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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
Pocklington Vicars
The dates are from a plaque on display in the Church. The notes are from the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Volume 14, Page 85 by Alex. D.H. Leadman.
Year Vicar Notes
1349 Robert de Kernetby Robert de Kernetby, capellanus, collated 21 October, 1349, by the Dean of York who always presented.
1356 Reginald de Senior Reginald de Senier, capellanus, collated 17 April 1356 on the resignation of Kernetby. He resigned on being appointed to Chantry of Hamelton.
1364 Stephen de Bubwith Stephen de Bubwith, capellanus, collated 22 April 1364 and resigned in six months for the vicarage of Bubwith.
1364 Adam de Esyngton Adam de Esyngton, collated 31 October 1364. He resigned.
  John Stale John Stale, collated ... He resigned for the vicarage of Burnby.
1382 Robert de Pocklington Robert de Pokelington collated 27 June 1382. Resigned for vicarage of Addingham.
  Robert de Hewitt Robert de Hewitt, collated ... He resigned . . .
1418 Richard de Cleuyng' (or Richard de Clenyng'), the vicar of the church of Pokelyngton', and John Lathome, chaplain Reference in Feet of Fines: CP 25/1/280/154, number 4.
1451 Richard Yotton Richard Yotton, presbyter, occurs in 1451—53. Richard Yotton vicar de Poklington is an executor under the Will of Alicia Burgh, pr. Nov. 20, 1453. Test. Ebor. vol. ij. p. Ib7. Again William Felter, Dean of York in his Will pr. April 10.1451 —leaves "Domino hicardo Yotton cs." Ibid., vol. iij., pp. 115-17.
... Unknown " Item, I bequeith to the vicar of Poklington my gowne, ye lyeith at Thornton, and one snod of damaske."— Will of Thomas Forne, Sub-treasurer of York Minster, pr. 12 Nov. 1533 Ibid, vol. v. pp. 177-79).
1541 Franciscus Parkar Franciscus Parkar, clericus, collated 27 May 1541. He resigned.
1549 Alexander Smith Alexander Smith, collated . . . 1549. Died here and was buried 19 January 1603.
1553 Visitation record invent [orie maide the] xx th daie of [August, 6 Edward VI,
betwixt Th'erle of Shrowesburye Syr Rauffe Ellerker .Syr William
Babthorpe John Ecclesfeld Syr Robert Constable Launcelott Alford  and
Francis Pairker, theire vicar, Grreine and John Biche . . church
[wardens] . . . . and Robert Sotheby, inhabitantes .......
1603 John Dobson John Dobson, collated 19 January 1603. Buried 11 January 1619.
1619 Richard Elcock Richard Elcock collated January 1619. He was both vicar and Master of Pocklington Grammar School, resigning in March 1622.
1622 Leonard Moyser Leonard Moyser inducted 25 March 1622. Buried 29 February 1624.
1624 James Sotheby James Sotheby collated March 1624. He also was vicar and schoolmaster. Buried 12 August 1630.
1630 Francis Bland Francis Blande collated August 1630. He appears to have resigned.
1641 James Hudson James Hudson inducted May 1641. Buried 2 August 1673. Vicar Hudson must have been a pronounced Royalist. It was in his day where the entry occurs in the Registers 1644 " Bellum." In 1649, Sept. 26, Recognisances for the appearance at the azzizes of Marmaduke Richardson of Pocklington, clerk, for " praying publickly before his sermon in the parish church of Pocklington for Charles II., Kinge of Scotland and heire apparent to this realme." Depositions from York Castle, p. 24. Surtees Soc
Mr. Richardson had to find sureties for his good behaviour. Humphrey Sydenham is said to have held this vicarage for a few years during the Commonwealth along with the rectory of Ashbrittle in Somerset, but was ejected from both as he was a staunch Royalist. He died 1650 and was buried at Dulverton, also in Somerset. He was succeeded by a Puritan Minister, named Mayne, a man of inferior talents.
1673 John Moor  
1707 Joseph Lowe Joseph Lowe. M.A. inducted 18 October 1707. He resigned.
1722 Thomas Lovett John Moor B.A. clericus. collated August 1673. Buried 14 July 1707.
1779 Anthony Fountayne Anthony Fountayne collated December 1776. He resigned.
1779 A F Eyre A. F. Eyre occurs as vicar in 1779, with T. Wilcock as his curate.
1794 John Coultred John Coultred collated 11 May 1794. He resigned.
1796 Charles Wolf Charles Wolf collated 27 March 1796 and afterwards assumed the name of Eyre in addition. He resigned.
1832 Charles Hawkins Charles Hawkins B.C.L. inducted 30 March 1832. He resigned 1834.
1834 George Alexander Cockburn George Alexander Cockburn M.A. inducted 9 October 1834. Resigned 1843.
1840 James Francis Ellis Ellis
James Francis Ellis . . . 1840. Died 1876.
1876 John Henry Wicksteed Wickstead
John Henry Wicksteed M.A. Oxon inducted May 1876, resigned 24 September 1893 for vicarage of Bexley, diocese of Canterbury.
1893 John Mason Mason
John Mason M.A Cantab., collated November 1883 instituted 9 January 1894 by the Archbishop of York in person. Inducted 13, and read himself in on 14 January.
1898 George Herbert Stock Stock
1908 Arthur Thomas Fisher Fisher
1921 Jan McNaughton Smith Smith
1933 Ernest Albert Page Page
1941 Ernest Aldington Hunt  
1943 Frederick Richardson Richardson
1960 Graham Christie Christie
1982 James Woodhouse Woodhouse
1990 R.Hugh Keble Prosser Prosser
2002 Christopher J. Simmons Simmons
Nov. 2009 Geoffrey Hollingsworth Geoffrey Hollingsworth
Reverend Geoff Hollingsworth and his wife Marilyn pictured at Hook Church. Previously Vicar of Airmyn, Hook and Rawcliffe (Sheffield). Picture: Tony Saxton, Goole Courier.

There was a Chantry in the Church of Pocklington, at the Altar of St. Mary the Virgin, founded 1302. Only two chantry priests are recorded, Sir William Brown, who died, and 27 November 1545 Sir William Mudy or Moodie who was the last, as chantry priests were abolished in 1547. He died 2 January 1548. (See Testamentary Burials.)

A Guild was founded in this church 1514 by Archdeacon Dowman.