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Memories of Full Sutton Airfield
Alan Smyllie was stationed at Full Sutton Airfield between August 1951 to June 1952. He has sent some photographs he took at the time.
Ref.—"Last Take-Off, a record of RAF losses 1950 to 1953" by Colin Cummings

All photographs on the page are the Copyright (c) 2011 of Alan Smyllie and must not be reproduced without his expressed permission
Full Sutton Airfield

An RAF Meteor crashed into a goods train near Fangfoss Railway station in 1952, at that time Alan Smyllie was an RAF photographer stationed at RAF Full Sutton and attended the crash site to record the incident.

The crash was on the 26th Feb. 1952, a Meteor-WF831 T7 from Full Sutton undershot an asymmetric approach and collided with a goods train when it ran onto a railway track, goods train was carrying cow hides, pig iron and sprats at the time fortunately the aircraft smashed into the waggon full of sprats at the time and both crew members escaped, sadly the instructor Flight Lieutenant Howell William Thomas ENOCH DC (age 30) died and in another crash in the Wilberfoss area on the 16th. April 1952 along with Pilot Officer David Arthur JOYCE (age 19) a Student Pilot, and both are buried at the church in Fangfoss.

Full Sutton Airfield
The Fangfoss train crash
Full Sutton Airfield
Another photo of the Fangfoss train crash
Full Sutton Airfield
Various accidents recorded by Alan in 1951
Full Sutton Airfield
An accident recorded by Alan.
Please contact me if you can provide further details.
Full Sutton Airfield
Another accident recorded by Alan.
Please contact me if you can provide further details.
Full Sutton Airfield

Alan attended the unveiling of the military cross in the church grounds  at Barmby Moor later in the year of 1952, he does not remember the date, but as you can see from the photograph the trees are in full leaf. The officer pulling the cord was Group Captain J. H. Hill, Station Commander, RAF station, Full Sutton.

Please contact me if you can provide further details of this event or the people on the photograph.