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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
Pocklington ATC
This photograph is of the Pocklington ATC taken at the Pocklington golf club house on Sherbuttgate in 1945.

Pocklington Army Corps

Back Row (Left to right): ?, K  Bowman, R Terry, ?, J Chandler, ?, L Toyne              
Middle Row (Left to right): Harry Hardcastle, ?, J Sunman, D Terry, A Timms, D Smith, K Grainger, ?
Front Row (Left to right): ?, Michael John Lamb - known as John, Flying Officer Bottomley (had a son Roy), D. Hodgson, Len Puckering 

An email from David Lamb (son of John) has filled in some of the names and provided extra information. He showed his dad the photo, who remembered the photo being taken. He says:

Dads memories of the Pocklington ATC is that it was formed in 1941. All the local lads went up to enlist but you had to be 15 years old. Dad was not 15 until 1942 and was turned away and told to come back the next year.His older brother Derek, a year older had joined. A picture shown in the Pocklington Post in recent times of the ATC lads in 1942 shows Dad and his brother Derek along with about 50 other lads. The unit was about 110 cadets strong at its greatest, but by early 1945 it became obvious that the war was coming to an end, and the unit stopped recruiting new cadets. In early 1945, Dad being one of the longest serving members was made up to sergeant for a special gathering and parade of all ATC units held in London. The 19 lads and the officer were all that remained of the unit at that time. Dads 18th birthday was VE Day 8th May 1945, and sometime after that he joined the army and spent 3 years in Italy. This photograph was taken in early 1945.