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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
Devonshire Mill
Devonshire Mill is the best preserved mill in Pocklington which still contains much of it's early machinery in situ. It is thought to date from 1808 when a deed mentions land purchase by local surgeon John Bell (of the Oak house), and whom was later to go bankrupt. The main part of the building may have coincided with the demolition of Londesborough Hall in 1819 when the Duke of Devonshire wanted save money to make alterations to Chatsworth. Timbers used to support the heavy workings are said to have come from the Londesborough estate - hence the name Devonshire Mill. Timothy Overend was an early miller and was involved in the Pocklington Canal construction as an outlet for the flour from the mill. Anthony Blanshard was miller in 1841 was then followed by the main family who developed the Mill. Henry Cains moved from Clock mill in 1848 and added steam power. In 1891 his son Henry Parkin Cains took over, and kept the mill going until the late 1950's.
1891 Map1891 Ordnance Survey Map
Devonshire Mill 1
Pocklington beck still flows under the mill
Devonshire 2Devonshire 3
The water wheel and mill machinery are still in place
York Herald 1836
The York Herald, Jan 9, 1836

The earliest piece of evidence for Devonshire Mill is an indenture of the land on which it was built dated 1744. The document refers to a gift of land and herediments from John Silborn a butcher from Bishop Wilton to his daughter Elizabeth on the occasion of her marriage to John Easton a blacksmith from Pocklington. In 1808 the land was sold to surgeon John Bell who invested in many town enterprises and who was, by 1817, a bankrupt. In 1814 the Pocklington Canal Company was formed , and the canal was completed by 1818. In 1823, Timothy Overend was the miller of Devonshire mills, a substantial early investor in the Pocklington Canal. He made his investment with a view to profiting from the movement of grain and flour on the canal.

Londesborough hall was demolished in 1819 by the Duke of Devonshire who tried to reduce his costs when he fell into financial difficulty due to gambling debts. The Timbers from the Londesborough estate were used to extend the Mill - hence the name, Devonshire Mill.

The 1841 census shows Devonshire Mill's inhabitants were Anthony Blanshard, a miller aged 30. It is not known if he was the owner, or simply rented the mill.

In 1840, Henry Cains married Hannah Scaife, the widow of John Scaife, who had owned Clock Mill. Hannah inherited Clock Mill, and Henry Cains and Hannah moved to Devonshire mill in 1848. Hannah died in 1861 and Henry remarried to former servant Elizabeth Gray in 1862. They had five children. The mill was owned at this time by Dr. Wilson, but was occupied by the Cains family.

The Cain's later added steam power and was one of two mills in Pocklington which was run by steam. Henry's son, Henry Parkin Cains inherited the mill in 1891. By 1905 the coal boiler was replaced by oil. Henry Parkin married Ada Nelson in 1893 and they had two children. Son Eric was named as miller in 1933 but ran an electrical repair shop in Pocklington. Henry Parkin Cains was 96 when he died in 1959, which marked the end of milling at Devonshire Mill.

The above information has been extracted from "The bi-centenary of Devonshire Mill 1808 - 2008" by Sue and Chris Bond, the current owners.
More information on Devonshire Mill can be found at http://www.devonshiremill.co.uk/
Millers of Devonshire Mill
1952 Town & Country Cains, E., Canal lane
1937 Kelly's Directory Cains Eric, miller (oil & water), Devonshire mill, Canal la
1933 Kelly's Directoy Cains Eric, miller (oil & water), Devonshire mill, Canal la
1929 Kelly's Directory Cains Henry Parkin, miller (oil & water), Devonshire mill, Canal lane
1921 Kelly's Directory Cains Henry Parkin, miller (oil & water), Devonshire mill, Canal lane
1913 Kelly's Directory Cains Henry Parkin, miller (oil & water), Devonshire mill, Canal lane
1909 Kelly's Directory Cains Hy. Parkin, miller (oil & water), Devonshire mill
1905 Kelly's Directory Cains Hy. Parkin, miller (oil & water), Devonshire mill
1897 Kelly's Directory Cains Hy. Parkin, miller (steam & water), Devonshire mill
1889 Kelly's Directory Cains Henry, miller (steam & water), Devonshire mill
1879 PO Directory Cains Henry, miller, Devonshire mill
1858 White's Directory Cains H., Devonsh.Mill
1851 White's Directory Cains H., Devonsh. Mill
1851 Census  
1844 William's Directory Anthony Blanchard
1841 Census Anthony Blanchard
1840 White's Directory Anthony Blanchard
1834 York Herald Newspaper Apr. 26th Pocklington New Inn - Water Corn Mill &c., To be sold by auction by Mr.Vaile, At the Black Swan Inn, Coney Street, York, on Thursday, the 15th day of May, 1834, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, in one or more Lots,......Also, a Capital WATER CORN MILL, called Devonshire Mill, and a good Family DWELLING HOUSE contiguous thereto, with a Croft, Garden and Two Orchards well stocked with Fruit Trees, together with good stabling, Cow-Houses, Waggon Sheds, Piggeries, and other Outbuildings, situate a short distance from the Inn, in the posession of Mr. G.T. Overend. The Mill is well supplied with water, and contains three pair of Flour Stones, with two Cylinders, and one Barley Mill; also, one pair of shelling stones, Elevators, and all Apperatus for carrying on Business. It is distant but a quarter of a mile from Pocklington Canal, from which an extensive Trade has been carried on. Immediate Possession may be given, if requred for the whole Property. For further Pariculars apply to Mr. G.T. Overend, on the premises; or to Messrs. Blanchard and Richardson, Solicitors, York."
1834 Pigot's Directory Overend Timothy, Devonshire mill
1831 White's Directory Timothy Overend
1823 Baine's Directory Overend Timothy, Devonshire mills

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