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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
The Malt Kiln
The malt kiln in Chapmangate was run as an independent business in Pocklington to the breweries. It was originally run by the Stables family of Pocklington but one of their descendants Johnathon Stables Harrison sold it to the Middleborough family of South Milford in Selby in 1873. The building was originally used as a tannery and Seth Stables was a tanner before building the Malthouse. His monument in Pocklington church is impressive.
Pavement Brewery
1891 OS Map of Pocklington.
Behind the Pavement brewery is the Maltkiln which was shared by all the towns breweries and was run as an independent business. In the last war, the observer corps used it as their headquarters.
Stables Lane

On Watson's 1844 map, Pem Lane was named Stables Lane. Seth Stables bought the Maltkin, which looks like it was also used as a Tanyard in 1801. (See DDPY/78/1 below)

A Malting House
From Wikipedi, the free encyclopedia: A malt house, or maltings, is a building where cereal grain is converted into malt by soaking it in water, allowing it to sprout and then drying it to stop further growth. The malt is used in brewing beer, whisky and in certain foods. The traditional malt house was largely phased out during the twentieth century in favour of more mechanised production. Many villages had a malt house in the eighteenth century, supplying the needs of local publicans, estates and home brewers. Malt houses are typically long, low buildings, no more than two storeys high, in a vernacular style. The germination of barley is hindered by high temperatures, so many malt houses only operated in the winter. This provided employment for agricultural workers whose labour was not much in demand during the winter months. Wolds and Pocklington barley with hard water from the chalk wolds made Pocklington an ideal location for brewing.
References to the Maltkiln of Chapmangate

1762 DDPY/72/1
ER Archives

Title Lease and mortgage relating to property in Pocklington
Date 22-23 Apr 1762
Description Parties:
1) Thomas Jackson, Pocklington, tanner, Robert Hudson, late of Huggate, then of Barmston, clerk
2) John Clough, York, gentleman, Edward Clough, York, gentleman
Property: house in Chapmangate, Pocklington, the Malt Kiln at the rear thereof and the garth, tan yard, outbuildings etc thereto, also three closes of land in the Broad Dyke Field containing ten acres one rood 23 perches
Consideration: £250
Witnesses: Simon Mortimer, George Broadrick, John Simpson, Thomas Hudson
1791 Universal Clark William, (F.) Maltster
1791 Leeds Intelligencer 28th June - On Tuesday was married, Mr Samuel Stables, of Foston, near Beverley, tanner, to Miss Willson, eldest daughter of Mr Robert Willson, of Pocklington ; a very amiable young lady, with a fortune of £1,500.
1801 DDPY/78/1
ER Archives
Title Lease and release relating to property in Pocklington
Date 11-12 Aug 1801
Description Parties:
1) Robert Wilson, Pocklington, tanner
2) Seth Stables, Pocklington, tanner
Property: dwellinghouse on the south side of Chapmangate, Pocklington, with the malt kiln at the back thereof, a garth lately used as a tanyard, outbuildings, workhouse, sheds and premises
Witnesses: John Robinson, John Groves
1823 Baines Stables Seth, Chapmangate
1824 Survey Seth Stables, House, Brewery, Malt-Kiln and yard
1824 QSF/465/F/1
ER Archives
Title Conviction of Seth Stables, maltster and maker of malt
Date 5 Jun 1824
Description :on 31 Mar at Pocklington-'70 bushels of grain steeped in a couch' compacted to prevent rising and swelling contrary to act in 48th year of reign of George III
Forfeit of £100 mitigated to £25
Informant: John Crosby, an officer of excise
1834 Pigots Stokes Mry(maltster) Chapmangte
1838 Survey Johnathon Harrison (Owner), Mrs Stables (occupier), House Malt-Kiln and Chambers, Maltster's house, shed and yard.
1840 William Whites Stables Mary (maltster only) Cgt
1844 Williams Stables Mary (maltster only), Chapmangate
1845 Eastons Directory In Stables Lane, Joseph Taylor, Maltster (Owner Mrs Stables)
1847 Nov. 6th
Leeds Mercury
"Sudden Death - On Wednesday morning, Mrs. Mary Stables, widow of Seth Stables, Esq., and mother-in-law of Johnathon Harrison, Esq., all of Pocklington, was found dead in her bed at that place."
1847 Nov. 13th
Leeds Mercury
"Death - Same day, at Pocklington, aged 74, relict of Mr. Seth Stables, maltster."
1848 Dec. 28th
Hull Packet
Johnathon Harrison, Esq., maltster of Pocklington was on the platform at a meeting at Driffield about the "protection to agriculture and British industry"
1868 DDPY/78/2
ER Archives
Title Receipt for succession duty relating to property in Pocklington
Date 8 Oct 1868
Description Parties: Jonathan Stables Harrison on death of Jonathan Harrison
Property: freehold house, two cottages, malt kiln, outbuildings etc at Pocklington
1873 DDPY/78/3
ER Archives
Title Abstract of title of Jonathan Stables Harrison to property in Pocklington
Date 1873
Description Property: house, malt kiln and two cottages at Pocklington to be sold to John Robinson
1873 DDPY/78/4
ER Archives
Title Conveyance relating to property in Pocklington
Date 7 Aug 1873
Description Parties:
1) Jonathan Stables Harrison, Brandesburton, esquire
2) John Robinson Middlebrough, South Milford, maltster
Property: dwellinghouse with garden and the malt kiln with outbuildings and two cottages adjoining thereto on the south side thereof, all on the south side of Chapmangate, Pocklington
Consideration: £1480
Witnesses: H W Bainton, Beverley, solicitor, John W Kay, Leeds, solicitor
1873 DDPY/78/5
ER Archives
Title Memorandum of deposit of deeds
Date 7 Aug 1873
Description Parties:
1) John Robinson Middlebrough, South Milford, maltster
2) Jonas Wadsworth, South Milford, John Nordin Robinson Middlebrough, South Milford
Consideration: £1000
Witness: John W Kay, Leeds, solicitor
With discharge of above mortgage, 19 Oct 1886
1886 DDPY/78/6
ER Archives
Title Copy probate of will of John Robinson Middlebrough of South Milford corn merchant and maltster
Date 9 Feb 1886
Description Executors: his five sons
Beneficiaries: wife Elizabeth Middlebrough; three sons John Nordin Robinson Middlebrough, George Rudd Robinson Middlebrough, Albert Edward Robinson Middlebrough; daughters Hester Elizabeth Robinson Middlebrough, Catherine Anne Robinson Middlebrough
Property: lands at Pocklington and South Milford
Witnesses: John Bartoft, William Gill Clayton
With codicil as to further property at Selby, 12 Nov 1885
Witnesses: George Stocks,W G Clayton
Will dated 1 May 1882
Probate 9 Feb 1886
1892 DDPY/78/7
ER Archives
Title Mortgage relating to property in Pocklington and South Milford as described in DDPY/78/1-6
Date 13 May 1892
Description Parties:
1) George Rudd Robinson Middlebrough
2) London and Midland Bank Limited
Witnesses: I T Palmer, London and Midland Bank Limited, Kirkgate, Leeds
1917 DDPY/78/8
ER Archives
Title Reconveyance relating to property in Pocklington and South Milford as described in DDPY/78/7
Date 22 Nov 1917
Description Parties:
1) London City and Midland Bank Limited
2) Elizabeth Middlebrough, Bridlington, widow, John Nordin Middlebrough, Selby, maltster
1913 Kelly's Directory Middlebrough George A. & Sons, maltsters, Chapmangate
1921 Kelly's Directory Middlebrough John & Sons, maltsters, Chapmangate
1925 Kelly's Directory Middlebrough John & Sons, maltsters, Chapmangate
1929 Kelly's Directory Middlebrough John & Sons, maltsters, Chapmangate
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