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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
1851 Francis White's Directory
NB: This information is sourced from an actual directory.


Is a brisk and thriving market town, situated near the western foot of the Wolds, in the Wapentake of Harthill. and partly in the liberty of St. Peter; 7 miles N. W. of Market Weighton. 13 miles E. of York. 26 miles N. W. of Hull, and 195 miles N. by W. of London. The market is held every Saturday: and four annual
cattle fairs are held. March 7th., May 6th., August 5th., and November 9th. The Canal, which extends from the river Derwent, at East Cottingwith. to Bridge street, about a mile from the town, was cut pursuant to an Act passed in 1814. The York and North Midland Railway passes close to the town. The population of
Pocklington in 1841. was 2,552 inhabitants; and its township contains 2.445a. lr. 29p. of land, belonging to several proprietors. Its parish includes also Ousthorpe and Yapham-cum- Meltonby townships. The Church, dedicated to All Saints, is a
large Gothic fabric, with an embattled tower; and having in its interior monuments to Dolman, Denison, and other families. John Dolman. M.D., of York, has recently erected a handsome mural monument, consisting of three compartments of black marble, in the central compartment is represented,in a recumbent posture, Thomas Dolman. Esq., a justice of the peace for the East Riding of Yorkshire, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, and a member of the Quorum, who died in 1589, to whose memory the monument is erected, accompanied by a kneeling figure of his wife, the sole heiress of a member of the ancient house of Vavasor, In the right hand compartment are represented, upon their knees, the three sons who survived their father; and on the left, the five daughters, in a similar position; the whole is surmounted by tbe
arms of the Dolman family, quartered with those of the Vavasors; and on a pedestal, in the nave, is an ancient stone, on which is sculptured the crucifixion, and inscribed " Pray for the soul of John Sutherby." The living is a vicarage, now valued at £112., in the patronage of the Dean of York, and incumbency of the Rev. James Francis Ellis. Here are four other places of worship, viz. a Catholic Church, with a house for the priest; an Independent Chapel, with a house, and an annual endowment of £10.; and the Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists have each a chapel here.The town enjoys the benefit of a richly endowed Grammar School, arising from the munificence of John Dolman, or Dowman. L.L.D., archdeacon of Suffolk, who died in 1526. In the 6th of Henry VIII. he obtained a license to found, in the parish church, a " Guild of the name of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and St. Nicholas the Bishop." for a master, two guardians, and a number of brethren and sisters; and leave was also given to the founder
to grant lands. &c. to the said guild, for the purpose of supporting a learned man to teach grammar to all scholars resorting to Pocklington for instruction. He also conveyed certain lands in Yorkshire and Derbyshire to the masters and
fellows of St John's College. Cambridge, for the maintenance in that College of five scholars, to be nominated by the above guild; those of his name and kindred, and the scholars of the school which he had founded, to have the preference. After the dissolution of the Guild, in the reign of Edward VI., the school
was re-constituted as a Free Grammar School, and is now one of the most liberally endowed scholastic institutions in the kingdom. The founder was of the ancient family of Dolman, or Dowman. who at an early period were Lords of Lastingham. Here is also a National School, built in 1819. by R. Denison. Esq.; and an Oddfellows' Hall, and Temperance Hall. Petty Sessions are held
in the town the first Saturday in every month.

County Court, held at the Odd Fellows' Hall and comprises 47 parishes and townships. William Raines. Esq., judge ; Henry Powell, clerk; John Nathan Lowe, bailiff. Actions may be brought in the County Court to recover debts of
every description not exceeding £50.

The Poor Law Union comprises 47 parishes and townships. The Guardians meet at the Plume of Feathers, Swine Market, every alternate Saturday, at one o'clock in winter, and two in summer. Mr William Cook, clerk.

OUSTHORPE township, 2 miles N. by E. of Pocklington, contains only about 20 inhabitants, and 330 acres of land. The principal resident farmers are John Kilby, Charles Green, and Thomas Hodge, and corn miller.

YAPHAM-CUM-MELTONBY, two small villages, the former two miles N. N. W. and the latter two and a half miles N. of Pocklington, form a township and chapelry. containing about 200 inhabitants, and 1,820 acres of land, belonging to various owners. The Chapel at Yapham, was built in 1777, and is in the patronage of the dean of York. Here is a School, at which twelve or fourteen poor children receive gratuitous instruction, in consideration of part of the
rent of the chapel lands. The poor have also 3s. 4d. per year
from Wood's charity.

Directory:—Wm. Baines, blacksmith; Thos. Gowthorpe, shoemaker;
Geo. Martindale. tailor; Edward Mitchell, corn miller; Jas. Taylor, schoolmaster; Matthew Tennison. wheelwright: and the farmers are Richard Bagley, David Bean. Grange; John Hudson, Rowland Hill; Thos. Kirby, George Peacock. Peter Thorpe, Henry Tindall, Richard Todd, Wm. Ward, and John Walker.

Meltonby Directory.— Geo. Cobb, Thomas Cross, Thomas English, Ralph Green, William Nalton, and William Wright, farmers.

Post Office, at Mrs. Lucy Scaife's. Market place. Letters arrive at 8.28 a.m., and are despatched at 4.30 p.m.

The Contractions for the names of the streets, &c, are :-- Bpl. for Bloomsbury place. Chd. Canal head. Cgt. Chapmangate. Cln. Church lane. Egn. Eastgreen, Gst. Great George street- Lst. London street, Mkp. Market place. Npt. New Pavement, Nst. New street. Pvt. Pavement. Rst. Regent street. Shi. Smithy hill. Skt. Swine Market., Sth.Pr. South Parade, Ust. Union street, Wbs. Waterloo buildings, Wgn. Westgreen and YrkTr. York Terrace.

Askham Mrs. Eliz., Gst.
Bagley Geo., high constable for the Wilton Beacon division. Cgt.
Barnby T., fishmngr., Cgt.
Beal Mrs. Margrt. Bpl.
Bullmer Mr. J., Brass Castle hill
Burkill Mr. John, Chd.
Butler D., pipe mkr., Wgn.
Cheeseman Mr. R., Cgt.
Clarkson Mr.Abraham, Brunswick House
Conyers F., gun mkr., Skt.
Dales H., staymkr., Mkp.
Dooks G., station mstr.
Duggleby Mr. W., Sth. pr.
Ellis Rev. Jas. F., vicar. Weighton road
English W., chndlr., Rst.
Fisher P., contrctr., Rst.
Gibbon John, ironfounder
Green Mr. John, Gst.
Greenly R., prsh. clk., Ust.
Hardman Mr. W., Yrk. tr.
Harrison J., Esq., Cgt.
Harrison John. Chd.
Hillyard Rev. G., (Ind.) Chapel House
Hopwood Mr. W., Wgn.
Hotham Robert, land agent. Mill Farm
Hudson Eliza A., upholstress, Cgt.
Ireland Mr. J., York ter.
Jackson Mr. J., Ebnzr. pl.
Jackson Mr. Robt. Cgt.
Johnson F., ropemkr., Nst.
Johnson Ths., Esq., Ust.
Johnson T., chndlr., Mkp.
Judson Mrs. E., Rst.
Key George, superintendent constable. Gst.
Kirby Miss Ann. York ter.
Lee Dvd., relvng. officer and registrar of births & deaths. Gst.
Linwood Mr. J., York ter.
Linwood Wm. L., corn factor. Gst.
Loftus Mrs. E., Eden pl.
Martindale W. cnstl, Pvt.
Massey John Cook, timber merchant, Chd.
Morley Samuel, basket maker, Pvt.
Mosey Mr. W., South par.
Murphy My., umbrella mkr., Wbs.
Newton Rev. W., (Primitive.) Cgt.
Owen Rev. H. (Wes.) Cgt.
Ogle Charles, brick & tile maker.Ust.
Powell Mr. Wr, sen., Cgt.
Richardson Mrs. S., Rst.
Robson Mr. Mchl., Gst.
Rowe Rev. S. (Wes.) Cgt.
Sanderson Mr. Rt., Shl.
Scaife Mrs. Ann, Gst.
Scaife Lucy, postmstrs. & stamp distbtr., Mkp.
Scaife Mr. Thomas, Gst.
Singleton John, land agnt., Teresa Cottage
Smith Mrs. Margrt.,Gst.
Steele Rd., currier, Cgt.
Swan Mrs. Ann, Chd.
Tate Win. millwgt., Cgt.
Thomas Mr. John, Cgt.
Thompson J., sextn., Gst.
Tranmer Benj., cattle dealer, Ust.
Thwaites J., carrier. Gst.
Tillbrook Edwd., inland revenue officer, Cgt.
Tindall Jas., corn & flour dir. Mkp
Tindall Miss Sarah, Mkp.
Towle Mrs. J., South par.
Watson G., (Prim.) Cgt.
Watson Mr. Wm., Gst.
Weddall Mr. T., Lst.
Westmoreland Wm., letter carrier,Pvt.
White W., cattle dlr., Ust.
Wilson Rev. Saml., vicar of Warter, Bpl

Marked * take Boarders.
Broader Mark, Rst.
Grammar School, Wgn.: Rev. F. J.
Gruggen, M.A., head master:
Rev. E. B. Slater, M.A., second master; Rev. S. Wilson,
assistant master
*Hanlon Letitia, Wgn.
National, (No master)
Sheridan Mchl., New Pvt.
Richardson John,Wbs.
*Wilson Elizabeth. Bpl.

Bell Rd. Boulby, Cgt.
Cook Wm., and clerk to the Union. West gn.
Holmes Nathaniel, Cgt.
Powell Henry, & clerk to the County Court, and supt. registr.

Lowe John N., Wgn.
Scaife Thos., Tute hill

Cook James, New Pvt.
Turner Thomas, Mkp.

Bank (Branch).
York Union ; Mr. John Bulmer, agent

Eastern William. Cln.
Summerson D., Gst.
Vause Rd. Thos., Mkp.
Watkinsou John, (iron founder.) New st.

Easton Robert, (and printer, &c.,) Wbs.
Forth John, (& printer, stationer and binder, news agent, &
circulating library.) Mkp.

Boot & Shoe Mkrs.
Harrison Robt., Mkp.
Horsley John, Skt.
Hotham John. Mkp.
Howbrigg John. Wgn.
Martindale John, Skt.
Maitindale Wm., Mkp.
Nelson G., (& bellman.) Tute hill
Pexton George, Rst.
Rackham James, Cgt.
Rispin John. Skt.
Shepherd Samuel. Cgt.
Todd William. Cgt.
Watt Richard. Skt.
Wright William, Mkp.

Gibson Hy. C, Mkp.
Graves Thomas, Mkp.
Hepton Cyrus, Mkp.

Brewers & Maltsters.
Cattle and Moore, Cgt.
Scaife Thos., Tute hill
Thompson Eliz., Mkp.

Grant Thos., (& builder & brick maker)
Ogram Harrison. Cgt.
Richardson Robt., Cgt.
Richardson J., New st.
Tinson Hiram. Gst.
Tinson John D., Gst.
Ward Margaret. Mkp.

Armitage Wm., Wbs.
Barnes John, Pvt.
Deal Richard, Mkp
Cook Thomas, Pvt.
Harland Thomas, Cgt.
Hodgson Willm., Mkp.
Richardson Thos., Skt.
Rhodes Mary. Cgt.
Silburn John, Skt.
Thomas John. Gst.
Thomas Robert, Wbs.
Todd John. Gst.
Todd George. Mkp.
Todd Robert. Mkp.

Cabinet Makers & Joiners.
Abbey Thos., juu., Mkp.
Beal T., Brass Castle hl.
Grant J. S., (& uphlstr. and paperhanger.) Wbs.
Milner Levi. Rst.

Chemists & Drgsts.
Askam William. Mkp.
Bulmer John, (and porter merchant.) Mkp.
Curtis Richard. Mkp.

Coal Merchants.
Musgrave & Scott, Chd.

Grant John S., Wbs.
Stockton Robt., Mkp.

Corn Merchants.
Musgrave & Scott, Chd.

Corn Millers.
Cains H., Devonsh. Mill
Donn Richard, Lst.
English Rd, Brass Castle Island
Hodge J. S., Clock Mill
Thackray W., Factry. Mill

Cains H., Devonsh. Mill
Dixon John, Gst.
Gough Js., Woodhouse
Holliday J.,Toft Hs.
Houghton T.,Toft Hs.
Hotham Rd., Clayfield
Hotham Rt., Mile Farm
Hagyard William, Cgt.
Jefferson Richard, Chd.
Loftus Mrs. Eliz., Gst.
Mclaren James, Lst.
Moor John, Grange
Richardson W. C. Cgt.
Silburn Wm. Nth. field
Smith J., Red House

Fire & Life Offices.
Imperial, (Fire.) John Bulmer, Market place.
Standard. (Life.) John Bulmer, Market place.
Yorkshr., L. Scaife, Mkp.

Foster John, Lst.
Goodyear Willm., Cgt.
Jackson G., Weighton rd.
Rhodes Rd., Union st.

Glass, China, &c. Dealers.
Nichols William, Mkp.
Stathers William, Wbs.

Glovers, &c
Markd * are Fellmongers.
*Blanchard Wm., Shl.
Hall William, Mkp.
*Hutton John. Gst.

Grocers & Drapers.
Coverdale J. & Co., Mkp.
Hagyard John, Mkp.
Powell W., jun., Mkp.
Robson William, Mkp.
Templeman M., Mkp.
Wright Thomas, Skt.

Hair Dressers.
Dales Christphr., Mkp.
Eyre George. Mkp.
Hodgson William, Mkp.
Turner J., (& perfumer, news agent, tobacconist, and general
dealr. in fancy goods, brushes. &c.,) Market place.

Marked * are Manufacturers.
*Foster Henry, Mkp.
Hepton Cyrus, Mkp.
*Keary Patrick. Mkp.
Wright Thomas, Skt.

Inns & Taverns.
Bay Horse. G. Ellis, Mkp.
Black Bull, Margaret Johnson, Market place.
Black Swan, Abraham Grubb, Market place.
Board, Richd. English, Brass Castle Island
Buck Inn, C. Stocks, Mkp.
Canal Inn, John Marshall, Chd.
Cross Keys, Geo. Dickenson, Skt.
Horse Shoes, Ralph Johnson, Skt.
New Inn. George T. Overend, Weighton rd.
Odd Fellow' Arms, J. Lundy, Ust.
Plume of Feathers, M. Rickaby, Swine Market.
Railway Tavern, Geo. Weatherill, Westgreen.
Red Lion, (New.) Rt. Askham, Pavement.
Red Lion, (Old.) Mtth. Danby. Regent st.
Royal Oak, J. Lister, Gst.
Star Inn, J. Jackson. Mkp.
Temperance Hotel, W. Richardson, Rst.
Tiger, Ed. Siddell. Cgt.
Waterloo Hotel, Mary Grant, Wbs
Wellington Oak. Richd. Jefferson, Canal hd.

Abbey Thomas, Mkp.
Hepton Cyrus, Mkp.
Vokes Samuel, Mkp.

Joiners & Builders.
See also Cabinet Makers.
Flint Richard, Skt.
Grant John S., Wbs.
Hall Richard, Nst.
Lawrence Wm., Cgt.
Tindall Richard, Gt. Ust.

Linen Drapers.
See Grocers. &c.

Milliners, &c.
Easton Ann, Mkp.
Ibbetson Ellen, Skt.
Hudson Mary, Wbs.
Hudson E. and A., Cgt.
Judson Mary, Rst.
Morgantroy Ann, Ust.
Morgantroy Mary, Shl.
Richardson E., Gt. Ggst.
Rispin Mary, Skt.
Rispin Sophia. Rst.
Swan Ann. Wgn.

Cook R. S., (& paperhgr.,) Gst.
Lamb John, Manor yd.
Scaife R., (& paphgr.) Skt.
Swan Henry, Chd.

Watmough Isaac, Rst.
Wilson Thomas, Mkp.

Plumbers & Glaziers.
Cook R. S., (& gas ftr.,) Gst.
Johnson John. Mkp.
Scaife R., (& gas ftr.,) Skt.

Askham Rt., Pavement
Boulton Isaac, Mkp.
Easton William, Mkp.
Spink George. Mkp.

Bassitt Thomas. Gst
Brady Thomas, Ust.
Campbell James, Mkp.
Dales Geo., Smithy hill
Dorsey John, Cgt.
Fisher Richard. Pvt.
Gilbertson Ann, Mkp.
Judson Jane, Rst.
Lawrence William, Cgt.
Loftus Elizabeth, Mkp.
Nichols William, Mkp.
Sellers William, Cgt.
Stubbs Richard, Skt.
Sollitt John, Cgt.
Stadders James, Cgt.
Thompson Thos., Mkp.
Thompson Wm., Skt.
Tindale William, Cgt.
Turner James, Mkp.
Wilkinson Hannah. Gst.
Wilson Thomas, Mkp.
Wilson William. Gst.

Stone Masons.
Appleton William, Gst.
Richardson Wm., Rst.

Straw Hat Makers.
Flint Mary, Skt.
Morsantroy Mary. Shl.
Rispin Mary, Skt.

Clement John W., Cgt
Danson C. E. B., Cgt.
Holmes Arthur N. Wgn.
Hornby T., Post Office ln.

Tailors, &c.
Craggs John, Mkp.
Crake Robert, Cgt.
Jameson William, Skt.
Prince Robert. Mkp.
Shaw John, Pvt.
Shaw William, Grape ln.
Smbbs Wm., Dean's ln.
Watts John, Rst.
Wright Thomas. Skt.

Watch & Clock Mkrs.
Gilson Thomas, Mkp.
Hawgood Wm., Skt.
Milner Charles, Rst.

Burdon John, Gst.
Cobb Robert. Dean's ln.
Kelsey George. Wgn. Scruton Chrisphr., Lst.
Sellers Thomas, Ust.
Stubbs Henry, Nst. Winter Henry. York ter.

Railway Conveyance.
Railway Station, Westgreen; train to and from York.
Selby. Market Weighton, &c., three or four times a day: Mr. G.
Dooks, statn. inastr.

The York & North Midland Raihvay Company, to all parts
To Bridlington and Driffield, John Thwaites. mon.
and thur.: W. Wilkinson, (Blk. Swan,) wed. & sat.
Bishop Wilton,(Horse Shoes.) Jas. Reynard, wed. and
sat. ; Wm. Foster and George Kirby, sat.
Burnby (Blk. Bull.) W.Dickinson, sat.
Everingham. (Buck Inn.) T. Young, sat.
Fangfoss. (New Red Lion.) Thos. Holderness, sat.
Goodmanham. (Blk.Bull.) P.Whithill, sat.; (BuckInn.) H. Jepson.
Huggate. (Horse Shoes.) Birks, sat.; (Black Swan,) S Rooks, sat.
Hull. John Thwaites, Gt. Gst., mon. and thur.; J.Holmes, (Buck
Inn.) mon. and thur.
Market Weighton, (Buck Inn.) Jas. Holmes, mon. &
Melbourne, (New Red Lion.) W. Clark, sat.
Seaton Ross. (BIk.BulL) W. Please, sat.
Thornton (New Red Lion,) Heslewood. sat.
York, J. Thwaites, Gt. Gst. wed. and sat.; Js. Maclaren. Omnibus.
(Buck Inn.) tues, and sat., 8 mg.; W. Wilkinson. (Blk. Swan.) tu.
& fri