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Market Place Market Place
Note the new building in the photo on the corner.
Regent Street Regent Street
Note the 'Old Red Lion Hotel'
Chapmangate Chapmangate
Note the independent chapel built in 1807 to the left.
The Wellington Oak
The Wellington Oak public house was built to take advantage of the opening of the Pocklington Canal at Canal head in 1818. It was named after the Duke of Wellington's victory over Napolean at the battle of Waterloo. Canal head became a hive of industry, and houses were built for the workers. There was a Sawing Mill and a Bone Mill. Cranes were erected to unload and load the goods of Coal and agricultural produce. On the opposite site of the road was the Canal Inn which disappeared shortly after 1861.
The Wellington Oak
This Postcard is dated 1907 and shows the workers houses of Oshawa Terrace which can be seen on the map below.
1910 OS Map Canal Head
1910 OS Map of Canal Head
Canal Head Pocklington

'Canal Head' (aka 'River Head') around 1905.
The larger building to the left was the old Canal Inn, with landlord residence to the right. It was destroyed on the night of 26th November 1943 when a Lancaster bomber crashed into the house.
See the report here.

Landlords of the Wellington Oak
1946 Hull Daily Mail
20th August 1946
BLADES. —Henry, aged 71, died Aug. 19th, at Wellington Oak. Pockllngton, beloved father of Cyril. Funeral. Wed., 2.15 p.m. Friends please accept this (the only) intimation.
1937 Kelly's Directory Blades Hy. Wellington Oak inn, Canal head
1933 Kelly's Directory Vickerman George H. Wellington Oak inn, Canal head
1929 Kelly's Directory Vickerman George H. Wellington Oak inn, Canal head
1921 Kelly's Directory Houslay Walter H. Wellington Oak inn, Canal head
1917 Hull Daily Mail 13 July 1917 - Licences Transferred - to Walter Henry Houslay
1913 Kelly's Directory Watson David R. Wellington Oak inn, Canal Head
1909 Kelly's Directory Watson David E. Wellington, Oak inn, Canal head
1905 Kelly's Directory Dunning William K. Wellington Oak inn, Riverhead
1897 Kelly's Directory Wilkinson John, Wellington Oak inn, River head
1892 Bulmers Directory Wellington Oak Inn, River head, Thomas Walker
1889 Kelly's Directory Moor Henry, Wellington Oak p.h. River head
1886 Oct 2, York Herald to be sold by auction by Mr. George Clark, at the Feathers Hotel, in Pocklington, on the 5th Oct.
Lot5: All that FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE, used as an inn and known as "The Wellington Oak Inn" with the outbuildings and premises adjoining thereto, and comprising a Five-stall Stable, Barn, Cowhouse for 4 cows, and other conveniences. Also Garden and Grass Garth adjoining thereto, containing altogether 1 acre, more or less. The House is a fully licensed one, and now in the occupation of Mr. Henry Moor.
1879 Post Office Directory Moor Henry, Wellington Oak, River head
1861 Census Andrew Olivier, Age 58, Innkeeper and farmer of 30 acres
1858 White's Directory Wellington Oak. Richd. Jefferson, Chd.
1851 Census Richard Jefferson, Age 59, Innkeeper and farmer occupying 14 acres
1844 William's Directory Wellington—Wm. Ward, Canal-head
1841 Census William Ward, Age 35 publican
1840 White's Directory Wellington, William Ward, Canal head.
1836 Sep 24, York Herald To be Let: either for a term of years or from year to year. That Capital Thriving PUBLIC-HOUSE, situate at Pocklington Canal Head, now in the occupation of Roger Taylor, known by the sign of the WELLINGTON INN, with four grass and one tillage field adjoining, being on the high road between Hull and York and well calculated for taking in Cattle for the York markets.
Also, Large and commodious warehouses, granaries, lime-sheds, coal-wharfs, and cottage, joining onto the Canal, capable of carrying on a very extensive Business, being in the middle of a large corn district. The public house and land to be entered upon at Lady Day. Possession may be had of all the rest immediately. For further particulars apply, (post-paid) to Robert Dennison esq. of Kilnwick-Percy, the Owner.
1836 Jan 9, York Herald Auction Sale on 2nd Feb: Lot 5. A public house known by the name of the Wellington Inn, now occupied by Mr. Roger Taylor, with a yard and good stabling thereto belonging; Also, Five Acres (more or less) of good Land, Four Acres of which are in grass, and One Acre in ploughing.
1831 White's Directory Wellington, Wm. Ellis, Riverhead
1823 Baine's Directory Wellington Inn, Ann Mary Davill, Canal side

If you wish to add to the story of the Wellington Oak Inn, or correct any of the above information, then please contact me.