Horses, Mytongt. Hull)
Mary Hodgson, to Market-Weighton, every Wednesday
Jas. Thompson, to York, Thu. & Sat. dep. 3 mg. ret. same day
John Cockburn, to Hull, Mon. & Thu.

The  Union Packet, sails alternately from Pocklington Canal head to Tummon and Smithson's wharf, High st. Hull, and from thence to Pocklington Canal hd. every week.