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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
1857 Post Office Directory
NB: This information is sourced from a directory in Huddersfield Local studies libraray.


Pocklinqton is a parish, market town, railway station, township, and large agricultural district, on the Market Weighton branch (No. 1) of the North Eastern railway, 105 miles north-by-west from London, 16 1/2 east from York, 6 1/4 north-west from Market Weighton, 27 north west from Hull, 27 from Bridlington, 32 from Scarborough, 69 from Sheffield, 48 from Doncaster, 48 1/4 from Leeds, 58 1/2 from Huddersfleld, 59 3/4 from Halifax, 50 from Whitby, 126 1/2 from Liverpool, 89 from Manchester, 64 from Rotherham, 44 from Wakefield, 41 from Normanton, 63 from Bradford, 17 from Driffield, and 18 from Beverley, In the East Riding, Wilton Beacon division of the wapentake of Harthill, East Riding archdeaconry, and York archbishopric, and is the head of the Pocklington union; it is also a polling town, and petty sessions are held at the police station, Great George-street, the first Saturday in every month. The county court is held in the Odd Fellows Hall monthly. The Hon. Captain Arthur Duncombe, r.n., m.p., is lord of the manor, and holds a court-leet, baron and copyhold court annually. The poor law guardians meet every alternate Saturday at the union workhouse. The town is lighted with gas : the gas works were constructed in 1834, at a cost of £1,600, raised in £10 shares. It is also well supplied with water. The market-place is extensive, and watered by a considerable stream which rises near Millington, and on its course works several mills, and empties itself into the river Derwent. About 1 mile south-west of the town is the Pocklington Canal, the property of the North Eastern Railway Company. The canal was cut pursuant to Act passed in 1814 ; it is about 9 miles in length, and extends to Cottingwith, where it forms a communication with the river Derwent. This, with the East Riding branches (No. 1) of the North Eastern railway, furnishes the means of supplying the town and adjacent country with coals, lime, manure, and various articles of merchandise, and of conveying to different places corn, flour, timber, and other produce. Pocklington parish comprises the townships of Yapham-with-Meltonby and Ousthorpe, containing altogether an area of 4,668 acres ; and 2,761 inhabitants. The township of Pocklington contains 3,620 acres, and, in 1851, 2,546 souls; and the town of Pockllngton 2,556 persons, viz., 1,276 males, and 1,270 females.

The church of All Saints is a cruciform Gothic and Perpendicular structure, comprising a nave and aisles, transepts (the north having an east, aisle), a chancel, and a handsome lofty well - proportioned embattlled and pinnacled tower at the west end, containing a peal of 6 good bells and clock. On the north side of the chancel are two chapels, and a porch on the south side of the nave ; the windows have pointed arches, and some of them are large and embellished with trefoil and cinquefoil heads and neat tracery. The clerestory windows are likewise pointed. The east window is a spacious and handsome stained glass one, representing the Birth, Baptism, Crucifixion, the Slipper, and Ascension of our Saviour; it was erected by the Hon. Capt. Arthur Duncombe, r.n. m.p.

There is also a beautiful stained glass window, to the Loftus familly, added by Mrs Loftus ; both were executed by Wailes, of Newcastle. This church underwent a very extensive restoration a few years back, when it was re-pewed. The chancel, which is the most ancient portion of the edifice, has several Finely-carved stalls; the organ is a good toned one, and the font is a square basin on a circular pedestal. There are several monuments to the Dolman and other families ; and among them is an elegant mural monument to the memory of Thomas Dolman, Esq., J.p., for the East Riding. There is another handsome mural monument to Robert Denlson, Esq., who died in 1829, and his wife, who died in 1837. The living was constituted a vicarage In 1252, and endowed with the small tithes of the parish ; nett income £92; the Rev. James Francis Ellis is the vicar, and the Dean of York patron.

There are chapels for Independents, Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists, a Roman Catholic chapel, and a National school for buys, girls, and infants, which is situated in New Street, and was erected in 1854 at a cost of £1,440, including the site; there is also a National Wesleyan school in Chapman gate. A library and reading room were established in Waterloo-buildings in 1852, which were well supplied with newspapers, books, &c. ; the Rev. James Francis Ellis is chairman of the committee. Here are extensive flax works, which employ a considerable number of hands ; the trade further includes brewing, malting, rope and twine making, brick making, iron and brass foundries, agricultural implement manufactories, and in the neighbourhood are several corn mills. The market is held every Saturday, and is well supplied with provisions (the chief business in corn is done by samples). There are four fairs held here annually for cattle—on the 7th of March, 6th of May, 5th of August, and the 8th of November; on the 9th of November is a statute for hiring servants. The Odd Fellows' Hall, in Union Street, was built in 1839, and is let for public meetings, lectures, &c., a County court is also held monthly in the above room. The Union workhouse is situated on the road leading to Burnby ; it is a brick building, and was erected in 1852, at the cost of, including 2a. 2r. 37p. of land, £362; the building itself cost £1,008, and is capable of accommodating 113 persons.

The Free Grammar school of Pocklington was originally connected with a guild in the parish church, called the Society of Brethren of the Name of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin, and St. Nicholas of Pocklington ; the seal of the guild is still preserved, with the deeds and documents belonging to the school. The guild
in question was founded by John Dolman, LL.D., Archdeacon of Suffolk (one of a family who for centuries were lords of the manor of Pocklington), in the
seventh year of Henry VIII.; and when, subsequently, in the reign of that monarch, all such guilds were destroyed, the property originally left to the guild
was by the exertions of the founder's family preserved for the school. The master and fellows of St. John's College, Cambridge, under the arrangement then
made, appoint the master of the school, and he with the churchwardens appoints the usher; the master and usher form a corporation, called the " Corporation
of Master and Usher of the Free Grammar school of Pocklington." The revenues of the school arise mainly from land situated in various parts of the East
Riding, and amount to about £1,000 a year; in addition to this, the founder of the school left property, situated in the East Riding and in Derbyshire
(probably now worth from £500 to £600 a year), to the master and fellows of St. John's College, for the purpose of maintaining five scholars in that college;
it is hoped that under the provisions of the new bill for the government of the University of Cambridge these scholarships will be commuted for exhibitions,
which change would in all respects greatly benefit the school. The late master, the Rev. J. Shield. b.d., who found the income of the school in 1807 about
£100 per annum, succeeded, after long and expensive litigation, in setting aside the beneficial leases under which for many years the property of the school
had been held, and raised its income to the present amount: he also, in 1818, commenced the rebuilding of the school and master's house, then in a
dilapidated condition; but the work remained in a very incomplete state until the appointment of the present master, the Rev. F. J. Gruggen, m.a., in 1848:
since that period the school buildings have been almost entirely renewed under his superintendence, and they now form a handsome ornament to the southern
entrance of the town. The school now contains between thirty and forty scholars, and some of those who have recently left have distinguished themselves
considerably in the University of Cambridge. The new National schools, for 100 boys, 60 girls, and 100 infants, together with a house for the master, were
erected in 1854 at a cost of (including the value of the site) upwards of £1,400; of this sum the Committee of Council paid £631, and the National Society
contributed £60 the site was presented by the Ecclesiastical Commissionners (lately holders of land in the parish), and the Hon. Captain Arthur Duncombe,
r.n., m.p., their lessee. There is an Independent chapel, with an endowment of £10 yearly.

Ousthorpe is a township of Pocklington, situate 1 1/2 miles north-by-east of that place, and comprises an area of 330 acres ; and, in 1851, 13 inhabitants.
The land is the property of Admiral Mitford and John Singleton, Esq. It has some traces of a large moated mansion.

Yapham and Meltonby are two small agricultural villages and townships, about 1 mile from each other, and constitute a chapelry, in Pocklington parish. The
former is 2 miles north-north-west, and the latter 2 north-by-west from Pocklington (the nearest market, union, post town, railway station, and money order office), in the Wilton Beacon division of the wapentake of Harthill, Pocklington union, East Riding archdeaconry, and York archbishopric East Riding. The chapel is a plain consisting of nave and chancel, with a bell turret at the west end containing 1 bell; it was repaired in 1777-8, The living is united to
the vicarage of Pocklington. The rents of the chapel lands allotted at the inclosemeut, in 1733, are expended in repairing the chapel, feeding the poor, and
a portion of it is paid to the schoolmaster. The population of Yapham was, in 1851, 151, and of Meltonby 51 ; and the joint acreage is 1,818. The soil ss
sandy and gravel. The land belongs to various owners, The chief crops are wheat, barley, oats, beans, turnips, &c., Rateable value £1,978 15s. Rowland Hill
is a farm about three-quarters of a mile west of the village ; Yapham Grange is a farm about 1 mile south.


private residents.

Bell Richard Boulby.esq. Chapman gate
Bulmer John, esq. Prospect grove
Chambers Rev. William [Wesleyan], Chapman gate
Clarkson Abraham,esq. Brunswick house
Clarkson Miss Sarah, Great George st
Clay Rev. Charles [Wesleyan], Chapman gate
Conyers Miss Hannah, Chapman gate
Denison Robert, esq. j.p. Waplington manor, Allerthorpe
Donn Miss Margaret, Grove terrace
Duggleby Mr. William
Ellis Rev. James Francis [vicar], Vicarage
Haigh George, esq. Prospect grove
Hopwood Mr. William, Railway street
Hotham Mr. Robert, Union street
Jackson John, esq.,
Linwood Mr. John, York terrace, Great George street
Loftus Mrs. Elizabeth, Eden place, Great George street
Martindale Mr. John, Swine market
Milner Mrs. George, Regent street
Phillips Mr. Joseph, Railway street
Powell Henry, esq. Regent street
Powell James, esq. Regent street
Ratcliffe Rev. Jonathan, Chapman gate
Riddall Rev. Edward W. [Catholic] London street
Sanderson Mr. Robert, Smithy hill
Scaife Mr. Thomas, sen. Great George st
Shepherd Rev. Thomas, Chapman gate
Singleton John, esq. Theresa cottage
Singleton Miss Ann, Regent street
Slater Rev. Edward Bently, m.a. Yapham road
Smith Mrs. Barbara, Grove terrace
Watmough Isaac, m.d.I Chapman gate
Weddall Mr. Thomas, London street
Wilson Rev. Samuel, Bloomsbury place
Wilson Thomas, m.d. Market place


Abbey Thomas, jun. cabinet maker & upholsterer, Market pi
Abbey Thomas, sen. ironmonger, Market place
Appleby Baker, cooper, Swine market
Appleton John Peacock, stonemason, Great George street
Ashby John, high bailiff to the County court, & agent for the Provident Welsh fire & life insurance company, Chapman gate
Armitage James, butcher, Chapman gate
Askham John & Mark, woolstaplers. Chapman gate
Askham Thomas, New Red Lion, New pavement
Askham William, chemist & druggist, Market place
Atkinson John, confectioner, Swine market.
Barker John, gardener, Loudon street
Barnby Timothy, fishmonger, Chapman gate
Barnes John, butcher, New pavement,Beal David, grocer, Market place
Beal Richard, butcher & farmer, Peter lane
Beal Thomas,coal, timber, bone & oil cake merchant,Canal hd
Bell Richd.Boulby, solicitor & attorney at law, Chapman gt
Berriman Anthony,cattle dealer & farmer, London street
Blanchard Elizabeth (Mrs.), fellmonger, Smithy hill
Boulton Isaac, saddler & harness maker, market place
Boyd David, manager of flax works, Chapman gate
Bradley Richard, shopkeeper, Union street.
Broader Mark, artist & land surveyor, Chapman gate
Bulmer John, chemist & druggist, & agent for Meux & Co. London, & Mander & Co.'s Dublin porter, Market place
Burdon John, carpenter, Great George street
Cains Henry, miller, Devonshire mill
Campbell James, provision dealer & farmer, Market place
Carr William, Bay Horse, Market place
Cattle Robert,brewer,farmer,& spirit merehant,Chapman gt
Clint Thomas, shopkeeper, Market place
Cobb Robert, carpenter & wheelwright, Dean's lane
Conyers Francis, gunmaker, Swine market
Cook Francis, fanner, West Green
Cook George, shopkeeper, Seaton Ross
Cook James, baker & flour dealer, Market place
Coverdale John & Co. grocers & drapers, Market place
Craggs John, grocer, tailor & draper, Market place
Curtis Francis Fallowfield, farmer, Market place
Curtis Richard, chemist & druggist, Market place
Dales Christopher, hairdresser, Market place
Dales George, shopkeeper, Smithy Hill
Danby Matthew, Old Red Lion, Regent street
Danson Charles Edward, surgeon, Chapman gate
Dennis William & Son, millers, Seaton Ross
Dickinson George, Cross Keys, Swine market
Dickson John, farmer, Great George street
Easton Ann (Miss),milliner & straw bonnet makr. Markt.pl
Easton John, saddler & harness maker, Market place
Easton Robert, bookseller, Stationer, & printer, Church lane
Easton William, blacksmith, Church lane
Eastwood George, shopkeeper, London street
Ellis George, brewer, Canal head
English Jane (Mrs.), wine & spirit merchant, & miller, Brass Castle hill
English William, tallow chandler, Great George street
Evans John Eazard, engraver, New Pavement
Eyre George, hairdresser, Market place
Fisher Phillip, railway contractor, Union street
Flint Mary (Mrs.), milliner, Swine market
Flint Richard, joiner & builder, Swine market
Forth John, printer, bookbinder, stationer, & library, hon. secretary for Art-Union of London, patent medicine vendor & newsagent, Market place
Foster Henry, hatter, Market place
Fountain Daniel, miller, London street
Gibson Henry Clarke, tinman & brazier. Market place
Gibson John, iron & brass founder & agricultural implement maker, Great George street
Gilbertson Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Market place
Godfrey James, shoemaker, Canal head
Goodyear William, gardener & butcher, Chapman gate
Grace Thomas, provision dealer, Swine market
Grant John Smith, upholsterer, paperhanger & carpenter, Waterloo buildings
Graves Thomas, tinman, brazier & ironmonger, Market pl
Grubb Abraham, Black Swan, Market place
Hagyard Elizabeth (Miss), milliner, Market place
Hagyard George, cabinet maker, Chapman gate
Hagyard John, grocer & draper, Market place
Hagyard Thos. paperhanger & cabinet maker, Marketplace
Hall Richard & Son, joiners & builders, New street
Hall William, glover, Market place
Harland Robert, blacksmith & agricultural Implement maker, Chapman gate
Harrison George, boot & shoe maker, Market place
Harrison Robert, boot & shoe maker, Market place
Harvey William, tinman, Great George street
Hatfield William, Waterloo hotel, brewer, maltster & corn factor, Waterloo buildings
Hawgood William, watchmaker, Swine market
Hill Thomas, shopkeeper, Tute hill
Hodge John Scaife, miller, Low mill, West green
Hodskinson James, tailor, New pavement
Holliday John, Railway tavern, Railway street
Holmes Nathaniel, solicitor, Chapman gate
Horsley John, boot & shoe maker, Swine market
Hotham John, shopkeeper & boot & shoe maker, Market pl
Hotham Robert, agent to Robt. Denison, esq. Union street
Howbrigg John, shoemaker, Railway street
Hudson Eliza Ann (Miss), upholsteress, Chapman gate
Hutchinson William, basket maker, New pavement
Jackson John, Star inn, & farmer, Market place
Jackson Robert, butcher, New pavement
Jackson William, seedsman & florist, Garden bouse
Jameson William, tailor, Union street
Jefferson Richard, Wellington Oak, & farmer, Canal head
Jeffreys Thomas Maud, seedsman, York ter.Gt. George at
Johnson Elizabeth (Miss), Three Horse Shoes, Swine Markt
Johnson George, tallow chandler, & licensed to let horses & gigs, Black Bull yard, & 2 South parade
Johnson John, plumber & glazier, Market place
Johnson Margaret (Mrs.), Black Bull, Market place
Johnson William, rope, twine & net maker, New street
Keary Edward, shoemaker, Swine market
Keary Patrick, hatter, Market place
Kelsey George, wheelwright, West green
Kilby John, farmer, Mile farm
Laister Joseph, rope & twine maker, Regent street
Lamb John, painter & paperhanger, Railway street
Lamy Cecilia (Miss), ladies' school, Bloomsbury place
Lawrence William, shopkeeper, Chapman gate
Lister Joseph, Royal Oak, & blacksmith, Great George st
Lundy Joseph, Odd Fellows' Arms, Union street
Manners Christopher, saddler & harness ma. New pavement
Margantroy Mary (Mrs.), milliner & straw bonnet maker, Waterloo buildings
Marshall John, Buck inn, Market place
Marshall Richard, shoemaker, New street
Martindale William, boot. & shoe maker. Marketplace
Maszingham Ann (Mrs,), rag & bone dealer, London street
Milner Charles, watch & clock maker, Regent street
Moore Robert Major, draper, Market place
Morgan troy Mary (Miss), dressmaker, Union street
Motley Samuel, basket maker, Chapman gate
Nichols Jane (Mrs.), earthenware dealer, Market place
Ogram Harrison, bricklayer, Chapman gate
Oliver Andrew, Canal inn, Canal head
Overend George Timothy, New inn, & farmer
Pexton George, boot & shoe maker, Regent street
Pocklington Flax Works (Robert Denison, esq.), Chapman gate
Powell Henry, solicitor, superintendent registrar of births, deaths & marriages, & clerk to county court, Regent st
Powell James, attorney & solicitor, Regent street
Powell William, grocer & draper, Market place
Randerson Samuel, butcher. Church lane
Reaston Beatrix Conyers (Miss), ladies' schl. Chapman gate
Richardson Robert & Co. tailors & drapers, Brass Castle hill
Richardson Elizabeth Ann (Miss), dressmaker, York terrace, Great George street
Richardson John, agent, Charles Ogle's brick & tile yard, New street
Richardson John, bricklayer & plasterer, New street
Richardson John, shoemaker, Thomas's yd. Waterloo builiigs
Richardson Robert, builder, Chapman gate
Richardson Thomas, butcher, Union street
Richardson William Collinson, farmer, New pavement
Rispin John, boot & shoe maker, Swine market
Rispin John Inglby, hairdresser, Market place
Rispin Mary (Mrs.), milliner, Swine market
Rispin Sophia (Mrs.), dressmaker, Regent street
Robson William, grocer, draper & hatter, Market place
Rowntree Thomas, corn miller & farmer, Clock mill
Russell Richard, wood turner, Great George street
Scaife Robert & Francis, house painters & paperhangers, Swine market
Scaife Edward, plumber & glazier, Regent street
Scaife George, painter, York terrace, Great George street.
Scaife Thomas, auctioneer, brewer & maltster, Tute hill
Sellers Thomas, carpenter & wheelwright, London street
Sellers William, shopkeeper, Chapman gate
Shaw John, woollen draper & tailor, New pavement
Shepherd Samuel, boot & shoe maker, Regent street
Siddell Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, New pavement
Siddlll Edward, Tiger, Chapman gate
Silburn John, butcher, Swine market.
Smart Henry Bishop, exciseman, York Ter. Great George st
Smith John, farmer, Woodhouse
Smith Robert, market gardener, Tute hill
Smith William, draper. Market place
Spink George, saddler & harness maker, Market place
Stadders James, shopkeeper, Great George street
Stathers Wm. shopkeeper & dealer In earthenware Waterloo bldgs
Steels Richard, currier & leather cutter, Chapman gate
Stephenson John Thos, shopkeeper & tailor, Market place
Stilborn Henry, plumber & glazier, New pavement
Stockton Robert, cooper, Market place
Stubbs Henry, carpenter & wheelwright, New street
Sutton Francis John. Wesleyan schoolmaster, Chapman gate
Swann Ann (Miss), dressmaker, Railway street
Swann Henry, painter, Canal head
Tate William, millwright, Chapman gate
Templeman Matthew, grocer & draper, Market place
Thirkell Nathan, shopkeeper, Great George street
Thomas John, butcher, Great George Street
Thomas Robert, butcher & farmer, Waterloo buildings
Thomisson Joseph, tobacco pipe maker, Great George street
Thompson Christopher, tailor, Union street
Thompson John, sexton, Great George street
Thompson Thomas, builder, Brass Castle hill
Thwaites John, carrier, Great George street
Tindall James, provision dealer, Market place
Tinson Elizabeth (Miss), milliner & straw bonnet maker, Great George street
Tinson Hiram, bricklayer, Great George street
Todd George, butcher, Market place
Todd Robert, butcher, Market place
Todd William, boot & shoe maker, Chapman gate
Todd William Easton, shoemaker, Great George street
Trawmer Benjamin, cattle dealer, Smithy hill
Tryer Edward, watch & clock maker, Swine market
Turner James, shopkeeper, Market place
Vause Richard Thos. shoeing forge & blacksmith, Dean's la
Vokes Samuel, ironmonger & inspector of weights & measures for the district, Market place
Walsh Cain, coal dealer, Canal head
Ward George, bricklayer, Market, place
Ward Thomas, shopkeeper, Chapman gate
Watkinson & Tate, millwrights, Regent street
Watkinson John, ironmonger & machine maker, Regent st
Watmough Isaac, physician, 1 Chapman gate
Watt Richard, shoemaker, Swine market.
Watts John, tailor, woollen draper & hatter, Market place
Webster John, horse clipper. Regent, street
White George, shopkeeper & boot & shoe maker, Chapman gate
Whitwell Thomas, shopkeeper, Chapman gale
Wilkinson Thomas, shoemaker, New street
Wilson Thomas, physician, Market place
Winter Henry, wheelwright & cowkeeper, York terrace, Great George street.
Woodcock Matthew, Feathers hotel & posting house & brewer & excise office, Market place
Wright Adamson, shopkeeper & shoemaker, Market place
Wright Elleanor (Mrs.), dressmaker, Great George street
Wright John, miller, Great George street
Wright Thomas, grocer & draper, Swine market
Wright Thomas,Jan. shopkeeper, Market place.

Post Office.—David Lee, postmaster
Bankers. — York Union Banking Company {branch) (draw on Messrs. Glyn, Halifax & Mills, London), John Bulmer, Market place, agent

Insurance Agents:—
Accidental Death, John Bulmer, Market place
Atlas, Richard Boulby Bell, Chapman gate
British Empire Fire & Life, Geo. Spiriks, Market place
Imperial Fire, John Bulmer, Market place
National Life, John Lamb
Provident Welsh Fire & Life, Jno. Ashby, Chapman gate
Provincial. (Welsh), John Ashley, Chapmangate
Standard Life, John Buhner, Market place
Western Life, H. Holmes
Yorkshire Fire & Life, David Lee, agent

Public Establishments:—
County Court, Odd Fellows' hall, Union street, William Raines, esq. judge; Henry Powell, clerk; John Ashby, high bailiff; Christopher Croft, esq. treasurer.

Court held monthly; office hours from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m
Excise Office, Feathers hotel, Market place, William White, supervisor; Henry Bishop Smart, exciseman
Magistrates' Meeting Room, Great George street. Petty sessions are held the first Saturday in each month. Charles Albert Darley, esq. chairman; Rev. George
R. Reed & the Rev. Francis Orpen Morris, magistrates
Police Office, Great George st. Geo. Cordukes, suprntndnt
Pocklington Gas Works, London street, John Richardson, esq. chairman; Henry Powell, clerk; Thomas Barlow, engineer & manager; Henry Johnson, collector
Railway Station, West green, Charles Milner, master
Canal Company, Robert Turner, inspector; Charles Milner, clerk
Union Workhouse, Burnby lane, John Hobson Harper, master; Mrs. Alice Harper, matron; George Charles Eland, schoolmaster; Charles E. B. Danson, surgeon; David Lee, clerk to board of guardians; Francis Johnson, relieving officer 1
Library Reading Room, Waterloo buildings. The Rev. James Francis Ellis is chairman of the committee
Odd Fellows' Hall, Union street

Public Officers: — Clerk to the Magistrates, John Holtby, esq. York
Clerk to the County Court, Henry Powell, Regent street
Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women, Affidavits in Chancery &; the Superior Courtsat Westminster, Henry Powell, Regent st
Coroner for the East Riding, John Wood, esq. York
Inspector of Weights Measures, Samuel Vokes, Market place
Exciseman, Henry Bishop Smart, Great George street
Supervisor, William White, York
High Constable for Pocklington Division, John Holtby, esq. York
Parish Clerk, William Shaw, Great George street
Tax Collector, Richard Beal, Market place
Sexton, John Thompson, Great George street
Town Crier, George Nelson, Tute hill
Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages for the Pocklington Division, Henry Powell, Regent street
Registrar of Births & Deaths for Pocklington Division, David Lee, Great George street
Registrar of Marriages, Thomas Seaife, jun. Tute hill
Steward of the Manor of Pocklington, Thomas Walker, esq. York
Watchman, James Catton
Clerk to the Board of Guardians, David Lee, Great George street

Places of Worship: —
All Saints' Church, New pavement, Rev. James Francis Ellis, vicar
Independent Chapel, Chapman gate, Rev. William White
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Chapman gate, Rev. Jonathan Ratcliffe, Rev. Thomas Shepherd, & Rev. Edward Morris, ministers
Wesleyan Chapel, Chapman gate, Rev. Wm. Chambers & Rev. Charles Clay, ministers
Roman Catholic Chapel, Union street, Rev. Edward Widdrington Riddell, priest

Public Schools: —
Free Grammar, West green, Rev. Frederick James Gruggen, m.a. master; Rev. Edward Bentley Slater M.A. usher; Rev. Samuel Wilson, assistant master, Dr.Geilern, french & german master; Mr. Wilkinson, music master; Mr. Boddy, drawing master; Messrs. Hicks & Son, Gray's inn, London, solicitors; patrons & visitors the Master & Fellows of St. John's College, Cambridge
National, New street, Henry Heppinstall, master; Mrs Judith Leah Heppinstall, mistress
Infants', Miss Swain, mistress
Wesleyan National, Chapman gate, John Francis Sutton master

Carriers to :—
Beverley — John Thwaites, from his own house, George street, monday % thursday
Bishop Wilton — George Foster, from 'Three Horse Shoes,' Wednesday & Saturday; James Rennard, wednesday & Saturday
Bridlington — John Thwaites, from his own house, George street, monday & thursday
Burnby — William Dickinson, from 'Black Bull' tuesday & saturday
Driffield & Fridaythorpe—James Banister, from Waterloo hotel, saturday
Driffield & Huggate —Robert Burks, from 'Three Horse Shoes,' saturday
Everingham — Thomas Young, from ' Buck,' saturday
Fangfoss — Thomas Holderness, from 'New Red Lion' Saturday ; John Brown, Saturday
Huggate — Lyth Rooks, from ' Black Swan,' saturday; John Dickinson, from ' Black Bull,' Saturday
Hull — James Holmes, from his own house, Great George street, monday St thursday
Londesborough — John Smith, from Feathers hotel Saturday
Market Weighton, Driffield, & Goodmanham, Mrs. Hannah Jebson, from ' Buck,' Saturday
Market Weighton — John Sollitt, from his own house Union street, Wednesday; William Roe, from 'Buck' Saturday
Melbourne — Wm. Clarke, from 'New Red Lion', Saturday
Millington — Edward Glaisby, from Feathers Hotel
Nunburnholme — Robert Yates, from Feathers Hotel on Saturday
NuNBURNHOLME & MARKET WEIGHTON - Matthew Swallow, from ' Odd Fellows' Arms,' Saturday
Seaton Ross & Beilby - Wm. Pears, from 'Black Bull'
Thornton — William Hesselwood, from 'New Red Lion', Saturday
Warter - John Jackson, from Feathers hotel, Saturday; Joseph Milner, from 'Buck,' Saturday ; John Alexander, from Waterloo hotel, Saturday
York—John Sollitt, from bis own house, Union street, thursday & Saturday ; John Thwaites, from his own house, Great George street, Wednesday & Saturday

Cundall Thomas, farmer, Tofthouse
Grant Thomas, builder, brick & tile maker & lime merchant, Railway st
Houghton Thomas, farmer, Tofthouse
Moor John, farmer, Carr lane
Simpson John, farmer, Clayfield farm
Smith John, farmer, Woodhouse
Turton John, farmer, Northfield
Wright Robert, farmer, Buckingham palace, Bugthorpe



Hodge Ann (Mrs.), farmer & miller
Kilby John & Henry, farmers



Baynes William, blacksmith
Bean David, farmer, Yapham grange
Cross Thomas, farmer, Rowland hill
Gowthorpe Thomas, shoemaker
Green Henry, farmer
Hatfield Thomas, farmer
Johnson James, Free schoolmaster
Kerby Thomas, farmer
Martindale George, tailor
Mitchell Edward, corn miller, Windmill
Patterson Wm. wheelwright & shopkpr
Peacock George, farmer
Stilborn John, farmer
Tindale Henry, farmer
Todd Richard, farmer
Walker John, farmer
Ward William, farmer



Cobb George, farmer
English Thomas, farmer & seedsman, Meltonby house
Green Ralph, farmer
Hotham Thomas, farmer, Meltonby hall
Nalton William, farmer
Richardson Thomas, farmer
Wright William, farmer
Letters received through Pocklington by foot post.